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  1. You can't without busting up the motherboard. Running that cpu at near 100% for extended periods of time on a B450 board or B550 board is not recommended. You want to max out a cpu for a an extended period of time then ensure you have the best VRM, so move onto a 470 or 570 chipset as they usually come with the best VRM.
  2. Here's the toshiba drive. Purchased Jan 2021 or something. "Test #","Type","Status","% Completed","Lifetime hours","LBA of the first error" 1,"Short offline","Completed without error","100%","738","-" "Description","Value","Flags","Page, Offset" "General Statistics (rev 1)","","","" " Lifetime Power-On Resets","368","---","0x01, 0x008" " Power-on Hours","782","---","0x01, 0x010" " Logical Sectors Written","4,605,019,643","---","0x01, 0x018" " Number of Write Commands","10,674,199","---","0x01, 0x020" " Logical Sectors Read","2,090,263,95
  3. I face random crashes on my PC. So I decide to test the drives via GUI App "GsmartControl" on Linux. It returned some values and data which I'm not sure if I should consider and go for an RMA. Redflag stats- Toshiba HDWD120: "Description","Value","Flags","Page, Offset" " Number of Mechanical Start Failures","6","---","0x03, 0x030" " Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors","1","---","0x04, 0x008" Crucial MX 500: "Desc
  4. Are you recording or streaming? You can stream on that machine sure, but it would be stressful on it with a game running too.
  5. Do you have an SSD? see if AHCI is enable. Also check the AHCI power management setting from within windows. Disable it from what I can remember.
  6. @Mark KaineBtw, What did you mean by this? "you should be using the generic Microsoft ones *not* the AMD ones." you mean the raid driver? Also on the linux drive I found this using GsmartControl- basically GUI for smartctl "Description","Value","Flags","Page, Offset" " Number of Mechanical Start Failures","6","---","0x03, 0x030" & "Description","Value","Flags","Page, Offset" " Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors","1","---","0x04, 0x008" So how bad does that sound? but my Windows crashes too and its installed on an SSD. So h
  7. Sorry, my bad. I'll look into this. Both drives are at least a year or less old. The crashes happen on my Linux drive too, although much less.
  8. Funny thing is I bought this RAM kit in Jan 2021. The problem has been around since last year on the old ram kit. I did memtest86 the last kit. 2-4 passes except hammer test and no errors there. By logic the current RAM should be error free.
  9. Ryzen 5 2600 Crucial Ballistix 3200 CL16 Rx 5700XT B450 TOMAHAWK MAX So during games, once every 2-3 weeks my screen blacks out with the audio out of sync and frozen and looped. The whole system is unresponsive and I'm sure even windows is not running. The CPU debug LED lights up red. If my CPU is bad how do I test it consistently? and how bad should it be for me to seek warranty service? I bought this current motherboard in October because the pc was behaving the same on the previous one. But the old problem is happening here too so something must be up with the CPU, ri
  10. Rx5700xt and a R5 2600, running Supposition benchmark on high or Cinnebench r20, nothing seems to get the PSU to start spinning its fans. Once I took off the side panel to touch the top of the PSU and it was pretty hot. On system boot the fan does one or two spins and then never spins again. Is the "zero fan" thing going too far with this one? Its only few months old.
  11. I have a plus eyesight. I bought these frames which look and feel good, however the storekeeper told me since the lenses that go on this frame are curved (strong convex) quite a bit, things might seem closer to my eye. So the question- Should one go for frames where the lenses are relatively flat or curved?
  12. How do they compare in thermals and performance? ASUS ZOTAC
  13. When I use the TOP command I am overwhelmed with the vast response. What are things I can lookout for when trying to make sense of it all? In windows taskmanager things are simple and familiar but I don't know what I should be looking out for in TOP results in terms of security and unusual behaviour...
  14. How about if I just want to do fast rough cuts? is the UI flow good? Is it fast enough for basic cutting and editing, involving very little text work and effects?