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  1. Hi guys My PC is using what seems like a ton of RAM when idle. Windows' stupid task manager isn't providing much information on what's using so much memory. Here are a couple of screenshots taken just after booting, with nothing opened. There are a bunch of apps below that but as you can see nothing seems to be using a ton of RAM and it certainly doesn't add up to 4.6GB. I'm guessing it's a memory leak of some kind but how can I pinpoint and solve it? Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, I just recently switched to a OnePlus 7T Pro (and I have to say, what an amazing phone), but unfortunately the included screen protector didn't last long at all (I guess it really wasn't meant to last, or else it's garbage). So, couple questions here : - Should I use a screen protector ? I'd feel more comfortable but gorilla glass isn't too fragile and I don't want to buy a new protection every other week... - What are the pros and cons of tempered glass screen protectors ? It served me well on my GoPro but I don't really intend to smash my phone into concrete
  3. Yes ! Thank you very much that is the kind of answer I was hoping to get
  4. So, I know this is a bit of an odd one, but I was just wondering... Hope someone here can answer You know that kind of buzzing sound we used to hear on radios and TVs, when a mobile phone close to the speakers was about to receive a message or a call... Well I think I haven't heard it in years, and just recently I heard it again on an old video from 2009 on Youtube. That made me wonder, what exactly was that sound in the first place and how come we never hear it anymore ?
  5. And when I say that I expected my rig to be kind of outdated, I mean that as a hardware enthusiast I think I should start to feel an itch to upgrade by now, and I don't. I'll admit that my expectations are kind of based on a bygone era, when I grew up in the nineties your 5 year old PC would suddenly look like an antique when trying to run a new game on it...
  6. Well I kinda did. Calling the 5820k mid-tier is kind of an understatement, but calling it extreme high end is definitely too much. You could already spend more than twice the money at that time for the very top of the line core i7. The 5820k, 5930k and 5960x were a bit special in that they shared the lga 2011-v3 socket with the current gen Xeons, which intel doesn't do anymore. So yeah the motherboards were kind of expansive, but they also packed quite a lot more features than the boards that were available for 4xxx series CPUs. When I initially my reasonning was that GTX 900 serie
  7. Hi guys, So, I really need your opinion about this. It is my understanding that Linus often says that it is better to buy decent hardware rather than cheap crap because it will stay relevant for longer. And, we also all know that hardware isn't getting better as fast as it used to. But somehow, Intel, NVIDIA and more recently AMD have managed to maintain at least an illusion of progress, keeping us hardware enthusiats somewhat excited for their new stuff. So I'm having mixed feelings about the current "era" of hardware... On the one hand, it feels like the new Zen 3 CPUs are really bringi
  8. Hi guys, My mum's looking for a decent 15 inch laptop in the 500 to 600$ range, good specs are obviously welcome but since it's mostly for working on Excel and stuff I think the most important thing is usuability and comfort. She likes the 15 inch formats, needs a numpad, a nice display would be a plus. To sum it up, if you guys know some cheap but well built laptops, with good keyboards and decent batteries, your help would be very appreciated. Thanks !
  9. Okay got it, thanks a lot for the quick replies, I think I'll go with 144Hz and save a couple hundred dollars then.
  10. So just one thing before I get started. I have never owned a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate, and tbh I barely have seen one or two in action many years ago. I mostly play simulators or RTS games and for that purpose my 4k 60Hz monitor has served me very well. But recently I started playing a few first person shooters and when seeing the recent LTT video with a 240vs60Hz comparison I was quite tempted to try one for myself. The thing is, 240Hz monitors are a bit expansive. Not absolutely out of my budget but it makes me wonder if it is really smart for me to buy one.
  11. Thanks, I don't have this particular register I have a FeatureControl value in this category but no FeatureTestControl like in the page you linked (and it also has a different dword value). Should I try editing this one, or perhaps adding a new field ? EDIT : Sooo, I thought that maybe it had something to do with drivers and that wouldn't be a bad idea to reinstall the intel graphics driver from scratch... I then deleted the version I had, the screen got all weird and 480py, then I rebooted, then before I even had the chance to install the new driver it just worked. Some ki
  12. I'd love to find such a setting somewhere, but I'm kinda lost... Monitor menu ? It's a laptop, I don't have any OSD for the monitor (at least that I know of) I haven't been able to find something that sounds similar on the Intel HD Graphics control panel or anywhere else... Some ppl on the Asus ROG forums were talking about a similar issue but for a different asus laptop, OP had all the trouble in the world just trying to get rid of the same problem than what I have, finally managed to get rid of it by disabling a service in window's Taskmanager, but I have checked and I'm not runnin
  13. Hello guys, I'm the half-satisfied owner of a half-decent Asus Zenbook Pro. I got it for a very reasonnable price but wouldn't recommend it to anyone because it is flawed in so many ways (should've followed Linus' Tips)... One of its big source of is the display, it's false 4K and its brightness would make a brown dwarf (failed star) happy with its own brightness. However, unsatisfied with the doubtful advertisement as a 4K screen, the mediocre quality of the tactile function and the huge bezels making it look like a tank's window, Asus decided that it should cripple this displa
  14. Thanks @Jarsky for all this wisdom. I'm probably going for an hybrid, perhaps I'll use some virtualization to set up a proper linux for the NAS part and have windows on the TV side if I wanna stream games, or a more user friendly linux if I keep it to just movies and web browsing. If I am going to spend some money on a GPU, I might just take the GTX960 from my main rig that I've been planning to upgrade for quite some time (I bought my main PC at a time everyone could tell Maxwell cards were going to be replaced soon, so I didn't spend much on the GPU). And I'm not buying a brand new i7 just b
  15. Well that is not going to hold 12 drives and I'm not in the US so it definitely won't do the trick. I'm not buying that kind of harware anyways, for a few reasons : 1 : no, it's not cheap at all. I don't need super fancy disk bays with hotswap features like Synologys have. Just a buch of drives piled on top of each other in some dark corner. 2 : I don't mind setting it up. I love linux environments, and I love troubleshooting them. On the other hand, i HATE not being able to troubleshoot anything and being reduced to raging against the manufacturer in frustration. 3