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    Intel i7-5820K
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    MSI X99A SLI Krait Edition
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    (2x) 32GB (4x8GB kit) Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400MHz DDR4
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    (2x) EGVA 6GB GTX980TI SC+ ACX 2.0+
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    Thermaltake Core X71
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    500GB Samsung 850 EVO M.2 + 4TB Seagate Barracuda (old 4x4TB Array is in storage)
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    850W Antec HCP Platinum
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    Acer XG270HU + 2x LG Flatron E2441
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    Coolermaster Nepton 120XL/EVGA ACX 2.0+
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    WolfClaw/Logitech Wireless (Circa 2002)
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    AULA Gaming Mouse
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    Onboard audio/Sennheiser HD201 headphones
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. NBNCo CEO announces departure

    Meanwhilst, I'm still waiting for news on if NBN is gonna roll out to my little town that's a perfect crossroad for and loop crossover point between the NBN Fibre lines to the north of me, south of me, east of me and west of me along with different highways around the Riverina. Hell, flipping Lockhart has NBN Wireless already and it'd be easy enough to run a line roughly sou-west from them to here. But nope, I'm stuck on 8032/384 kbps ADSL (oughta be 24/3mbps ADSL 2+, if Telstra had upgraded the exchange some time in the past decade) if I want <100ms pings (regularly getting 20-40ms pings to server farms in Sydney, be they Valve, Netflix or Internode), or NBN Sat if I want 25/5mbps but 600+ms pings to something as basic as Google's front page.
  2. NBNCo CEO announces departure

    (Australian) National Broadband Network Corporation, meant to upgrade and replace our aging copper-based telecoms network (namely the phoneline hardware Telstra (aka: Telecoms Australia, evolved out of the Post Master General's Office) installed whilst it was directly controlled by the government before privitisation) that forms the backbone of our internet, landline and mobile networks.
  3. I think I just shorted my GPU. Any suggestions?

    Aaaand this is why I will go with EVGA when it comes to my video cards, especially if I intended to watercool them - EVGA will honour the warranty if you've watercooled a card as long as you send it with the stock aircooling method the card came with when sending the borked card off to them.
  4. Is this type of parallel loop possible?

    Looking at how your loops are set up, and how your board is set up, you might have to bite the bullet and have the tube from the pump come down at an angle and feed into a 90° fitting on the underside of the lower GPU's terminal block if you're replacing the Hyper x16 with the second card. That is unless you can place the new GPU in the slot basically right below the current GPU, in which case you should be able to feed up (via 90° fitting) into the blocks by using a terminal like this one - EK-FC Terminal X2 S - Plexi (looking at your board on the ASUS site, it has the spacing for as-if there was a PCIe slot between the first and second x16 slots, so this would be the terminal you'd need).
  5. Is this type of parallel loop possible?

    I'm running a pair of 980Ti's in SLI and Parallel with my loop and will (once I get some more stuff in so I can work on my rig once again) be using the EK-FC Terminal X2 - Plexi in order to replace the setup using the HD Tube & Adaptors I'm currently using with the stock block terminals that came with my (Maxwell) TitanX/980Ti waterblocks, where coolant comes from pump/res up into GPU 1, pushed up into GPU 2 (monitors card) then falls back down through the return via GPU 1 down to my first radiator (which feeds into my second rad that feeds back into the pump/res). As can be seen in the following image, the coolant comes from the pump/res towards the GPU's, in through the right port of the lower GPU and out to the radiator via the left port of the lower GPU; So yes, what you're wanting to do can be done.
  6. Questions about some EK parts

    The EK-TIM is fair enough to keep most of my parts cool even under high clocks, so I'd stick with it. As for the coolant: just grab something like Mayhem's Dyes and use a few drops of it to dye the coolant instead of running risks by changing the coolant wholesale. Then again I'd probably recommend going for an Orange or something since Red dyes *and* Red coolants have historically fouled up blocks over time. As for the fans... that can be somewhat of a personal preference. the Vardar's are good high-flow fans useful for both on radiators and just as case fans for air cooling, though I've not messed with Noctua fans. maybe compare the spec sheets of the fans and pick based on what you think is more important between the two (or mix-n-match using the Vardar's on the rad and Noctua's on the case exhausts).
  7. PS3 Emulation?

    Somewhat yes, otherwise no. Not exactly great unless you've got a rather monstrous gaming rig due to having to emulate a rather unique CPU architecture compared to most other system, thus chewing up a lot of processing power. Feel free to look around for an "open source PS3 emulator" on Google or something and experiment in your own time, and I'll leave it at that.
  8. why 24fps?

    24fps for movies comes from the days of CELLULOID FILM when it was still expensive to produce and trying to find a balance between "looks smooth enough on playback" & "doesn't use so much film to run". It was further enforced as the balance point once audio was added on-film synced with the movie (prior to'd have hand-cranked films running at like 18-22fps). 25fps for PAL TV & 30/29.97fps for NTSC (30 in black & white, 29.97 for color) comes from the AC mains cycles of 50Hz in Europe & other PAL regions and 60Hz in North America. Color NTSC has a slightly lower (not generally noticeable) framerate due to having to cut it back slightly to fit the colour signal along with the rest of the video signal in the fixed-limit bandwidth for transmission that was setup during the black & white days.
  9. This isn't about shit opening new windows, this is about shit running in the background of a site you wanted to visit and trying to hide its existence from the end user.
  10. Dunno 'bout you but I got a friend who does a weekly WWE podcast over Hangouts/YT with video feed of himself and the others in the podcast, and the only sort of system he can reliably use in his cramped room is a laptop whilst sitting on his bed due to not really having the room space to have a dedicated gaming/streaming PC setup (typically he only plays STO on PC anyway).
  11. Questions about loop order

    As an example of how little the bulk of the loop layout really matters, I'm gonna use my Monsuta Rig loop as an example; Res/Pump combo > GPU Block 1 > GPU Block 2 > GPU Block 1 > Radiator 1 > Radiator 2 > Res/Pump combo. I'm running my 2 GPU's blocks in Parallel so the coolant goes up from the res/pump into Block 1, through it and Block 2, then down and out of Block 1 before entering the first of 2 radiators. There is generally only a 3-4°C difference between Card/Block 1 (SLI co-processor) & Card/Block 2 (monitors) all else being equal in the loop because Card 2 has a little bit more processing work to do as it runs a triple 2560x1440p144Hz monitor array (nominally 2560x1440p120Hz single-monitor gaming. side monitors are for monitoring and chatting software typically).
  12. Question about matching ram

    True it can be cheaper, but I'm one of the crazies that likes to get QUALITY RAM and front up the cash to get a moderate-to-high-end product from a reputable company like Corsair if I'm going to be dumping a decent chunk of cash on the CPU & GPU.
  13. Question about matching ram

    True, but it's much easier to just match all the sticks as much as possible (eg: bought a DDR4-2400 4x8GB kit originally? might as well grab another DDR4-2400 4x8GB kit) before you start looking at XMP Profiles and such.
  14. Question about matching ram

    I'm using a pair of matched 32GB (4x8GB) sets for my Monsuta rig, both sets are of the same brand and series but from (theoretically) different production runs. So as long as both sets are siblings in terms of make, model and speeds, you'll be just fine.
  15. Questions about loop order

    Res > Pump > Rad > Block > Res is a fine layout as the coolant will equalize in temp over time and the pump can handle any REALISTIC temp fluid just as long as it's GETTING fluid to push through the system.