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  1. did googling for like an hour and now im told this driver should work better with amd apu win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.2.3-march7 so im trying this hope i don't get bsod
  2. thanks would it be safe to overclock the ram in my pc now to 2666mhz to match the new stick i just don't want to damage it kill it
  3. so i should stick with getting 8gb should i try find one with 2400mhz to match one in my pc now or just down clock the 2666mhz ram to match 2400mhz
  4. so the ram in my pc now is 8gb 2400mhz when building the pc ram prices where high and this was the cheapest 8gb ram i could find $129nzd but i used giftcard to buy it i want to update my ram to get a little better performance in games using vega11 there are places that sell 2400mhz ram but only 4gb unless i want to spend more as 2666mhz speed ram is much cheaper the ram im looking at is 8gb 2666mhz speed its on a website i have giftcards too that i got for doing servery on 3 websites it was 109nzd + 3.90 shipping but price matched it to a website selling it for $69.99 they accepte
  5. ok so i decided to keep old drivers because i was not having problems in other games and decided to just run fortnite in direct x 11 but just the other day i tried to play roblox again and its say this it was fine when i played it like 2 weeks ago
  6. i said i was given 2 laptops with these specs im not upgrading the cpu the i7 model is just the one i want to use to play older games on
  7. i got 2 laptops free off a lady on facebook marketplace she said both where good for parts but they both work fine and in good condition specs are hp i3 330m gt 230m 4gb ram 320gb hdd hp i7 3610qm gt630m 4gb ram 640gb hdd looks like it was hardly ever used now the laptops run 100% fine but i wanted to use the i7 to play some older games i just wanted to know if there is a way to keep the laptop a little cooler and is there anything i can have on screen to show the gpu and cpu temps when gaming to make sure the laptop is not getting too hot and what temp should i stay u
  8. its odd using 5ghz wifi i get good download speed around 92megabits to 1200megabits i pay for 100megabits so im shocked it sometimes go higher i can download off most sites and get a good download speed but downloading off epic games sometimes it will be slow like 45megabit but if i connect to lan it will most of the time almost max out my download speed at the time i am download nobody is using the internet i even downloaded a 2gb file while a game was downloading from epic over 5ghz wifi and it download fast what could cause this
  9. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-Atom-D425-vs-AMD-Athlon-7850-Dual-Core-2.8G/609vs1516 this cant be right how did the atom get a better passmark score?
  10. when it comes to game-debate.com and putting in my system specs then searching up a game and clicking system req are the % that they give a good rough estimate or are they way off ? and what setting would it be basing games on have an old atom laptop with gma 3150 (will use modded driver) 2gb ram and 500gb hdd i was given and i want to load it up with a bunch of old games i don't want to download games that show over 100% for cpu gpu ram on there website and then it turns out they run really bad on it searched up halo ce and it says cpu 180% gpu 119% ram 390% half life 2 say
  11. mine would be this one i just wish the controls for the driving part where better
  12. thanks i had no idea windows 10 had windows media player
  13. so i found the usb cable for my old 30gb zune and the player is still in great condition working fine not sure how long battery will hold charge for its been not been charged in like maybe 5 years only problem is i need to use the zune software to sync songs i really hated that software and really don't want to install it if possible also would it be possible like i saw with some ipods to replace the hdd in a zune with an sd card cf card ect? not really something a want to do yet unless the hdd dies Thanks
  14. interested to know what you be the desktop gpu equivalent of the vega 11 igpu?