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  1. Captain Chaos

    Softwares to Rip blue ray disks

    I use MakeMKV to rip my blu-rays and DVDs to .mkv files. Works like a charm. It's a 30 day trial, but the actual program is still in beta and as long as it stays that way the devs publicly post a new activation key every 2 months. So you can use it indefinitely (or at least until they release the full version, but I haven't seen that happen yet and I've been using MakeMKV for 5 years or so) You can of course buy it already to support the devs. I store all my rips in full quality, but then again I have a rather large NAS. If disk space is an issue, you may want to use Handbrake to reduce the resolution/quality/bitrate/whatever in order to shrink the file size.
  2. Captain Chaos

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    Not worried. My passwords are made using 4 numbers, not 8 characters. So it looks like I'm safe from this. Mandatory viewing :
  3. Captain Chaos

    how to password protect my drives

    Option 1 : Bitlocker You'll need Windows 7 enterprise/ultimate, 8.1 Pro or 10 Pro (or LTSB/LTSC if you can get those) to encrypt the drives. It normally comes with those versions of Windows. Any modern version of Windows will be able to decrypt the drives, add files to them etc. So you can attach the drives to any other PC and use them (as long as you enter the password when mounting them, of course) Option 2 : Veracrypt Works on Windows, Linux and MacOs as well. Requires installation of the (free and open-source) Veracrypt software on any machine you wish to use the drive on. Slightly more difficult to use than Bitlocker, but has a lot more options (hidden containers etc).
  4. Easy to solve, Linus. Do a copyright strike whenever those Tech Quickie guys steal your content. 3 strikes and you don't have to worry about them anymore.
  5. Tech news in a year or two : "Facebook admits that US government gained full access to all users' data as part of 2019 deal"
  6. On my S7 I did just that indeed. The only reason I do it this way is because the S7 is not the easiest to work on and I plan to sell it later. My other phone and my tablet don't require a heatgun etc to open them up, so on those two I removed the front facing camera altogether.
  7. Captain Chaos

    The AMAZING $30 "Computer Case"!

  8. Captain Chaos

    Now illegal to click links?

    Your own fault for choosing your own news sources instead of getting your news from the government's propaganda network.
  9. Doesn't matter how good it is, I put tape over it anyway. Based on what I've seen so far, I'll probably be upgrading to an S9 or S9+ instead of an S10. Just gonna wait for the prices to drop as a result of the S10 release.
  10. Captain Chaos

    Do i need a UPS ??? If yes, which one ???

    I agree if it only happens once in a blue moon. However if you get regular interruptions a UPS is very much worth its money, even if you only get like 5 minutes. If the power drops out while you are writing to disk, the file you were writing will be corrupted. If it happens while your PC is doing updates, you may end up having to reinstall the entire OS.
  11. 7, 8 and 9 eh? Good thing my phones are still on 2.3 and 4.4 just kidding The sad part is that it'll take a long time before most flagship devices will get updated. Lower-end models may get no patches at all indeed. Now's a good time to check if your Android device can run Lineage OS.
  12. Captain Chaos

    SATA port expansion on server

    If you flash it to "IT mode", the card will not do any RAID stuff itself. It will be a HBA (Host Bus Adapter) and show all individual drives to the OS so the OS can handle that.
  13. Captain Chaos

    SATA port expansion on server

    I use an LSI 9211-8i card in my NAS. That one has 2 SAS slots, which in combination with a pair of SAS -> 4x SATA cables allows me to connect 8 drives. IIRC you can use further splitters to connect up to 128 drives to a single SAS port. So that single card can handle up to 256 HDDs. I reckon that should suffice for most people. Before buying one, keep in mind that they can be flashed as a RAID card or as an HBA. Which one you should do, will depend on the OS you'll be running on that machine. FreeNAS for example works best if it can do its own software raid on the drives, so that one should be an HBA. Windows on the other hand will work best if the card does all the RAID stuff on its own.
  14. Captain Chaos

    Eight failed NAS drives?

    NAS drives function just like any other HDD, so as long as they have power and a SATA connection they should work. Even if the drives are damaged during shipping, they should still show up in the BIOS. To me it sounds like they're just not getting power, but your tests so far seem to contradict that. Try connecting the drives (one by one) to another PC and see if they show up there in disk managment (they may be unformatted, so don't expect them to show up in Windows). Also try connecting a known good HDD (preferably a small old one that you don't mind losing) to the NAS' motherboard and see if that one shows up in the BIOS. Then try it again in another PC to see if the PSU destroyed the drives.
  15. That sounds like an okay setup fan-wise. A bit overkill perhaps, but I've done way worse myself. Don't do the duct though. @aisle9 is completely right in that it will make matters worse. IF you insist on using a duct, make it an intake duct.
  16. Captain Chaos

    post your favourite cover songs!

    Had some trouble with YT links. Sorted it for the covers, not going to redo the originals. Original by Leonard Cohen Original by Metallica Original by Leadbelly Original by Peter Schilling Original by Foo Fighters Original by Soundgarden Original by Gloria Gaynor Original by DJ DMD ft. Lil' Keke & Fat Pat Original by Katy Perry
  17. Yes, regular SSDs and 2.5" HDDs have the exact same dimensions and mounting holes. They'll fit just fine.
  18. Captain Chaos

    Several BSODs (RAM related?)

    The 840 EVO is SATA3. Should be about 5 years old, but those things just don't fail. EDIT : most reviews seem to be from mid-2013, the 850 EVO reviews are from late 2014. So yeah, about 4-5.5 years would be a safe bet.
  19. That mostly depends on the case itself. Some cases allow the air to flow freely, others are very restrictive. The more restricted your airflow is, the more (and more pressure-optimized) fans you need The hardware inside is the second factor. An overclocked 18-core with dual GPUs is going to generate a lot more heat than a quad core with integrated graphics, so it'll need more fans to move enough air.
  20. Captain Chaos

    what do working adult spend money on?

    Thinking about what you could spend money on is completely the wrong approach. Instead try to minimize spending to some extent, especially when you're still young. This is the time to build a financial reserve for unexpected events, or to start saving up enough to retire earlier. I'm not saying you should get a $10 second-hand dumbphone instead of that shiny new iPhone XS or Galaxy S10. By all means spend some more on things you use regularly. Just don't look for ways to spend money on things you don't need. Seriously, save up some money. If you have an accident or a serious disease, medical bills can run into the tens of thousands very easily ... or more depending on how bad the social security system is where you live. You don't want to make it through chemo only to find yourself a hundred thousand in debt, with no more job and no potential employer wanting to hire you due to your past illness. At that point you'll wish you had saved up instead of spending it all.
  21. Captain Chaos

    what will happen to LMG far into the future?

    Absolutely. Just because you're past your 30s doesn't mean it's time to retire. The core audience will grow older and LMG will probably adjust their style to suit. In 20 or 30 years, the WAN show may still be around. It'll just look a lot like "This Week in Tech" does now ... except for having clickbait titles.
  22. Captain Chaos

    Dumb decisions from PC-building Companies - share with me!

    Except they didn't. The photo clearly shows 2 fans behind that radiator. So the case has three fans, all of them 140mm by the looks of things. That being said, whoever decided to invert the airflow clearly has no idea what they're doing.
  23. Captain Chaos

    Need help finding replacement motherboard

    The CPU is a socket 1155 one, so any ATX-sized motherboard with that socket and 4 RAM slots will do. As for where to source it, I'm not aware of anyone selling new ones. Your best bet is to get a second-hand one on sites like Ebay. EDIT : Hang on ... the motherboard you mentioned is a socket 1150, the CPU is 1155. Those shouldn't be compatible. Are you sure about the model numbers in the first post?
  24. Captain Chaos

    CPU TEMPS maxed at 72 degrees celcius help?

    According to Intel that CPU can handle up to 100°C. I wouldn't worry too much about low 70s.