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  1. Disconnect external USB devices that aren't keyboard & mouse, particularly external drives & thumb drives, sometimes having external hard drives plugged in and powered up will cause longer boot times (particularly during the POST), as the system pings every device hanging off it.
  2. 1984 (published in 1949) was where we get the concept of Big Brother watching over the populace and thought policing everyone, trying to keep them riled up to be passionate about being patriotic for their nation being constantly in war, but apathetic enough to not rock the system, whilst manipulating history to suit the government's fancy of the day. Then "treatment" involving literal torture to "adjust" the person in to being what the government wants out of them if someone doesn't fall in-line with what the government wants from them all the time. But that's a whole OTHER set of problems with the modern world we shouldn't get in to right now, though I would suggest the following video on the book - Though I could see the latter part of that first paragraph description of the book and movie as being applicable here, I'll leave it at that.
  3. (Emphasis in quote added by me) THIS. THIS is the type of shit I was talking about in how something "useful" like genetic testing for Autism can be weaponised to remove from existence children with traits some people in a group would consider as "undesirable". Additionally the forced molding of people by that society into terminations by shaming and other forms of social parahaisms is the icing on the cake as to why I am against such testing, particularly going beyond the privacy between a physician and the patient, by being made known to the government and the society under control of that government.
  4. Don't be so fucking naive, you know as well as I do that once someone has made a scientific or technological breakthrough, there WILL be someone right around the corner waiting to abuse said breakthrough for their own personal means. It might start as an elective procedure right now, but the next nutter that thinks they're going to be the next Hitler WILL be all too ready to abuse this to run their own eugenics program, either to wipe out anyone with Autistic markers OR those without them if they want to wipe out "normies"/"Neurotypicals". The advancement to being able to detect the genetic factors that can lead to Autism can be easily adjusted to look for other "undesirable" things like myopia (short-sightedness), early-onset or youth blindness, congenial heart conditions, hereditary obesity... The ability to detect and know about such things before a child's birth can lead to being able to prepare the parents for an easier life knowing what needs to be accounted for in their child's life, OR will be used to make Designer Babies without any of the "flaws" of Human evolution (aka: fucking EUGENICS). Can you tell I have very little faith left in humanity as a whole at this point?
  5. In the past I've used an external power brick that takes mains AC and adjust it to the 4-pin 3.5" Molex plug that is intended for powering 3.5" HDD/5.25" ODD on a USB-to-IDE drive adapter. Other times I've taken a spare PSU with an on/off switch, used a jumper plug like from EKWB (you don't "need" this, but it helps) on the 24-pin of that PSU and used that PSU's Molex line to power-cycle the pump.
  6. As someone who was diagnosed with Autism (specifically Asperger's) in the 90's as a kid (even though my cuntwaffle of a mother wanted to get like 5 or 6 docs to "diagnose" me with ADHD so she could dope me up on Ritalin, the docs at Royal Far West eventually told her to 'shove it' and diag'd me with Autism, especially after seeing how much of a different person I was under the supervision of my mother compared to all my other family members) and has genetic history of Autism running in pretty much all the males on my dad's side of the family born since the 40's/50's (so my dad & uncle, my uncle's sons, myself, my eldest cousin's son... we even theorise my gramps had a flavour of Autism, like how most of us were born left-handed, but most of the older generations were forced to grow up right-handed or even ambidextrous); I am in support for finding out what genetic factors might be in play in birthing an Autistic person for historical purposes and as a screening method like if you want to find out if your child might have something like brittle bones so you can prepare the house and your situation to accommodate such a thing, but see it as too easy a slippery-slope to abusing that discovery to go Hitler and try to wipe out all people with those genetic markers to prevent them from being passed on, even if it means forced abortions of what might be the next Newton or Einstein to jump the progress of Humanity further forward. Remember Asperger's Syndrome got named from a particular German doctor who 'discovered' it in a way of diagnosing "undesirables" as Autism was considered to be "undesirable" in the "perfect race" like being Jewish or Romani (Gypsy) was along with being blind/myopic, deaf or paraplegic.
  7. Wrong way around. Steam's method is from Host PC to end device, this way is going from the Switch in handheld mode to PC so no need for a capture card in PC to grab the Switch footage from a dock. Useful for Twitch streaming if you don't already have the dock hooked into a capture card to capture Switch games that way.
  8. 3-pin (and even old 2-pin) fans are controlled through adjusting the power going to them (such as through a 3-speed switch that changes the voltage applied to the motor in crude steps of like 6V, 9V & 12V), whilst a 4-pin fan has a signal that tells the motor roughly what speed (as a percentage of max speed) it should be turning at instead.
  9. Having one of these in FWD would make sense in that you're not trying to put driving traction through a rear wheel that is otherwise lined up with the grease/oil slick in the centre of each lane (due to where engine placement usually is in-line with the centre axis of the car, and thus will drip onto the road in the middle between the tyres). Though having one in AWD would still provide extra traction for if driving on unsealed surfaces such as dirt roads often enough. As for snow: Only need to deal with that stuff up in the Snowy's on the Great Dividing Range here in 'Straya, it's basically impossible to find otherwise. RAIN on the other hand might pose a problem in the more rural farmlands areas during and after storms (blowing in from the Bite). Personally; if it could get around 450 km trips between recharge cycles, that'd put it within half the range of a 2003 Nissan X-Trail Ti as a 225 km round trip (such as my commute into, around and home from Wagga) is roughly a quarter-tank of petrol (or about 15L of the 60L tank & piping), which would make it tempting to use as a semi-daily driver as it'd always have about half the battery left charged by the end of the day and it's less of an aging load recharging a battery from 50% charge to 100% charge than it is going from near-flat to 100% (like, for the Li-Ion batteries of phones and such, 5 cycles of charging from 70% to 100% is the same aging stress as a full recharge from dead-flat, whilst netting you 50% more relatively useful charge).
  10. Okay... First off: Victorian cops can just go fuck off with their bullshit causing everybody to drive fucking 90km/h in a fucking 100km/h zone like a damn open-road highway, because the cops always trust their radar traps (even though those things HAVE been proven to be faulty over time and are black-boxed so you can't challenge the code or reading accuracy of the fucking things) when the federal law allows for a little bit of 'slop' between what a car says it's doing and what radar or rolling road might say it's doing in terms of car construction. Second of all: Are they seriously going to be such big fucking douche nozzles that they'll try to ping a Macca's client when it's the PASSENGER who does the order on their phone without the driver's attention and it's the PASSENGER that pays for it through the MyMaccas app, simply because "(A) phone was used to make and pay order for drive-thru"?! Buncha fucking tossers can go suck themselves off if they try to harass a driver for something the driver had no involvement in.
  11. That's okay, early morning and late night are killers on brain power. As for Vivaldi; Interesting.... might have to give it a look.
  12. Opera since Version 15 is a Chrome-Clone, powered by Chromium (seriously, just install one specific Opera extension to allow access to the Chrome extension store, and you got all those extra options in extensions for Opera). Version 12 was the last desktop version of the pre-Chromium era, and 13 or 14 was the version for mobile devices like the Nintendo DS. I haven't messed with Vivaldi in ages, so not sure if that's become a Chrome-Clone itself by moving to Chromium too, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point.
  13. Anybody who needs to run more than 1 browser profile at a time since Firefox nuked addons like ProfileSwitcher with the killing of the old addon API around FF 55-60. Chrome on the other hand? "Add New Profile", log in to the profile account, make a shortcut for it on the desktop or taskbar - bada bing, bada boom - you can now separate your YT browsing habits from your Facebook habits, or contrast and compare prices of items on places like AliExpress between being logged in and logged out by loading the page in 2 separate profiles. Also; using VPN extensions like Windscribe in each profile to make all your browsing come out from various points in the world is nice. Firefox on the other hand? you gotta fuck around with shortcut commands from a desktop shortcut (since pinning to the taskbar doesn't keep those commands) each time you want to open a separate profile whilst waiting for an addon like Profile Switcher to show up once again.
  14. Right now? Team Yellow (should be Team Teal, or Grue), i7-5820K + twin 980Ti's, hoping to swap to Team Red with Ryzen 3000/4000 and Navi 2 in 2020/2021 with my next main system.
  15. Sooo... does that include things like jailbreaking your iPhone, rooting your Android devices, using Trinity & Modoru to put HENkaku on your Vita so you can play emulators and homebrew on the go, cracking open your OG Xbox, Xbox 360, PS1 or PS2 to install things like modchips and put homebrew software on them...? If so, then there goes Modern Vintage Gamer's "Mistakes Were Made" series where he talks about and shows off some of the methods used to bypass security methods on older consoles, or things like rooting his Switch for putting homebrew on, along with other folks like Tech James who do tutorial videos about things like Trinity & HENkaku on your Vita or Voultar who does vids about installing modchips, or modifying Famicon/Super Famicon carts to play translation patched versions of games that didn't make it out of Japan or are otherwise too expensive to buy English carts for.