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    The Frustrated Gamer
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    the former Spanish lands
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    gaming, cooking , electronics tinkering
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    Student as an electrical engineer


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Msi B350m Bazooka
  • RAM
    Team Group Elite TUF cl16 3200 mhz
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    Asus RX580 Dual OC 4gb
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    Rakk Anyag Frost
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB and Kingston A400
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    Thermaltake lite power 550w
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    SpectrePro 144hz 3ms 24in curved VA Panel
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    ID cooling SE 207+ID cooling Frostflow 120VGA
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    Rakk Lam Ang Lite
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    Logitech G502 Hero
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    Plantronics Rig HD500
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    WIndows 10 Pro

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  1. Okay, that actually fixed it. Now im having crazy artifacts when turning off vsync. And stuttery mess when on soft or on. Wtf.
  2. Imma try that tomorrow. It was annoying as hell lol
  3. So rage 2 was free a few days ago in epic games. I tried playing it but for some reason even in the lowest settting , the fps counter shows about 80-90 but it feels more like 30 fps. I havent done any fix so far aside from adding it to amd software, removing my gpu overclocks, lowering settings, high performance in windows, disabling game mode in windows, and running it as administrator. So far its still like that. My system spec in my sig.
  4. In my country, the stocks are everywhere at about 10% up from the msrp. Reason being that almost no one can afford it since many people lost their savings due to the virus lol
  5. If you are afraid of it shorting out, and since you will replace the case soon, just an additional precaution, put an electrical tape on the spot that makes contact with the pcb. But as far as im concerned, as long as there is no trace or electrical contact there, its fine .
  6. Also, that ram is insanely expensive. Even for a 40% markup. I got my 16 gb set of ddr4 3200 for like $60.
  7. Have you tried reinstalling the graphics driver?
  8. That happened to me a few times on the old pc too. What worked for me was unplugging the pc then holding the power button for a minute then turning turning it on. Idk if this will work for you though.
  9. At that price, a gaming laptop maybe hard for the performance but its possible. Another is try to make a relatively compact pc build. It will help with the moving since it will be lighter and rather easy to put in a bag. For that, get something like a. Smaller mother board. Something like an itx or a mini itx. asrock have a few cheaper ones for b550. Then get a rather small case to fit the said motherboard. And the rest of the components. Caution on this though as you must take in to account the size of the gpu for the size of the case. You will generally sacrifice gpu
  10. Possible reasons 1. Not enough mounting pressure. 2. Uneven mounting pressure 3. Not enough thermal paste. Ryzen 3000 tends to have a larger die area than intel so slightly more paste is needed 4. Case airflow. If the intake of the case is horrible, then thats about it. 5. In some cases, people forget to remove the sticker on the cooler . (Don't laugh. This is a lot more common than you think) 6. The fans on the radiator is not spinning. 7. The cpu is overclocked. 8. AIO pump is not powered The 3600 can run quite warm but not hot even
  11. Those monitors are already more expensive than my entire setup >_< Joking aside, if you are already spending that much, why not step it up to a 3070 or. 3080? Assuming those are in stock in any way shape or form.
  12. I was kinda hoping for my msi b350. But then, thats asking for too much lol. My b350 has been with me since the r 3 1200 days lol.
  13. oh you're from the USA. If you can get the Arctic freezer 34 Espots Duo, i think thats the best option for that price. If i heard it right, I think newegg sells the corsair A500 for like $50. They lowered it a lot. If i remember right, they compared the A500 to the Noctua's D15 or something.
  14. What country are you from? It will affect the availability and prices. For example. My proximity to China made me have lower prices on many coolers (ID cooling and deepcool is rather cheaper here. I think i can get a gammaxx 400, which is a good option for decent budget coolong, i got for like $15 due to sales). On the other hand, products from the west such as arctic, noctua and stuff tend to be too expensive. The bequiet cpu coolers which usually sells for around $ 50 in the west, costs like $120 here due to scarcity and importation But for lower budget decent