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  1. I have Cities with all the expansions and many mods but the mods throw up errors for missing assets. I love taking photos in it though. But yeah that's a great one to take photos in. I try to pick games off the beaten path too, like Cities. Also older games and games that may not have much attention. I just beat Earthbound on my emulator. I'm playing Katana Zero and Cyber Shadow right now and trying to get action shots in those.
  2. Are you a beginner? If so, then getting yourself a budget monitor to start out with until you get deeper into the craft is perfectly fine. When I was just starting out with photography, I used a cheap budget monitor for a year until I upgraded to an Asus Designo a year later. Nothing we do in the first year is going to be scrutinized like our later work anyway, so first year stuff can be rough around the edges and it's ok. If you've been doing this for a while, then I would advise you to stick with what you have and wait to save up about $400 for a real design monitor.
  3. ok I'll do that. I just want the sticker because it reminds me how long I've been an LTTer. Looking at your stickers I think it might be the first blood actually. I was kind of a douchebag back then though. I had undiagnosed depression so many of my posts and comments on that account were negative.
  4. I contributed to LTT forums financially back in 2013 and I got a bronze sticker, but I lost the account. I think I know the email address I used for it, but every login attempt was wrong. How do I fix this?
  5. Does Ansel work well? I read a little about it. Is it easy to navigate? I tend to take over 100 pics in my games and I need the ui to be easy and fluid. Is it in some beta stage or is it in full release version?
  6. Ok cool. As long as I don't need extremely precise movements and perfect timing. I know the remaster had good graphics. I bought it for $10 and never got around to it.
  7. I have that from a PSN sale. Is that game hard? I have trouble with my coordination and I have to play games on the easiest mode.
  8. I'm an out of work photographer and this winter has been rough. I enjoy taking photos in games and I get really into it with angles and lighting and everything, so I decided to start an Instagram for my screenshots. I usually play PS4 because the share button is easy to use. I just got one of the new Xbox controllers with a share button on the front so I can do PC games now. So what games do you think have good photo modes and would potentially look good on Instagram?
  9. Is anybody else having problems with Facebook being unstable and laggy? I bought my mom a $500 Asus Vivobook in 2019 with a Ryzen 5 quad core multithreaded and 8 GB RAM so she can use Facebook. That should be more than enough for Facebook. And Facebook is basically unusable. I have a 3600X and 32 GB ram on my system and it's still a little slower than it should be.
  10. My nephew lives on an Air force base and I have to use Amazon. I saw this on Amazon and it has 1400 good reviews but I don't trust Amazon reviews. I don't trust online reviews either anymore lol. So anyone have experience with them?
  11. The game is F'ed. It was F'ed at launch 5 years ago and they tried to fix it but it is still a horrible mess. I had to get it on PS4. When it comes to this game, I hate to say it, but your best bet is a console. Sorry man.
  12. I've been writing something during covid and a few of my friends (and a copy editor) say it's really good, so I was wondering the easiest program or service to write it on because I hate sending MS Word attachments to people since it's so cumbersome. I was thinking of making a google doc and giving them all access to it, but that means I would have to log into google every time I just wanted to write something, and that's not quick enough. Is there an easier way to access google docs than navigating to docs.google.com and pulling the whole thing up? Someone said to make
  13. Oh. No. It's a cheap offbrand one but I've had it for years and it works fine as I don't OC and I have nice ventilation. But I need a quieter fan as this one whirs like a UFO or something. I have a brown PWM Noctua case fan but I need noise dampening on it.
  14. I don't know of any other set of pads though. The heatsink came with a set of small pads but they can't be taken off without ripping them.