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  1. I am modeling a ratcheting clip for cable management for a laptop cart. After a few designs I've gotten someting that works well at first but the part that bends quickly looses its elastivity and eventaully breaks off. This was in PLA and It got me thinking that some plastics may be better than others for compliant mecanisms. Is it possible to produce a list of these types of plastics?
  2. So I have recently installed a BLtouch for my Ender 3 with a v4.2.2 board. And while it works, I want to change the default 3x3 probing matrix with a 7x7 to get a more accurate image of the bed. I've found this tutorial online but it surmounts to "edit this number on the file with this name" and gives no more information, even where the file is located is left a mystery. After some more research I've found that to modify the configuration.h file, I basically have to recompile the whole firmware. Something I've never done before and am now very concerned that i'll accidentally change something
  3. So It turned out I downloaded the firmware for the wrong version. I neded 4.2.2 While I downloaded 4.2.7
  4. So I just got a BL touch and after installing the new firmware for it, my printer lost the ability to move the head. If I try the motors just freeze and disableling steppers still works so It isn't that the connections is loose. Heating and the fans also work.
  5. This is a public university, there are hundreds of people on this network, And I don't want to be blamed if someone decides to circumvent something
  6. It may be difficult to convince the sisadmins to make a separate network for these PIs @Pixel5it'll be wifi, btw. What would be steps to make the pi's only accept specific connections, @Eigenvektor
  7. The place I'm working for has a few 3D printers and we want to use some raspberry pi(s) with octoprint to be able to monitor some prints remotely. The problem is that these will have to be connected to the organizations network, witch is basically a public network. So the assumption that most guides have that the local network at least is secure is not true in my case. What would be a way to make these printers more secure.
  8. I know you can open the thing by making it executable and then clicking on it. But I like to open apps using the windows/super key instead of a shortcut on the desktop. Is there a way to make it able to see a .appimage file as a system wide app you can search for
  9. I installed manjaro on m laptop earlier but have noticed a serious problem. Whenever I close my latop lid, the thing does not suspend itself correctly. For example, I unpluged my laptop after class, with the batter at around 80%, put it in my laptop bag, and just 30 minutes later at work, I grab my laptop only to realise that it has became a toaster with the comuter not onl fully turned off but the battery at 11%. Its like it uses MORE power when it should be sleeping. How can I prevent this behaviour.
  10. What motherboard are you running? is all the memory being detected?
  11. How is the RAM installed? To run dual channel there must be a free slot in between the two sticks. (thanks to how the pinning works)
  12. So I got a long HDMI cable so I can attach my computer to my tv. Now I want this tv to mirror my main display, while a third monitor is extended. The thing is it wasn't hard to figure out to write this (xrandr --output DVI-D-0 --output DP-1 --output HDMI-0 --same-as DP-1) command that configures it to what I want. and its not real hard to do it with nvidia x server either. The problem is that whenever the tv/hdmi cable is unplugged, it reverts back to exending everything and I have to redo the command. Is there a way to make ubuntu automatically do this when it detects HDMI-0 being plugged in
  13. My sibling is trying to mod Minecraft but the game crashes with error code -1 seconds after launch. We are using multimc latest.logCrash report attached
  14. I am trying to repourpose a chromebook by using it to be a wireless display from my desktop to a tv using VNC. I got the computers to connect but all I get is this strange pattern instead of the desktop. this is the log from the vnc server 06/01/21 15:44:45 Xvnc version TightVNC-1.3.10 06/01/21 15:44:45 Copyright (C) 2000-2009 TightVNC Group 06/01/21 15:44:45 Copyright (C) 1999 AT&T Laboratories Cambridge 06/01/21 15:44:45 All Rights Reserved. 06/01/21 15:44:45 See http://www.tightvnc.com/ for information on TightVNC 06/01/21 15:44:45 Desktop name 'X' (noa