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  1. Team Fortress 2 doesn't want to launch

    Right click -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files. Let it check and repair and see if it crashes AFTER doing so.
  2. Recording on a playstation

    If using the AV cable with Component Video RCA (5 plugs, Orange/Green/Blue for video, Red/White for stereo audio), And external recording device like the AVerMedia C285 Game Capture HD II will do the job.
  3. Any major particular reason for the Z170A SLI Plus when you can get the Z270 SLI Plus ($239AUD at PCCaseGear)?
  4. Does Nintendo hate money?

    Nintendo can make as many Switches as they want... IF they can source all the parts required to do so, when a lot of those same parts are in high demand by companies like Apple, ASUS & HTC for making SMARTPHONES & TABLETS. Sure, the Switch is running a Nvdia Tegra X1, but that same chip is used in the Nvidia Shield Android TV, Google Pixel C, and Nvidia Drive CX & PX (self-driving car tech). The chips for the Switch's 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM? Those are also in demand by Apple, HTC and the like for their high-end smartphones and tablet. The 32GB of internal flash memory storage? Again, those sort of chips will be in high demand by smartphone and tablet makers for their medium & high-end devices... So no, Nintendo isn't deliberately hiding large stockpiles of Switches for artificial scarcity to drive hype (though the supply of systems being high/low is always relative to your area, population & demand for the system in that area), they would ramp up production of systems to over-compensate for demand - if they didn't run into issues further back in the supply chain for parts, if another company basically locks down large enough production runs of parts to feed other devices (Apple easily can do this for iPhones & iPads, depriving other device makers of RAM & storage chips for months on end if they want).
  5. PCIe Lanes Confusion

    There's not much performance difference between running GPU's at 2x16 PCIe 3.0 & 2x8 PCIe 3.0, so it's not really worth shelling out for a chip on X99/LGA2011v3 unless you're going to be running 3-4 video cards (eg: 3-way SLI on 5820K or 6800K with their 28 lanes. or 4-way SLI on 5930K/5960X or 6850K/6900K/6950X with their 40 lanes).
  6. Tips for someone playing overwatch for the first time?

    Protect. Your. Healers. Especially Mercy - keep Mercy alive and she can revive your whole team in a pinch with her Ultimate (default keybind: Q) ability. Ana (sniper healer) can power boost you or a teammate with her Ulti. Lucio's Ulti generates a AOE-based group shield overcharge (if you're within the range of it, you get shields that trickle away over time and damage). Zenyatta's Ulti generates an aura of healing and protection when he pops Transcendence (during which he's pretty much invulnerable). Symmettra isn't a healer but a choke point controller (with her Sentries) who has a choice of Ultimates between a Teleporter from spawn for her team to get back to the fight quickly or a Shield Generator to keep them in the fight a bit longer.
  7. drop g sync, refresh rate or resolution

    G-Sync can help in some cases but when you're picking between a monitor with it and a monitor without, going for the one without (or with FreeSync instead) can save you cash for other items.
  8. drop g sync, refresh rate or resolution

    G-Sync should be one of the last things to bother looking for in a monitor once you're set on a resolution/refresh rate combo (eg: deciding on 2560x1440 and going for 120-144Hz), especially if the cash can go to better parts inside the case. As for 1500X Vs. 1600 when it comes to Ryzen - more and more games are coming out optimised for multi-core processing where the 6-core 1600/X is the sweetspot for Frames/$. Additionally the X-chips are labeled as such since they're tested to be overclocked but don't come with a cooler (AMD's thought is "you gonna buy a X-chip? You'll toss on an aftermarket aircooler, AIO or waterblock"), so going for a non-X saves a bit of cash and the AMD Wraith coolers are beastly for being 'stock' aircoolers. Additionally - Yes, SSD's are worth getting, even if just for a boot drive or a few core games out of your library that you regularly play and want loading quickly.
  9. 4k @ 60hz or 1440p @ 165hz?

    Well, Fallout 4 is basically locked at 60fps natively though with config tweaks you can run it at 120+fps (that's easy enough to find with a search on like Google), I'm not sure about Witcher 3. Playing a game in first-person perspective (like most shooters) the higher framerates tend to make the gameplay more smoother and less jittery, and high-action third-person games like Diablo 3, StarCraft 2 & even WoW can REALLY benefit from the higher framerates. Turn-based games such as Civilization 5 don't benefit *as much* from extreme framerates as real time/action games do. Basically higher framerates + lower frametimes = smoother gameplay and experience & less jarring if you lose like 1-in-150 frames. Compared to lower framerates + higher frametimes where losing even just 1 frame in 50 can be noticeable and jarring.
  10. Can you get 'Halo' on PC?

    The ORIGINAL Halo game (Halo: Combat Evolved) was for Windows XP, Halo 2 was for Vista (with Games for Windows Live). You're unlikely to find a new copy of Halo:CE for Windows as it's around 16 years old now, though you might get lucky when M$ pushes out their HD Remake of it on XB1 it'll come to PC as well. I was kinda-lucky in finding a new copy of it at EBGames AU... back in 2010, when I almost got Halo 2 for my WinXP rig back then. That's how I found out Halo 2 needed Vista and not WinXP.
  11. 4k @ 60hz or 1440p @ 165hz?

    Depending on the game, I'd personally go for the 1440p165 over 2160p60 (aka: 4K 60)
  12. MO vs NMM for modding my Bethesda games?

    Depending on the sort of mods you're using, 'overwriting' other mods is useful and REQUIRED as part of mod load order for some more complex mod families that add rather... unique items to a game's world. Having used NMM for a few years now, only problem I've had with it is futzing around with MultiHD for some particular games where some crap needed by NMM is on C: Drive when I want to use E: or F: drives for the game & mod locations, since those games do NOT like having their configs and crap located outside of <user>\My Documents\My Games.
  13. The idea of Net Neutrality is so ISP's can NOT regulate priority of what goes through their servers, and can NOT regulate if something is blocked from going through their servers. Such a thing is part of a Free & Open Internet...
  14. Thing is, you don't need a jumper on the pins for the power SWITCH, as the actual switch is a Momentary Contact Switch (aka: only let power flow between pins whilst circuit is completed by pressing the button). Putting that jumper on the pins is basically telling the mobo "I am holding down the power button infinitely" until the jumper is removed. Motherboards don't exactly like a "infinite button press" signal...
  15. Funny thing - USA Laws ≠ Australian Laws. The US government and corporations just LOVE to overstep their boundaries and try to force themselves elsewhere in the world that can rightly say "Piss off!", particularly if what the US wanks are trying to push doesn't exist or outright CONTRADICTS the law of the country they're trying to force themselves on. As stated - Assange wasn't in the US when he acquired that information, nor when he released it under OUR "Freedom of Press" laws. Also, trying to compare information freely given and spread to theft of credit card information is a rather large step and over-conflating two different things.