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  1. Thanks everyone. I know this forum is mainly gamers so I'm grateful for some productivity people to help me a bit.
  2. Sorry for the long post. It was supposed to be short but turned into a long post because I have a lot of issues. I'm a photographer and a struggling writer/educator. My main use for my PC is Adobe and Office. I game, but gaming is my lowest priority. My PC is custom and it meets all the requirements for W11. I can't find anything about W11's performance in Adobe. Also I can't find info on how it handles 2 different resolution monitors. I use my 2nd monitor for Internet while I work on my primary monitor. I like to maximize and snap windows side by side like I have shown
  3. Dangit! I guess! But I don't consider LTT "the internet" I consider people here more trustworthy.
  4. Please only answer if you're credentialed. I've tried asking real professionals but I always get non-professionals answering. So what do actual professionals think about this? I have not seen many actual EXPERT opinions regarding this unless they were in a tech article. I would like to ask you all directly, because the whole internet seems up in arms and I never listen to the internet, I listen to the people who actually know things. I've been thinking about switching to IT from psychology. I would like to know how professionals think. I would like to understand the professional IT
  5. It doesn't have that numbering but that's just the number I used as I don't know the official size but it's the same size as a 2280 m.2. It's mSATA as it says on the part.
  6. the mSATA drive in my laptop died. It uses a 2280 sized mSATA drive, but I can't seem to find that form factor mSATA anymore as it's probably obsolete. So I was thinking of installing a smaller mSATA, but the laptop doesn't have the screw hole for the smaller size. So would electronic repair tape work to hold the new drive in? The UEFI of the laptop shows everything else is working fine, but it shows no boot drive. So before recycling it, I guess I'll try this since an mSATA is only $50. The laptop has already been replaced for my work, so if this doesn't work then fine. I just wou
  7. I guess a battery powered one wouldnt work then. I use 2 SD cards and I don't delete either until my photos are backed up to my 2 backup HDDs, my Synology, and Amazon and Idrive. But I was thinking I could just dump my SD card onto an HDD maybe powered by my car's aux USB port for an extra backup after a shoot which would also make it faster loading them onto my PC since SD cards can take 10 minutes. I'm thinking of extra redundancy in the field is all.
  8. WD has one so they exist, but WD's is expensive
  9. I see external drives with SD readers, but they either don't have battery power or they're very expensive. I have some internal 2.5 HDDs I put in enclosures so I don't need the drives, I just need something that can I can dump my files into from an SD card and preferably one that I can power with either a battery or my car's AUX cigarette lighter port. Are those reliable to power electronics?
  10. ohhhh crap how do I tell? I just look at the stars of both the product and seller
  11. I have some critical photography ($3,000 gig) coming up and I use a dual slot A7III camera, and I have 4 64GB memory cards, and I'll be using 2 at a time, but they're all about a year old and I've used them casually, writing and deleting maybe 20 GB per month on them. How many write cycles would a brand name Samsung SD card last through? Online said about 100,000 cycles but I'm not sure I believe that. I figured computer people would know better than photographers.
  12. I just bought one a week ago. I don't do much mobile computing so all of that is new to me. But since I'm traveling more then I need to brush up on mobile tech
  13. I just looked them up. I didn't know that was a new thing Logitech was doing.