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  1. Besides bad key switches, is there anything else that causes key chatter in mechanical keyboards?? I just plugged in my mech keyboard and 90% of all the usual key chatter is suddenly gone. On other occasions it returns with a vengeance when plugged/ unplugged.
  2. Running POP_OS 20 LTS. So if I quit a running window of VLC it will close, but I can't open any other video again with VLC unless I kill the app. Also VLC does not show up in "top" in the terminal. I have to use "System monitor" the built in task manager to kill VLC. VLC does however show up in htop, but I don't know how to kill via htop. I have been having this issue since POP 19. It's very frustrating. How do I fix it?
  3. Wish we had this in third world countries. No direct option to buy them here.
  4. Specifically RMA items that they replace with new ones. Like what do they do with for example a PSU that a customer submitted?
  5. MS told me they can't service my XB1 CONTROLLER unless I register my XBOX on voice call with the representative. Like MS and their policies such a bitch, I don't even have an XBOXONE. Their representative clearly told me he and the company can't help me unless I register the controller with an XBOX. Like that's illegal as fuck.
  6. How to manage the fan speed for RX5000 series GPU in POP_OS?
  7. Post 2012 you don't see much side panel mounted case fans. Why so?
  8. I just upgraded to a new drive. I have 1.5TB free unallocated space. I want sdc3 to use that space, combine it with itself. How do I do that? I went into GPARTED live but I could not resize. "Swapoff" or not. Such a pain in the arse the process, I want to learn!
  9. Budget bruh. Also black drives are not all that special in my experience.
  10. I need for archiving and secondary OS stuff, so I guess it can't hurt.
  11. Toshiba is cheaper and 7200RPM. Im tempted, although never used their stuff. I'll see if I can find it locally. How does the 2TB Drive have such a massive cache?
  12. "smr"? this 2TB SKU: WD20EZAZ (256MB) "what the?" 1TB SKU: WD10EZEX (64MB) there is a TOSHIBA P300 DRIVE- 7200/ 2TB, that any good?
  13. HDDs only. 2tb, but I see they only offer 5400RPM?!