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  1. My nephew lives on an Air force base and I have to use Amazon. I saw this on Amazon and it has 1400 good reviews but I don't trust Amazon reviews. I don't trust online reviews either anymore lol. So anyone have experience with them?
  2. The game is F'ed. It was F'ed at launch 5 years ago and they tried to fix it but it is still a horrible mess. I had to get it on PS4. When it comes to this game, I hate to say it, but your best bet is a console. Sorry man.
  3. I've been writing something during covid and a few of my friends (and a copy editor) say it's really good, so I was wondering the easiest program or service to write it on because I hate sending MS Word attachments to people since it's so cumbersome. I was thinking of making a google doc and giving them all access to it, but that means I would have to log into google every time I just wanted to write something, and that's not quick enough. Is there an easier way to access google docs than navigating to docs.google.com and pulling the whole thing up? Someone said to make
  4. Oh. No. It's a cheap offbrand one but I've had it for years and it works fine as I don't OC and I have nice ventilation. But I need a quieter fan as this one whirs like a UFO or something. I have a brown PWM Noctua case fan but I need noise dampening on it.
  5. I don't know of any other set of pads though. The heatsink came with a set of small pads but they can't be taken off without ripping them.
  6. Is it heat resistant? I honestly don't know how heat resistant I need it. I don't overclock and my temps are usually within normal range. I'm not a power user.
  7. I need a piece of tape or some small cushion to put between my new Noctua 120mm fan and my CPU heatsink tower to muffle the noise and help it fit more snug Does anyone know what to use?
  8. ok thank you. You've been a great help.
  9. Yeah I just saw the purple 2 TB is only about 16$ more so I'm going to get that so I have more room to upgrade the speed and video quality. Is the IP67 weather rating something I should take into account? I live in the midwest USA and we have a lot of bad weather. It's going to be under a roofed front porch but the humidity might be a problem.
  10. IP cameras are the only ones that work for an NAS right? I figured those were the only ones to buy for this. Are all outdoor cameras the same IP67 weather rating?
  11. I just upgraded from a Synology 112j to a 716+ so I have my old one just sitting around in the basement collecting dust. I'd rather not pay for any cloud based storage if I can just store it at home. This happens so infrequently that I think a cloud based system might be more money than it's worth. (2 years ago some drunk guy tried to open the door and then ran away when I threatened him, and that's about it) I just looked up the table here on Seagate's site and I don't know what to go for in terms of FPS and resolution. I was thinking 720p would be good enough, really. I would lik
  12. Thanks I'm so pissed off because my disabled father and I were going to watch Tenet and someone stole the Blu ray from our porch. Anyway, is 1 TB WD purple good enough? I would only have 1 or 2 cameras and I read that 1 TB can record about a month per camera, which I don't think I'll need, but I've never done this so I don't know how HDD space I actually need, honestly. Do you know what cameras are compatible with it?
  13. I got my first porch pirate so I'm not screwing around. I'm getting a WD purple and I want to know the cheapest way to use it is. Should I put it in my old DS 112j or should I just put it in my PC? Or should I get a new Diskstation altogether?
  14. I just looked up my order on Best Buy and it's the X950H which it says about Bluetooth Version 4.2; HID (mouse/keyboard connectivity)/HOGP (Low Energy device connectivity)/SPP (Serial Port Profile)/A2DP (stereo audio)2/AVRCP (AV remote control)
  15. I have a Sony Bravia TV. I don't know the exacty model number but it's a 2019 TV and it was pretty expensive so I assume it has bluetooth. I'm looking for a pair of headphones for movies. I'm not an audiophile but I want a decent, over the ear pair. On the ear hurts and earbuds bother me. I don't know anything about audio technology so you'll lose me with technical stuff. My TV only has an optical output and it goes to my soundbar which doesn't have an option to split the connection. So I'm stuck with Bluetooth I guess, unless there's some way to split an optical connec