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  1. Spouse has a laptop with a 64Gb eMMC drive on it. She uses it to browse Facebook so it's been more than fine for her needs. However, the drive is to small to update Windows. I'm currently wondering if it is possible to use the Windows 10 installation media to update her OS to the current Windows 10 build?
  2. There may be in future. I prefer to keep cases for a long time, and next cycle I do want to do a full water cooling rig. Honestly that was the plan for this rebuilt but real world risks pushed the time table up, so I'm just using AIO.
  3. Ended up ordering the Meshify 2 XL, so should have the space. Also ended up not going with the setup that required two 360's so became a bit of a moot point. The current one is only elevated by its feet, but the cat really likes to live on the desk or curled up next to it when it's running, so it's getting dust regardless. May look into a small stand for it to line the top of it up with my desk surface. I've got my VR headset rack gaffer taped to the top of my current case, so the geometry is a bit odd. But we will see how it all fits.
  4. Looking at doing a major rebuild and changing to a more open case. Anyone have any recommendations for a tower/full tower with enough space for two 360mm radiators and a quiet design? It lives on the floor so clear sides mostly represent a hazard than a cool thing.
  5. I know early on someone did an assessment of all the X570 motherboards and how their memory architectures worked, especially which ones used daisy chaining vs T-topology. I can't seem to find that now. Does anyone know where that ended up? Basically, I'm trying to optimize between a game that is stupidly memory latency sensitive, and some stuff I'm doing that will overflow 32Gb of ram. I've got an X570 Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi. Unfortunately, with the Zen 3 compatible bios, it will not run 64Gb of DDR4 3600 memory in 4 slots. Further, even if it did, I recall it was a daisy chain c
  6. Given the prices of the 3060/3070 right now, are they really worth that much more than a 1080 Ti? I'm seeing 3060's running for ~$800 on ebay, while 1080 Ti's seem to be more in the $600 range. 2080 Supers seem to be in the $700-$800 range.
  7. Have you checked to see if Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling has been disabled? HAGS gave me massive number of display errors when it was on.
  8. Oo, so tested Norton, Windows Defender, But Defender and Kaspersky, both active and inactive, using the Il-2 SYN_Vander Benchmark v6, CPU test config and found all four perform within 1% of each other. Ironically, Norton 360 was the fastest, but given the spread, that could easily be in the noise.
  9. Yeah, no, 2020's worse: Yes, he is trying to lock in minimums at 30 fps. Which for a non-combat flight sim is actually fine. But it's not better.
  10. You know, people keep saying that about high fidelity flights sims. DCS is potato game. Il-2 Great Battles is potato game. MSFS2020 is potato game. X-Plane 11 is potato game. Do you know of a single actual high fidelity flight simulator that does not eat CPU and GPU cycles like candy?
  11. Allow me to introduce you to the world of high end VR flight simulation, where a 3090 gets you 40fps 99% lows and that's really good...
  12. So I know everyone believes that Windows Defender is the lightest AV, but what little testing I've been able to find on it seems to indicate it's actually pretty heavy: Does anyone know of any rigorous testing of the current general most effective anti-virus software to see which one has the lowest overall performance impact? If I can gain a 5% performance bump for just switching to BitDefender, that certainly seems like something worth looking into.
  13. PS One PS2 Slim PS3 Slim Xbox 360 Slim WII (1st gen) Handhelds Gameboy Advance SP DS Lite Used to have a Gamecube with a gameboy player, but gave that to my middle brother because he had a big gameboy games collection, and no good gameboy anymore. Recently been thinking about getting a Switch, but will probably do that over the summer, especially if prices start dropping with all the Switch Pro rumors. But I've also dug out my WII and gotten it all set up and working again, so may be driving back into that library again.
  14. Do you know if your analysis is limited by integer operations or by floating point operations? If you are integer limited you will get more mileage out of the the 2080 and 1080 series. The 3080 significantly improved the floating point performance, but does it by repurposing the integer cores. There was an "ask me anything" nVidia did on the architecture changes. This wasn't the article I was trying to find, but seems to cover the changes: NVIDIA's RTX 3000 cards make counting teraflops pointless | Engadget https://www.engadget.com/nvidia-rtx-3090-3080-3070-cuda-cor
  15. @Duckster The scalper market is getting over saturated and probably going to crash spectacularly after Christmas. Apparently Xbox Series consoles are already only scalping a couple hundred over retail, and there's something like another 5 million PS5's coming in the next month or so. I'm also starting to see Ryzen 5800X chips stay in stock at my local retailers. Add to that the 6700 cards, 6900 cards, the 3060 cards, and the continuing flow of 6800 and 3080/3090 cards, there's just not enough cash to corner all those markets for much longer. On cards, I'd also look at used 1080 Ti