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  1. If i lower the case fan speed the gpu temp go higher. My case is the meshify c, for the gpu fans i use the amd software it's an rx 580 sapphire nitro, the gpu i think it's considered occed since the reference is 1340mhz while i'm on 1411
  2. the gpu is a sapphire nitro rx580 his temps depends on fans speed, but i think it go to high anyway, i've setted his fans to spin at 1520rpm under load, because more rpm are really loud, my bottom front fan spin at 950rpm under load, i can go higher but it become very noisy, the upper frond just stay around 500rpm, because doesn't change my gpu temps if i let them spin higher, i let spin it high if cpu temps will increase, and the back 120 spin at 1300-1500 under load, the air that come out from this fan isn't very hot, i can feel more hot the air just on the gpu back of the case. With th
  3. Hi everyone, i need a 140mm case front fan to help the gpu to lower the temps while gaming, but noise for me is a big issue. I already tryed the fan included with the cpu cooler noctua nh d15 and the Noctua redux 140mm 900rpm, but both do too much noise and the redux doesn't really help the gpu to drop the temps, while the other one seems just a bit better but still noisy Do you have a suggestion if is possible to solve my issue?
  4. There is an option for the fan case in the bios to use the GPU temps as source? Thanks
  5. I saw the MSI MAG Z490 tomahawk do have 2 m2 slot, i do not understand if they are both nvme and if do they perform the same, or is better to use one instead the other one
  6. How can i check windows error? Yes my peripherals lose power I think too it should be a mobo i decided to buy a new one, so i'm crossing fingers now, thanks for the help
  7. Thanks for the replies my budget is under 200$ I'm seeing the b550 tomahawk and seems interesting, currently i do have a ryzen 2600 i will upgrade to a 5000 series next year, they will provide the same bios for all the series or the bios capacity is lower and they will provide different bios for different series? My ram model is PVS416G373C7K isn't listed on the qvl do you think i could have problem with these stick? Does the b550 tomhawk support ryzen 2600? I don't see it there https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MAG-B550-TOMAHAWK#support-cpu
  8. I've got a bit unlucky with mobo in the last years, now i'm here asking help for a quality b550 motherboard What i care most is the stability and a good compatibility with my ram "Patriot Viper Steel" 3733mhz If the mobo do have a good vrm and vrm heatsink is welcome i could do some overclock in the future
  9. Does it needed after a clean windows installation? My previous gpu (with the previous windows installation) where an nvidia, now i'm on amd so i don't think it's a gpu or gpu driver issue
  10. Sometime, completly randomly my monitor go black no matters if full load or idle, when does it happen i can listen my fans go a little faster, and my system became urresponsive, and sometime (not always) the usb peripheral do not receive the voltage (rgb and led status will turn off) if i reset the system it will work normally. I already made a memory test with no issue, temps are good, i already changed the gpu and the psu i made a clean windows installation, but the issue is still there, sometime the issue wont pop up in a month and today happened twice, one just after the reboot.
  11. Ryzen 2600 with asus tuf 450m, the case is the fractal meshify c, i do have one 140 fan intake and one 120 out, the card was always hotter even with 2 120 fan intake at full speed I will try some more fans than, i've already tryed different fan curve, but at high rpm it's very noisy. Undervolting and underclocking it helps a lot, i mean the card is hot but not more than 76 and the fan at this temp run slower
  12. Hi, i do have a Rx 580 Sapphire Nitro, and unfortunatly the card run too hot, it goes around 83-84°C and that's where it thermal trothle, the fans speed very fast and loud, i do care a lot about noise. I tryed to repast the gpu twice but i didn't solved the issue, now i undervolted and underclocked the card to have better thermals and noise, the latest state is @1280mhz @980mv and with this setting the max temps i saw is 76°C Ambient temps is artound 22°C if that matter What seems strange to me is that even if hardly undervolted and underclocked the card is still hot, i don't kn
  13. Hi, thanks for your reply The issue it happened on very idle doing nothing, last time i had the keyb completly disconnected i opened with mouse the task manager and nothing was under load My key do have an usb cable my mice is wireless, i tryed to connect them on different mobo ports, on my usb hub, but nothing change. I also connected the keyb on an usb3 mobo output and the mouse on an usb2 port (and viceversa) just to be sure they will belong on different usb mobo controller, but nothing seems really to change my issue Edit: i'm considering the voltage/mobo issue,
  14. I have a brand new win 10 installation and sometime, randomly even on idle, my mouse start lagging, and the keyboard seem to lose and take back the connection (is rgb so i see the key like if its restarting). Unplug and plug do not change anything, sometime the keyb even stop to work, and rgb are just off. I've tryed different usb ports, i disable any kind of suspend or energy saving and tried with another keyb with no difference. Everything is update from os to bios If that matter i do run a ryzen 2600 with b450 mobo