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  1. Even with the reduced durability compared to TLC, a QLC drive is very likely to last the average user for several decades. If the drive is used to host torrents or other files that only get read and not written, the controller will die long before the NAND is anywhere near worn. I wouldn't use a QLC drive as a Win10 OS drive because of how much that OS likes to write, but for mass storage it'll do just fine. Yeah sure, due to the whole cache thing it'll take longer to fill the drive if you're going to be copying lots of data over from another one, but that's a one-time annoyance.
  2. Indeed. You will only know that your chosen VPN wasn't trustworthy after they suffered a massive breach that leaked your account info, payment details and your browsing history.
  3. Go on Ebay, look for sold listings. Seeing the price of what they actually sell for will give you an idea of how much to ask for it. Or just roll the dice and let people bid on it.
  4. Hawaii Five-0 (the 2010 reboot) ... and that's it for modern shows. I'm currently halfway through season 5 of Magnum, P.I. Once that's done I'll either start watching The Sopranos or Married ... With Children. Then again I'm in an 80s show mood now, so I could just as easily decide to re-watch Knight Rider , Airwolf, or Miami Vice.
  5. You can set a laptop's power profile to only stay on if you close the lid while it's plugged in (to the charger). It will then still go to sleep if you close the lid while it's running on battery power. (unless you set it up to behave differently)
  6. This could have happened to PIA as well. LTT simply lucked out ... for now.
  7. Come to think of it ... I happen to own Meteora on CD and ripped it to wav. so I do have that file in my backups. Oh crap ... ? If they start embedding stuff in songs, that's a whole other level of scary. I'm already seeing a future where record labels themselves upload albums and songs that ping their servers whenever played. That way they'd be able to easily identify and extort/sue whoever downloads their music.
  8. Get a PSU, a cheap/spare SSD, a couple sticks of low-speed RAM and a relatively budget case and turn it into a good secondary PC. It can be useful as a pfSense router, a torrent box, or for tinkering around with stuff that you're uncomfortable doing on your main machine (linux, virus removal from friends' Windows drives, etc etc). I had the same problem back when I built my current PC. I still had the core components of my old Sandy Bridge machine, so I spent 100-150€ and turned that into a full PC again. It's a great backup just in case the main PC ever breaks or Windows Update messes up the entire install. It's actually my folding rig / room heater right now.
  9. so ... if you convert it to .flac and then back to .wav, will the mining part still work? Would love to get my hands on one of these infected files just to run it through FLAC Frontend and see what happens.
  10. Yay, Error 7 when trying to install a Lineage OS update.  Looks like I need to manually update the firmware again. 


    F**k it, I'm so sick of this BS that I'm just not gonna update it anymore. 

    If my ever more insecure tablet ends up spreading a virus that causes a global meltdown, don't even think about blaming me.  It's all the fault of the Lineage OS team.

  11. It has perforations all right, but only where the PSU is located. They only let air through if you have the PSU installed with the fan facing up. If the fan is facing down, the holes are physically blocked off completely. The PSU even touches the shroud, so no air can flow between PSU and shroud either. There is literally zero cfm of airflow there. Of course if you have the fan facing up, it will suck air from underneath the GPU instead of blowing air towards it. Excuse the dust near the edges, the PC hasn't been properly cleaned with a compressor for a while now. That's with a BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P9 650W (if I'm not mistaken) underneath the shroud, so a regular ATX form factor PSU.
  12. 2 words: Whitestone Dome Thick and strong enough and has no impact on touch sensitivity. Feels just like the original screen does. Whitestone does recommend putting the protector on first, then registering the fingerprint. That being said, I'm not a fan of in-screen fingerprint readers either. I much prefer them on the back.
  13. There's just no point in installing a triple 120mm setup in that case unless it involves a radiator. The bottom-most fan will blow the vast majority of its air onto the HDD cage and the PSU cables. You won't notice any CPU/GPU temperature improvement whatsoever compared to a dual 140mm setup The most natural position for dual front 140mm fans is the lowest position in both slots, which has one fan blowing air onto the GPU and the area right below it, and one fan blowing air straight onto the CPU and VRMs. Not a Meshify, but the Define C that my secondary rig is in. It's the same frame really, just a different front and I/O panel.
  14. Yeah, and on the other side of the spectrum ... ... let's not forget where that tongue has most likely been shortly before ...
  15. If the files really are that important, take the drive to a professional. It'll be expensive, but it will dramatically increase the odds of getting those files back. I'm not aware of too many people actually recovering files from dying drives with just some freeware tools. Undeleting them after accidentally formatting the drive,yes. But getting them back once the file system or the drive itself fails is a whole other problem. That being said, if the drive still runs and you want to take the risk of doing it yourself, making an image of it is the first priority. as per @Electronics Wizardy suggestion, ddrescue is pretty much the go-to tool for that. Then try to recover data from the image, not from the hard drive itself. Leave that drive alone so you can take it to a professional if your own attempts to recover your files fail. I assume you are now painfully aware of the importance of backups, so I won't rub that in too much.
  16. But that's part of the fun! I haven't had scratch-free hands for ... forever basically. By the time a scratch heals, I'll have another one somewhere else on my hand. Most of the time I don't even notice it anymore when I get scratched. I only notice it afterwards. It makes it real easy for people to see that I am a cat person. Likewise, I can often tell by looking at other people's hands too.
  17. SSDs typically use a 2.5" drive bay. Both cases have at least one of those. If needed, there are plenty of simple 2.5" to 3.5" adapters available.
  18. Disconnect the drive(s) that are currently in there, grab a spare drive and try to do a fresh Win10 install on that. If it runs properly that way, it was a HDD or software problem. If it hangs during the install, at least we can cross the OS and storage off the list of suspects.
  19. Yup, it's easy to spend a grand or two on good peripherals, so don't try to spend your entire budget on parts that go inside the case. It's no use having a PC that can run 4K at 144Hz and then hooking it up to a 1600x900 panel that's 10 years old because you ran out of money. 9900K with a 2080Ti is about as good as it gets for gaming right now. No need to add a second GPU, most games don't have proper SLI support anyway. Add a nice 1-2TB NVMe drive, a good case, a good PSU, a nice air cooler or AIO, enough fast RAM ... and then see what you have left for monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse etc.
  20. I use a powerline to go from the 2nd floor (where the entry point and the modem are) to the 1st floor (where the router, wireless AP and PCs are). The electrical system is still the original from when the house was built (right after WW II). I only have a 30Mbit plan with my ISP, but have tested and verified that I get the full 300mbps from the adapters with zero packet loss (by plugging in a laptop upstairs and transferring data to and from the PC). Only had an issue once, when one of the adapters died on me after almost 6 years of 24/7 use. That being said, I'm not sure if I'd put a powerline between for example my NAS and the rest of my network. You just can't beat Ethernet for that kind of important connection.
  21. timestamped to 4:25, but the thumbnail already shows the fins. If the RMA procedure is a problem, it's probably easier to just buy a new cooler indeed. You could try to fix it yourself, but IMO it's just a lot of work with a relatively small chance of success. (you need to find the cause of the problem, remedy it, then find a way to properly fill the entire thing again with distilled water and a growth inhibitor).
  22. The shielding only reduces the volume and distance though. Old cellphones still have no trouble getting modern speakers to buzz if you place them within 1.5-2 feet.
  23. None of this would have happened if they had used the ED-209 model instead.