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  1. Summary Nintendo issues a cease and decease order against super smash Bros tournament franchise "the big house" due to the use of fan made technology that allowed their 20 yr old game to played online using rollback netcode. Quotes My thoughts Nintendo is once again flexing their legal arm against the use of modding and emulation of their software. One reason this is important is because its happening during a global pandemic and this fan made tool allows an event that hosted 3000 people the previous year in 2019 to be played online where people can be isolated.
  2. I'm using a cheapo Microsoft mouse and keyboard from like 2010 don't know the exact model. My keys are even faded on my keyboard T_T
  3. I'm using a shitty old microsoft tactile keyboard with no back lighting. I have been using this keyboard for so long that the characters on almost every key has faded out and you cant see jack. I would like to have a real keyboard plz, also RGB sounds sick