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  1. I knew the two different types, and some detail, but never researched it, this article has a good amount of information. The topic might make for a good techquickie. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/optical-vs-laser-mouse-explanation/
  2. There was only one LH Naga before this new one, the 2014 model, so must have been that one. Never had issues with the buttons on the two I had, but trouble with the laser sensor. Apparently lots of mice went to laser sensors back then, but they were all bad, now everyone is back on optical sensors. :)
  3. I had two of the 2014 edition, one for gaming at home, the other for work, copy/paste and other productivity shortcuts on the side buttons. I had to give up on mine though, the laser sensor kept skipping and stopped responding every now and then for a few seconds. But I am happy that the new one is back to an optical sensor, and nothing less then up to date like their other products, not a last gen option to save money.
  4. Yeah that's the difference, as lefty you're happy to get something to begin with, anything, we're not in a position to choose between multiple choices, and I am happy that one company out there is doing this. So from a lefty point of view, I rather take one left-handed product instead of the 5th edition of the same right handed product.
  5. Summary LH Naga is finally back with all new interior. TRUE LEFT-HANDED ERGONOMIC DESIGN 19+1 PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS RAZER FOCUS+ OPTICAL SENSOR FULL RGB, 3 ZONES ON-BOARD MEMORY RAZER™ SPEEDFLEX CABLE 100% PTFE MOUSE FEET RAZER™ MECHANICAL SWITCHES Quotes My thoughts I love that Razer is giving this another try, no other company will produce dedicated LH gaming mice. Ambidextrous is an option, but just not the same. Even more important then offering a gaming mouse to no
  6. I am not sure, all Razer said was it will be an updated model, but no details really. Could be just the 12 sidekey version with RGB and the optical sensor or a trinity. I personally hope for the trinity as I'd like to use the hex module.
  7. Looking at a lot of comments regarding this all over the internet, most folks are rather negative about it, and asking why this is a thing to begin with, or comments like "just use your right hand". I guess it's just people in general who are being awful. I for one think Razer is doing a good service with this, but rarely anyone can appreciate a good deed. They either dislike Razer for some reason or don't understand the situation, rather sad tbh.
  8. Yeah I wish I had done the same back when I started with computer, would have made my life easier, now it is too late to change, I tried, I can't. When I started using computer in the late 90's all mice where ambidextrous, most had 3 buttons, not even a mouse wheel yet. Then for about 5-ish year all gaming mice where ambidextrous as well. Like the Razer Diamondback I had, it was way later that the first ergonomic gaming mice came to market, but back then it was some devices, now most devices are shaped for the right hand, even office mice like the Logitech MX Master etc. Today most
  9. By that logic I assume you're not using any product of the big name companies, right? That's all major league mainstream. SteelSeries Logitech Razer Corsair Logitech Roccat Cooler Master HyperX Gigabyte ---------------------------- In general: I really don't understand where all that Razer hate comes from? Is it simply because you have choosen that another manufacturer is better? I personally use Razer since the early 2000, I switched from my Microsoft Intelli mouse to the Razer Diamondback, back then not knowing anything
  10. That was months back, by now its open to public, the Facebook group was closed and has now been opened and he asked to spared the word.
  11. How about appreciating a company doing something good instead of bashing it right away? You might not like 12 side buttons or the brand, but the actual thing they do is good and should be appreciated regardless of brand association. Frankly I would love to see other brands doing this as well, Logitech, Corsair you name it, but for now there is only one.
  12. I use the mouse in my left hand, I also know some other left-handed people who use the mouse in their left hand. Apart from "normal" left handed folks, there are also people who have no motor controls in their right hand, an under developed right hand or don't have a right hand to begin with, so this is also good for accessibility reasons, not only for the "normal" left-handed person. Also in some situations I find being left-handed actually better, playing with the right hand on the numpad for gaming, resting the right hand near the enter and delete button for work, binding copy/p
  13. Edited post to comply with news format. Also added several sources.
  14. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan opened a Facebook group to get another Left-Handed Edition of the Razer Naga going. Razer also made a video about it: Official Razer Left-Handed Naga YouTube Video PC Gamer covered this story as well: PC Gamer Are you in need of a left-handed mouse, for gaming or any sort of productivity? Razer will have you covered, a 12 side button mouse made for us left-handed people. Sadly this will be the last attempt for Razer to deliver on a left-handed mouse, unless the demand gets way up. So please join the Le
  15. I could add the missing quote I forgot to add, otherwise it meets the guidelines, I have read the guidelines before posting, I simply forgot to add a quote.