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  1. Just looking for what RAM to buy, sizing up G.skills trident Z royal and RGB against Corsairs Dominator Platinum line. Since I am a noob in the HEDT market, I came here to figure out what the tradeoff of RAM speed vs latency and how it affects gaming performance. As it is an HEDT platform I don't care about cost unless it is ridiculous but value is of more importance.
  2. At least. I have a lot of budget and I am hoping to fill up all eight RAM slots. In the end, I am more constrained by PSU wattage than anything else.
  3. I was looking to order a kit of 4000mhz DDR4 RAM but decided I better inquire here after I saw the CAS latency of 19.
  4. BTW how does the Ryzen threadripper 3960x and ryzen 9 3950x stack up against the I9 9900KS, I9 10920X, and I9 10980XE in gaming performance?
  5. When will we see portable Gpu's from Radeon that actually have their own VRAM, etc. etc. Will that come from the Vega seires, like the Vega 16's or 20's? )r the Radeon 53 and 5500 series cards?
  6. Do they not? the hold the majority of both CPU and GPU sales for now.
  7. I have the feeling that AMD will start a sort of Tick-Tock revision soon, i.e. Ryzen 3rd gen: die shrink, Ryzen 4th gen: architecture optimization, Ryzen 5th gen, Die shrink (5nm) Ryzen 6th Gen: Architecture Optimization etc. etc. Assuming that Intel will continue to attempt to bang out chips and learns from this marketing fiasco, and AMD continues to release processors on a 12 month rotation, then Intel should mathematically catch up either around summer 2020 (10nm vs zen 2), which would conveniently coincide with 3000 series GPUs and DDR5. Other than that, 7nm in 2021 (more likely 2022) will
  8. When will Intel 10nm come out? I've heard anywhere from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021. Also, how much of a performance upgrade will that be? (let's assume that they keep the same core layout and clock speeds as 14nm)
  9. So is the verdict that I should get one titan or 2 2080tis? Again, any money I save I don't go back to me, so it's best I spend every penny I can. Better to go over budget then under.
  10. As I said, I already have a pair of ROG 4k's. I don't think i'll be needing monitors anytime soon.
  11. AMD has definitely taken the lead. However, I have a feeling Intel will claw their way back into the lead. The Question is if they can stay there. AMD could well get an unshakeable hold on the market. And I can even see a future where Qualcomm pops up and kicks both of them off the center stage.