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  1. You where right 75C. I found the issue it was a bad fan splitter! Now i'm at 51c at 30% load even with a low fan speed no more revs! I ended up taking it apart and noticed a wire loss on the fan splitter. I even got rid of all the dust.
  2. Yeah not used for gaming. Is it because air is less likely yo fail? Right now i'm using a corsair 120mm cooler. It should be fine for a cpu that is only 65 watts.
  3. That is what i am using. What is best for a PC that is on 24/7 water or air?
  4. They are 60-65c keep in mind that my cpu always has a load of 30%-50% since it runs camera monitoring software 24/7
  5. I have all the fans set to low in the bios at a certain temp you can not go lower then. (70c) All the fans rev up when you open a page. The MB is controlling all of them as i can watch a spike in all the fans anytime i open a page when watching there RPMs in the asus ai suite. Temps will spike over 76c for a sec. See the pic below that little spike is just from opening a web page in chrome youtube for example.
  6. So my daily PC runs a stock i7 8700 on a 120mm AIO with a room temp of 22c. Anytime i open a webpage to even post this message the PC fans will rev up for a sec then rev back down. The CPU stays around 65C at 30%-50% load when used with spikes up to 76c-80c I have the fan profile set to silent in the Asus bios. I have tired re-setting the AIO. Any ideas?
  7. yeah i got the idea from a linus video. All the 10 gig switches seem to have SFP ports that i do not need plus they are usually managed.
  8. I just got 1 GIG internet and i've manged to saturate my 1GIG nic card. When downloading i can only get 550-600 Mbps when my IP cameras are steaming data which is another 55-100 Mbps. Stop the camera streams and i get 945 Mbps download. I'm assuming my NIC card is the bottleneck as my CPU is at 40% use and RAM at 22% use. What is the real Mbps a 1 GIG NIC can do? I don't know if 10GIG is worth it for home use as i have CAT5e ran all over the place and my server uses spinning drives so they can only do so much.
  9. The UPS will not turn on when connected to the generator. Plug a PC or something in directly to the generator and they work fine but no protection.
  10. What feature would the UPS need?
  11. Recently my power went off so i pulled out the old gas generator plugged my cyberpower UPS into it and it would not work. Does anyone know what is needed to power your PC from a generator? Do i need a fancy UPS with AVR or sinewave?
  12. I have a few bluetooth thermometers but when you leave home they are useless. Is there anyway to connect to bluetooth remotely? Like some kind of BT hub that would connect to your wifi.
  13. Can anyone suggest one? There are a few out there from cheap to super costly. Found one on amazon by a company called TESmart for $129
  14. I have tried the cases built in fan controller and one i bough off amazon and they both do not report the RPM. Why would that be? I have tired different fans and they to do not report the RPM and they where the ones that came with the case.
  15. The RPM of the fans is not being reported, i can change there speed but it does not show in the bios They are 3 pin fans it should be shown in the bios. I was looking at the wrong fan before that had a max speed of 935rpm The RPM is reported if plugged directly into the MB. Can anyone suggest a better fan hub that will work?