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  1. Have I mentioned lately how much do I hate Windows 10? This time I've had enough.


    I now hate it enough that I've ripped the poor little SSD with Ubuntu installed out of my laptop and put it in my main desktop... I been pushed enough that now I am finally switching all my productivity and internet usage to Linux. The way things are going, maybe gaming too.


    Probably wouldn't be right to say I won't miss the good times with Windows...and if I said I wouldn't ever use Windows again for anything I would probably be lying... but for my use at home at least...it is time to say farewell...

    • Bye Cortana... I'm going to miss finding creative ways to block you at the router level and disable your program without borking the start menu.
    • Bye Partition manager... I'm going to miss how you can seemingly never delete a system partition from a freaking flash drive...I have to use diskpart instead.
    • Bye Microsoft Edge... you only sat in the task bar really... but I guess it would be rude if I didn't say goodbye.
    • Bye games and apps that Microsoft would randomly install taking up precious space on my tiny SSD because I mostly use network drives and shares for important crap...
    • Bye iSCSI initiator... I'll still never figure out why you would delete my server's connection entry randomly on reboot...
    • Bye Recycle Bin... I'm not going to miss all the times I had to go into the registry and delete the SMB address entries every time I would accidentally move files from a locked share into you instead of deleting them.
    • Bye restrictive Microsoft network drivers that decided to disable all network teaming functionality in pro licenses (a feature they used to allow mind you) thereby only making it available to enterprise licenses...jerks!
    • Bye Workstation service... I lost several days of sanity over you when you would randomly deny connections to SMB shares...
    • Bye Microsoft Content Delivery Manager/service... I'm going to...well I'm not going to miss you at all.
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    2. dizmo


      I have your solution. It's real easy.




    3. TopHatProductions115


      And really expensive :P Unless Hacintosh - in which case, way more difficult...

    4. Razor Blade

      Razor Blade

      @TopHatProductions115 I've been dealing with Microsoft crap for a long time. I grew up with Windows and Dos when I was a kid. Linux back 15 or so years ago was difficult enough just to download and install. Today it is unbelievably easy and the GUI has come a very long way too. I just have integrated Linux more and more into my life with other things, so it makes sense to take the leap.


      @Bananasplit_00 No kidding...especially the last statement... though I like my..err Nvidia GPU, for several reasons I've been investing more and more in AMD.

  2. Currently you can use plugins for that. A few I just checked called "couch potato" and "Transmission"...
  3. All good stuff to remember, I run a "RAID" on my server for the uptime and the benefits ZFS gives. But I also keep snapshots and backups too. I just don't want to have to restore a backup unless absolutely necessary (even more important when you live with your..um.."customers")... I was just thinking that since rebuilding arrays does puts stress on the other disks until finished and how freakishly long it takes to rebuild 6 disk arrays with 8-10TB disks, 20 might take up to a week depending how many resources your system is able to really devote, how much data, and how many disks there are in
  4. All I can think about is just how long it would take to rebuild an array of 20TB drives...and the chances that a second drive failing during the insanely long rebuild.
  5. I think you were right to be skeptical. Though I don't know the specifics, I would be as bold as to state that your password was likely not a requirement for the completion of the requested repair. Unless it is a shared account or some very rare case like data recovery, there is never a good reason to give someone your password. So many people are too lax with security when it comes to someone helping them with a computer problem. I can't tell you how many people just tell me their password to a computer, phone, or other device. I always tell them the same thing and als
  6. All I can say is be very careful with old server boards... There can be countless pitfalls trying to adapt them to run with consumer gear. Proprietary front panel connections, onboard PDUs, proprietary CPU coolers, only certain supported CPUs, and restrictive proprietary firmware to name a few things. Please know what you're buying and all the restrictions that might come with it... Nothing worse than dropping money on a piece of hardware you can't use.
  7. 30£ for a working X58 board? Asking for a Christmas miracle in May is a bit early isn't it? ?
  8. As stated above, it's difficult to find X58 boards in your price range. You could go with a chinesium branded board at the 38-40 GBP mark off of Ebay... but searching for a used board might be your best bet at this point.
  9. 5400RPM drives are good for storage, good for power consumption, and good for longevity... not great for performance. If you want to store game files on a drive, consider a standard desktop class 7200RPM drive.
  10. I tend to be biased toward Debian distros because that is what I'm...err...most?...familiar with...however I haven't heard a whole lot going on at OMV... for example, the last announcement thread on their forum was way back in September 2018... not saying it's bad or anything, just that if you're wanting an OS with constant updates and the latest features, might want to look around a bit more... I'd say give Unraid a shot. If it's worth the money, hopefully you can decide in the 30 day trial. If not, I've heard that Xpenology is good too (just keep in mind it is essentially a hacke
  11. Dell 0U691D module (10Gb SFP+ uplink module that goes in the back of the switch) = $109 + shipping on ebay...


    Dell 6224P (24 port PoE managed enterprise switch) INCLUDING the 0U691D module = $105 shipped on ebay...



  12. Uh oh... I'm going to have a lot of VMs that are going to be very unhappy... most only have a 32GB...err..."hard drive"
  13. Being a FreeNAS user myself, for this use case I would have to concur that Unraid (or even Xpenology) might be a better option for what you're wanting to do. As stated above, it seems you're looking more for a hybrid array rather than a more traditional RAID setup. ZFS is incredible but comes at a cost. Expanding a ZFS array you would need to do in clusters of hard drives instead of just adding onesie twosies.