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  1. Captain Chaos


    "Were you using hot glue for this build Anthony?" "No, but I did use a few tweezers" That joke will never get old.
  2. Captain Chaos

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    That's the way the modern world works, apparently. ---------------------------------------------------- The final vote is in 2 weeks and so far it could go either way. Even if it passes, it's up to the member states to turn it into national law within 2 years. So no need to panic yet. I'm not sure how a company like (for example) Google is going to change search results (or YT content) per country, so they'll probably go for a single solution that covers every country's laws and implement it throughout the EU ... or worldwide. My take on the whole subject : If the record companies etc support this directive, that's cause for concern. I'll wait and see what happens. Once the new law is enforced we can always look for ways to circumvent it. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to download Youtube while I still can.
  3. CRC error count is no big issue. If the previous owner had a bad (or badly seated) SATA cable at some point, that could have caused those errors to happen. Doesn't mean there's any CRC-related problems now. The "Used Reserved Block Count" is puzzling. There's no way that your drive's NAND is worn already, so that can't explain the drive running out of reserve blocks. It may be faulty though. A bit of Googling (actually DuckDuckGo-ing) reveal that this can happen sometimes. It could be a simple matter of the drive reporting the wrong data or it could be an actual hardware problem. This is the first thread I came across that ended up being resolved: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/Thread-Solved-840-EVO-1TB-warning-failure The poster from that thread contacted Samsung about this and had they replaced the drive based on that one S.M.A.R.T. value. However that thread is from 2016, which was most likely within the drive's warranty period. I wouldn't count on getting the same offer if you contact them now. It never hurts to try though, you may get a good deal on a more modern equivalent. FYI my 840's Used Reserve Block Count is 100 100 10, so that "1" you are getting is definitely not a normal value.
  4. As mentioned above, Dell sells brand new laptops with Linux pre-installed. Pretty sure any of their Windows laptops will run Linux just fine too.
  5. Downloading some music as I write this ... because the original CD is too scratched up to do a proper rip.
  6. Captain Chaos

    EU Vote in Favour of Article 13

    This was merely one step towards turning it into a law. The big day will be in 2 weeks when the European Council votes. I wouldn't be surprised if we in the meantime have another major internet strike like in the SOPA days.
  7. That's probably the 840's "TurboWrite Cache" (as Samsung calls it) filling up indeed. Once the drive's cache is full, you'll suddenly see the speed drop off to the drive's actual write speed. I'm also seeing much higher write speed numbers early on in the transfer. NOTE : TurboWrite is not the same as the "Rapid Mode" that the Samsung Magician software gives you. TurboWrite uses NAND from the SSD itself, Rapid Mode uses your PC's RAM as an even faster buffer.
  8. I don't. If I were to enable that option the numbers would be a lot higher. I have enough RAM to handle the whole movie file, so I'd basically get the full 3500MB/s of my NVMe drive throughout the transfer. I would suggest attaching the drive to another SATA port and cable, to see if that helps. Beyond that I'm out of ideas. If it were the slowdown issue that the 840 EVO is known for, you'd be having slow read speeds but the write would be unaffected. That is clearly not the case here.
  9. Just copied a 19GB file from my 960 PRO (512GB) to my 840 EVO (1TB) as a test. My graph isn't as fancy due to using Win7, but in the screenshot I'm at the end of my copy and still showing 500+. It dipped to 499MB/s in the very last second, so nowhere near the <300 you are getting. Crystal Disk Info is showing 26.5K power-on hours for mine, with 46TB written. How full is your 840? If it's close to full, that may slow it down a lot. Also it may slow down when it's copying a lot of smaller files versus a single large one. so use the exact same file(s) to compare speeds. Oh, as for the temps of your 960 EVO, those are absolutely fine. Samsung recommends keeping it between 0°C and 70°C.
  10. You need a flat surface of around 320mm to support the feet completely, the rest of the case can hang over the edge.
  11. Captain Chaos

    saying royal

    Only in Europe. In the US they say "Battle Quarter Pounder"
  12. Captain Chaos

    NH-D15 looks bad can i get different fans for it?

    You can get the Noctua Chromax fans and covers to make the cooler suit your build. This is a red one, the fans and covers come with black, yellow, green, blue and white rubbers and inserts as well.
  13. As far as I know, Li-ion batteries have the least "age-related wear" when stored between 40 and 60%. That's why when you buy a new phone the battery will be around 50%. The last 10-15% of a charge are the hardest on a battery and draining them is said to be bad as well, so personally I tend to keep mine between 20 and 80%. Fortunately my laptop's BIOS allows me to cap the charge level at 80%. After 6 years the original battery is still at 89% of its rated capacity, so I must be doing it right. So all in all : keep it between 80% and 20%, and try to have it at 50% if you won't be using it for several days or weeks.
  14. Nah, it will all be dissipated towards the back. My Dark Rock Pro 3 is about 4mm from my 1080Ti's backplate and even under full stress I'm not noticing any temperature difference when I move the GPU to the next x16 slot.
  15. Captain Chaos

    How to securely format a hard drive?

    As @Spotty said, DBAN is excellent for that kind of stuff. CCleaner also has a good drive wiper that lets you overwrite the entire drive 1, 3, 7 or 35 times with random 1s and 0s. 1 or 3 times will be enough for any undelete program, 7 times would be enough to make recovery impossible even for 3-letter agencies.
  16. Captain Chaos

    Do You Mind For Android Updates?

    My S7 and my J3 are still on Nougat (Lineage OS 14.1), but they're still up-to-date with their security patches. The Tab S2 (8") is on Oreo (Lineage OS 15.1), but I'm really not a fan of Oreo because the whole WiFi situation is a mess. Nougat allowed you to automatically turn off WiFi during sleep. On Oreo they removed that setting, so it keeps the WiFi on all the time and that drains the battery like crazy. We're talking 36h standby on Oreo versus almost 2 weeks on Nougat. I do check the Lineage changelogs every couple of weeks and update my devices once I notice that their nightlies have a new security patch level. Earlier today I noticed that Lineage 16.0 Pie is now available for the tablet. So I'll probably be flashing that tomorrow. Hopefully Pie fixes the WiFi issue. Quite frankly I don't care what version of Android I'm on, I'd be just as happy on Froyo if that were available and secure still.
  17. Captain Chaos

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Issues

    Yeah, sounds like that's more than just a firmware issue. That sucks. Oh well, now that the S10 is out you'll see S9 prices drop to reasonable levels.
  18. Captain Chaos

    Why is my GPU not above 90% While gaming?

    Not if the VRM is causing the throttling. In that case the CPU won't hit 100% either.
  19. Captain Chaos

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Issues

    Okido. I'm following the topic, so I'll get a notification either way.
  20. Captain Chaos

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Issues

    hmm ... might be software indeed then. As I said, I'd put the latest TWRP recovery and the new ROM on the SD card, wipe the entire internal memory (Dalvik, cache, data, internal storage, and system), then flash the recovery and ROM (and Google apps package if needed). Then again I'm a madman when it comes to these things. "Swipe to wipe" is going to be interesting though if the touch input is all messed up. You may have to download a stock Samsung ROM (including recovery) and use Odin on the PC to flash it onto the phone.
  21. Captain Chaos

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Issues

    Not that I know of. I'm not aware of any custom ROM that does this either. Does it only do this while in the recovery or also once the phone boots into the OS? If it happens in the OS as well, personally I'd put the latest recovery and ROM on the microSD card, wipe the entire phone (Dalvik, cache, data, internal storage, and system) and flash the latest recovery and ROM (last bit is very important, seeing as wiping the system removes the ROM entirely). Doing this full wipe and reflash will either fix the problem or rule out software problems altogether. If it still misbehaves after a full wipe and flash, it's most likely a hardware issue.
  22. Rockets, killer cars ... he's trying to kill us all! Hell, he even dresses like a super villain!
  23. Captain Chaos

    Water boiling with h55!!!

    FYI the human skin has a very low tolerance for temperature. 30°C feels lukewarm, but anything over 40°C will already be too hot to touch.
  24. When it is running normally and at full operating temperature, try shutting it down completely and then booting it again before it has a chance to cool down. If it starts perfectly every time when hot but not when it's cold, the PSU is on its way out.