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  1. You'll be getting roughly 70%-85% of pure card performance. Amount of dip will depend on quality of textures and on type of load. Computational heavy tasks are better for eGPU while tasks with lots of data transfer are bad to the point of stuttering. Check out "egpu forum", they may have your setup already tested by someone.
  2. pd.

    PHP help

    <?php $start = 1; $stop = 10; for ($i = $start; $i <= $stop; $i++) { $$i = $i; } for ($i = $start; $i <= $stop; $i++) { $m = mt_rand($start, $stop); $tmp = ${$m}; $$m = ${$i}; $$i = $tmp; } for ($i = $start; $i <= $stop; $i++) { echo ${$i} . ' '; } No arrays, no string, works for any range BTW, @xampi this is probably not the answer that your teacher expects. Even if it works, this is an ugly solution that basically uses variable variables as a subtitute for arrays.
  3. pd.

    PHP help

    If you want to confuse a newbie go for recursion with ternary. <?php function recursiveRandomNumStr($n, $str = '') { return (0 === $n) ? $str : recursiveRandomNumStr(--$n, $str .= mt_rand(0, 9)); } echo recursiveRandomNumStr(10); Your mistake is that you initialise rannumber and print it out inside the cycle <?php $rannumber=''; for($i=0;$i<=9;$i++){ $rannumber.= mt_rand(0, 9); } print($rannumber);
  4. Estimate your power draw and choose any Fluke AC/DC Current Clamp with suitable range. Make sure it say DC. I would also go for true-RMS one if your PSU is not cream of the crop. Fluke is my brand of choise. It has a long history and is more expencive, howerver nowdays it is made in China same as many other brands.
  5. If memory serves me right it was already done and that thing was massive. IMO it is much better to use the most power efficient components, downvolt and then allow them to turbo up to certain radiator temp. edit:
  6. Have you ever seen a condensate on a window? It creates water by condensating steam from the air. Now add a wick material, paper towel for example and touch condensate with it: condensed water will travel along the wick in any direction that is not wet. The same happens in heat pipe\vapor chamber. Wick material is wet with moisture, near heat source it evaporates and fills tube\chamber with saturated steam, this steam condenses near cold side and wets the wick, moisture tries to fix dry wick and cycle repeats.
  7. @ColinLTT Is there any hope to see that FDD operational? I get it will slow down the bootup, but not hearing it checking itself on powerup seems wrong..
  8. A good nav system with offline maps. I even keep a paper backup map in my glove box.
  9. Downloading it will never be a problem. Loss of commit history, loss of bugtracker and loss of order in the community around it, is a problem. Even worse, this creates a precedent of huge organisation using DMCA to destroy opensource project by attacking a few lines of its source code just because that they did not like.
  10. Not only to backup their stuff. It has many other applications: saving playlists with video names and links, saving metadata, fulltext subtitle search, using it for statistical research, list goes on.
  11. Even better, work with Tech Ingridients and use magnetohydrodynamic pump. Go full on nuclear sub.
  12. Install youtube-dl youtube-dl --skip-download --write-description -v https://www.youtube.com/user/LinusCatTips/videos grep -r "cat" /home/ltt/
  13. Salmiakki is an amazing candy and salmiakki flavored ice cream is one of the best there is.
  14. Exactly, I do not see a reason to save original filename of uploaded file especially when you already take md5( mt_rand() ) for it.