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  1. They should be fine tbh, you mean like you have to crank the volume up higher than on your laptop? or to the point you can't get same level of listening level as you would on your laptop? if it's the former, I don't think its a problem as long as it doesn't sound distorted, if the latter than yeah you might need an amp. If they somehow sound 'different' that it might be due to the ipad not outputting the same level of 'sound' as your laptop, if this is the case then play both at the same volume, do a log sweep (you can find many on youtube), go back and forth, and see if the two things output
  2. I will quote 'Before you buy amp and DAC + recommendations.' Post here. I necessarily don't think you would need a DAC since I assume you can run those things just fine with no noise and at a listenable level. I would also recommend you to watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYTlN6wjcvQ
  3. That's the schematic (I think, no it's not a schematic) that the seller provides. as for OPA2604, I can find them for $1+ish online so it's no biggie to get it after getting this particular cMoy. Thank you for that link, I will bookmark it for now, and maybe actually make them when I get a soldering station.
  4. wah, Thanks for enlightening me further more on the matter, I know that NE5532 is an old opamp design, I read a bit about it, but didn't know that's what the average mainboard could do, which is probably where my motherboard lies. Anyway, on the subject of said opamp, it's replaceable, just unplug it and plug another (just in case you don't know from the description of the product, but sorry if you already know about it), any IC that you would recommend if I do indeed get it? on the subject of amplifier, I actually have a Fiio A1 that's currently at my brother's house, how does it compare an
  5. I see, thank you all for the replies. I bought a Superlux HD 330 (150 ohm 96db *can't find whether it's SPL/V or SPL/mW) couple of days ago and turns out my PC can run it just find, at the same volume as my other headphone Khastadio CS-01 (32 ohm), all directly plugged to my motherboard (ASrock B450M-HDV R4.0). Same case with my phone. So there's no need to get an amp, but the 'scale well' thing piqued my interest, and it seems, unfortunately, it needs to be tried out. So maybe I'll try out an amp, but honestly speaking i don't expect anything else other than it to color the s
  6. Hello phellas, good day. I have a question regarding 'scales well', honestly not sure what that is, saw it couple of times when people talk about earphones and amplifier, like, "X scales well with an amp". So what does it mean by 'it scales well'. If said earphone can be heard just fine without an amp, doesn't it just makes it goes louder and adds coloration? Thanks, I'm just wondering, in now way I'm judging (badly) on these people that said it.
  7. I would suggest getting a Coolermaster MH752/MH751, it's basically a rebranded Takstar Pro82 (which is really good, you can find plenty of reviews of it) with an addition of mic, difference between the 752 and 751 is that the 752 has 7.1 surround whilst the 751 is just a stereo, should you get one with 7.1 surround? not really, I won't pay more just for it, see the Audio Board FAQ for more info regarding that matter though.
  8. There are fan splitters that will enable you to control them, albeit not individually to all of them. say you have 3 fan connected to 1 splitter, a change to that one splitter will affect 3 of the fans that's connected to it. I don't know how will RGB work for that but I've used it and had been able to change the fan curve with it. You can find fan splitters that are dirt cheap, they does the job, but I believe CoolerMaster use one of those RGB connectors too, I just did a quick search and found one made by them, just check what connection your fan has. btw, your part list is p
  9. Depends on what kind of game you're playing, with what Slottr mentioned earlier, those will give a better sound compared to the razer hammerhead, and they will sound good with anything you're using it for (gaming, music, movie, stuff). Another factor will be considered if you're playing something that utilizes positioning, like an FPS shooter game so you can hear and point where the gunfire is coming from, if that's the case then you might want to look elsewhere, something that goes to your ear canal will have a very 'closed' stage giving you a meh (ok at best) positioning ques, if you're seri
  10. Aye that I understand, as for my case, be it my headphone or earphones, I can run them just fine from my PC. The i5 3rd gen paired with 2070 is just an example, since the i5 will most likely bottleneck it, it's an example for the question of improving soundstage by using DAC/AMP for smol bois, in this case, isn't the smol bois driver the bottleneck?
  11. How long it will last for you is dependent on what you're gonna use it for, for productivity wise, you should be settled for video works, it will be comparatively (to new stuff) slower in the future but if you're fine with it as of now then you should be fine in the future. The main concern would be for gaming, since with the advancement of GPU/CPU improvement, new games will utilize those performances hence making it necessary to get a better system, but to what extend you're gonna need these also depends on you, one of the main thing to note here is at what resolution you're play
  12. For Clamping force, you can make the clamping force lighter by 'widening' (sorry for lack of words) the headphone for some time, for example, if you have a headphone that has too big of a clamping force, you can put the headphone on something that's t h i c c or something else (just enough, not to the point you're stretching it to the point it looks uncomfortable for the headphone), it should lessen the clamping force. Although, for presumably best result (from my experience that is), do check on it from time to time, like, try them on, you don't want to have the clamping force being close to
  13. Depends on what you're gonna do with it, for productivity wise and gaming (not serious fps gaming) it should work fine, it's heavy so if you're serious about playing FPS games you might want to get something lighter. Do watch Rocket Jump Ninja mouse guide regarding this one since it's covered nicely and should answer your questions regarding mouse or check out the pinned thread https://linustechtips.com/topic/886814-before-you-buy-gaming-mice-general-technical-termsoptical-vs-laserpopular-mouse-sensormice-recommendationand-many-more/
  14. If you want to simply store them, a wood board 'stuck' onto a wall with nails (or whatever else you want to hang your headphones with) does the job just fine. You can also paint it, or do some rad art stuff to the wood board to make it more fancy and also use good looking hooks (in your opinion) to make it even more fancier. This will also makes them easy to grab, it's basically just put and grab as you wish
  15. Hello everyone, thank you for the replies on the topic, it's all been helpful So I basically don't need to get either of the two since using my phone, pc, and laptop seems to just goes fine with what audio thing I have. On that note though, I don't think anyone mentioned regarding the question I had regarding 'soundstage' that got 'improved' from using a certain DAC and/or AMP, is that even possible? Like, isn't the one that's responsible for soundstage lies on the smol boi itself? wouldn't it be like adding a 2070 to a 3rd gen i5 and hoping it to run 4k60fps just fine? is it even possible