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  1. I own an Android phone and I own an iPhone. Both of which I paid for out-of-pocket so there was no 'lease' or 'payment plan'. I also have a text-based adventure flash game I play and would like to play when mobile. For me to play the game on my Android phone I merely need to download and install Adobe Air from Google Play without messing about with system permissions or installing a new OS on the phone. For me to play the same game on the iPhone however? I need specific software and hardware to jailbreak and remove Apple's security around the OS to bypass their restrictions about what I can do on the phone before sideloading as third party the software to run this one. simple. flash game. All because Apple doesn't let Adobe make available through the App Store an iOS equivalent of Adobe Air for Android to let me play this one game. Who is up themselves enough to try and argue that I should simply bow and kowtow to Apple's mindset of what I can and can't do with hardware and software I purchased from them and they no longer have direct ownership of, simply because I decided to go with an iPhone to act as my backup phone, 4G hotspot and initialisation device for another piece of hardware I own (Oculus Go specifically)?
  2. Technous285

    Microsoft brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    Chatting with dad, and we've come to the conclusion that of the Win7 WoW players who haven't upgraded to Win10 yet, probably won't ever upgrade to Win10 and might in fact just grab a Mac for their next system to play WoW instead of dealing with Win10 BS - causing M$ to panic and bow to the requests of Blizzard et. all to bring parts of DX12 (if not the whole thing) to Win7 even if it's EOL on 2020-01-14. Like, could you imagine the percentage drop of Win7 systems and rise of MacOS systems from all the Chinese internet cafes and such that don't want to deal with Win10 when time comes around to replace all their systems in the next few years? I'm willing to bet a decent portion of the Win7 users still around are in China using internet cafes and such to get online.
  3. Dunno about you but I remember that games got worked on to a "Gold" state that was as bug-free as the dev team could make it prior to lockdown time to be sent off to publishing, then if it was a PC title it might get a patch here or there to fix game-breaking edge case glitches (or change content like the infamous DOOM level with a Swastika) but was otherwise left alone until time came to add more new content with expansion packs (which came with bug fixes for edge cases that might have cropped up post-launch of original product and been encountered during the expansion development). Flipside: Not all problems with a game can be worked out and patched without reworking the game from the ground-up (see Diablo II/Lord of Destruction's AI for your followers being little dumb shits more often than not). You can guess how much it might cost to go back and redo that sort of work when it's otherwise in a "good enough" state (eg: Bethesda's 3D First/Third person titles in Fallout and Elder Scrolls). As for Anthem, I've heard from people it's not just consoles getting stuffed up by the game, but regular desktops too (though, honestly, not much difference between consoles and PC nowadays anyways).
  4. DAYUM that's one big boy phone, I think it'll still be thinner than my fucking wallet with all the cards I need to carry around though (sooo many medical, identification, business and misc cards it's not funny). I've always said its best to have large pockets on pants, and prefer cargo pants for a reason (beyond being able to fit a fucking CD player in my pocket with minimal fuss), this phone would just about suit me and probably get close to a MONTH on a single charge as a phone-phone... with as little as I actually send and receive calls and such. >.> As a portable entertainment/guidance device that would be beautiful for me to just grab-n-go for a full day in town, listening to music, running maps or running Discord in the background and such on it.
  5. "When they came for <Blank 1>, I didn't speak up because I wasn't <Blank 1>. When they came for <Blank 2>, I didn't speak up because I wasn't <Blank 2>. When they came for <Blank 3>, I didn't speak up because I wasn't <Blank 3>. When they came for me, there was nobody to speak up for me." It isn't too hard to see the spread of cameras watching everything you do in the streets spread to non-public places such as schools and other education areas, to eventually cameras in your house watching everything you do with never truly having an opt-in to having your privacy stripped and no opt-out short of changing countries (and even then corrupt governments will be fighting tooth-and-nail to keep you where they can watch you even if it means partnering with another nation's corrupt government to keep watch on you without your permission)... It'll only be a matter of time before government incentivise the CCTV feeds of every local shop owner and security camera feeds of every corporate chain store to eventually feed into a government-controlled database where no matter where you are the government can spy on you as you take care of your day-to-day business, then incentivise insurance companies to incentivise home owners to set up CCTV feeds of their house for "insurance discounts" with the aim of getting those feeds of private homes eventually funneled into the government database - all to make it easier for the Spooks like CIA, NSA, ASIO, MI5 and such to "detect threats to the national security" from the general public if it might otherwise mean the current political powers (and paymasters for the Spooks) might be changed or kicked out at the next election or such. ~~~ For fucks sake, I'm willing to bet $50 AUD that fucking ASIO will have a file on me detailing my (publicly available) life to this point, current financial status and last-known relationships with my extended family and such, all neatly bundled up with some numerical or written marker of how much of a threat to national security they think I might be - simply because they have had a file on my father since the 60's, him having worked as a contractor for RAAF that needed a fair bit of clearance, and him currently being a writer of fantasy and fictional settings which we KNOW the Spooks have an interest in some of, because of the military subject matters in the books and research that dad had to do in order to write those stories ended up in having one or two of his stories with a military focus that they'd be keen on ending up in the National Library of Australia without him sending a copy there. So yeah, I'm a liiiitle </Sarc> bit paranoid about the government having ways to easily spy on the Average Joe citizen "just because" of fears they might somehow lose political power.
  6. Making the phones too damned thin to hold a battery of any moderately decent capacity that'll last more than 12 hours under moderate-to-high use, for the fashion aspect of making shit thinner and thinner for ego-stroking. And I'm saying that as someone with a Huawei Y625 as my day-to-day call/text phone and an iPhone 6 for setting up my Oculus Go & doing 4G tethering to my PC when streaming (8032/384 kbps ADSL main net connection isn't exactly conducive to streaming gameplay).
  7. A pain, true, but I'd be happy with 100/40mbps as that means I don't need to wait days for most games or other programs to download, and I can get back into streaming without needing 4G data (I get about 34mbps down/up over 4G here) and tethering.
  8. National Broadband Network, Government-created project to "upgrade" the internet backbone capabilities of the country and replace the POTS system with (what was MEANT to be) Fibre (FTTP, FTTC and FTTN in different places), side-grading the HFC network where there's already HFC, by basically buying all the in-country landline/internet backbone hardware (not touching the international cables from memory) from companies like Telstra, Optus and such and replacing it where needed (most of the copper networks basically).
  9. Telstra already has the towers here for 3G and 4G, but Optus, Vodafone, Dodo, et all don't use Band 28 on 4G (and heaven knows what bands they use for 3G!) whilst Telstra does on the towers here. I've been with Telstra for my normal mobile phone service here since Jan 2014, my previous Vodafone service had spotty reception here even when I was using the same phone (a HTC Explorer at the time) but I get flawless Telstra service both indoors and outdoors on both my 3G mobile phone (was the HTC Explorer, now Huawei Y625) and my 4G data phone (32GB iPhone 6). And as it stands, it looks like if/when NBN rolls out to here, they'll be using Fixed Wireless to replace the 1980's POTS-powered ADSL here.
  10. One would think so, but they can't confirm that I can even get a stable 3G service indoors here, and 4G is right out of the question from them. I'm rural and need the 700MHz Band 28 Telstra operates on (and my 32GB iPhone 6 can access) to get 4G here.
  11. I gotta pay $60 AUD per 10GB block of 4G data that lasts me a measly 28 days if I want 4G Mobile Data from Hellstra (who're the only ones that service my town on the 700Mhz Band 28 freed from Analogue TV)... Great if I'm going to be streaming to Twitch a lot, or upload a bunch of videos to YT for the month, but not worth it otherwise for my finances when I'm already paying $90 AUD/month for 350GB/month ADSL (8032/384 kbps down/up at that).
  12. What does that sink want now?! Being an Aussie who only officially learnt Metric in school, learning Imperial at home, I can say this on the whole thing: Metric is best for being precise and large numbers, Imperial works best for being "horseshoes and hand grenades" close where you need a rough figure that is somewhat easy to intuit in general or colloquial speech. Like, I know the ceilings in my current house are roughly 10ft ones, but the size of the block the house sits on is 18m wide and 50m long (oughta be 20x50, but about a decade ago a neighbour on the corner basically stole a 2m-wide strip due to poor measurements from a surveyor not accounting for GPS drift relative to the ground). Personally, I'm glad these specific measurements in the start are getting redefined to cosmic constants of some kind, though I wish they went to the amount of Silicon-27 atoms in a perfect sphere as the definition of a kilogram. Oh well.
  13. Technous285

    Hackintosh USB help

    There's 2 ways to start working on making a Hackintosh; 1: Buy a copy of 10.6.3 Snow Leopard from Apple themselves (about $20 USD/$31 AUD) and follow a guide on using it to build a Hackintosh effectively from scratch, such on TonyMacX86. 2: Have an actual Mac to build a USB drive with the OS downloaded via App Store, following a guide again such as on TonyMacX86. I've tried doing Method 1, but the hardware I was using eventually died on me, so that would leave me with Method 2 for my next attempt some time in the future. Thing to remember about it using either method: you're not guaranteed success in getting a working system in the end, and you'll probably fail more times than succeed.
  14. Do what I do: Use a mobile for the few legit contacts each week, have only the landline listed in the phonebook and any listings under your name so the mobile number stays private and under your control of who has it, turn off the ringer on the landline and disable voicemail so it will always ring out and you'll never be bothered by spam calls since they'll fall into the void.
  15. Technous285

    This power supply doesn't make sense!!!

    Dunno about you, but the Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 could fit an ATX system & ITX system in the one tower... admittedly it was because the HAF Stacker 935 was built from a HAF Stacker 915R (rear-mount PSU mini-ITX case) mounted on the bottom of the HAF Stack 925 (ATX) case, and the HAF Stacker 945 was just another 915 (either the 915R or 915F) attached to the top of the HAF Stacker 935. And whilst I can't currently name the particular case/s off the top of my head, I know there's been a few others that've tried to fit 2 Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX systems into the same case whose body would normally fit only one ATX-or-smaller system.