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  1. Oh,i thought it had to be lower,then i shall test my silicon lottery :D,thanks for the help
  2. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600,stock,3.4 GHz,3.7 GHz turbo I got this cooler and runs around IDLE: 37 degrees celsius ( 600 RPM Fan speed ) Gaming: 53 (1000 RPM Fan speed ) Prime95 ( Small FFTs) : 68 ( 1450 RPM ) which seems pretty high for just stock clocks,as for the case i have Sharkoon TG5 with 3 intake fans and 1 outtake. Could the airflow be the major issue here? Fans are stock and i think the outtake is running at 650 RPM since i have connected it to system fan header 1 which doesn't suport fan control.
  3. Well,then,i shall give a try without the fresh install and then with fresh install and see if it makes any difference
  4. Haven't read the post until end,have you? Would like to do some benchmarks
  5. Can i swap around between RX 460 and RX 570 without uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers,on the amd website it say that RX 460 is also on the adrenalin 20.4.1.,would like to run some benchmarks,so that's why i would do it if you wonder
  6. Damm,you were right about the imbalance of the fan,i had look and i noticed i've placed the fan a bit too high on the cooler,now its more centered and it's not making that vibrating noise,also i think the temps are lower since i can hear the fan is not spinning at that kind of high rpm as before,thanks a lot
  7. I have Coolermaster MasterAir MA410P and when rendering a video in Adobe Premiere,CPU cooler vibrates quite a bit.When gaming it's all fine,but when under max load,it seems like cooler has to work hard to keep the cpu under 70 degrees celsius.Is that normal or i should tweak it somehow? CPU: Ryzen 5 2600,stock clocks
  8. I've no idea what happened,it's a brand new monitor,after waking up the PC from sleep i get a message " No speakers or headphones are plugged in ",it's just like the system is not detecting them anymore for some reason.I have monitor connected with PC by DisplayPort cable and the monitor is AOC 24G2U and i've been using the monitor with speakers for about 2 months now
  9. Sharkoon TG5 RGB case fans,i don't know what exact model they are and the fan on the cooler is CoolerMaster MF120L RGB,where can you can find older versions of mystic light?
  10. I have an issue with this msi software,if i want to change colours of my rgb fans i have to uninstall mystic light and then again install it,otherwise when i click on apply a certain colour nothing happens,it just stays red as default,also mystic light is not recognizing my case fans or a cooler eventhough both of them are supposed to be suported by mystic light
  11. Well,guess what,i tried connecting the monitor with a display port and now game runs fine in fullscreen,i have no idea why HDMI is causing issues here