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  1. Something like this? https://www.doper.ba/proizvod/mikrofon-za-mobitel-lavalier-microphone-bubica/ Or this HAMA Mikrofon Clip-On SMART Lavalier bubica (59 KM) https://www.olx.ba/r/41504785/2016519
  2. First of all, hello everyone. I want to buy a microphone for my pc and I am a total noob when it comes to that, I only ever used headsets and in the last couple of weeks my headset my started to bleed every single souns that was coming from the headphones and the sound quality is awful. So now I turn to you LTT gurus. Should I buy a bm800 or are there other options a bm800 with an arm stand would cost me about 43 USD. I will link a couple od sites where I could buy from( you will have to translate them because I am Bosnian), I would appreciate any advice on which to buy and help my budge
  3. Slots number :1,2,3 do not work at all only slot 4 works, and the ethernet is broken as well. Honestly no clue how so much can be wrong with a new motherboard and I wore esd protection. I will just go return it tomorrow and request a refund or to give me another board. Thanks for the help. Edit: forgot t mention that the 3rd slot does work but only if its the only populated slot and it takes around 5 to 7 minutes for it to start working.
  4. I bought it like 4 days ago so definetly returning it. By the way looks like slots 1 2 3 are dead and only slot 4 works. It just started working randomly five minutes ago
  5. Yep.... nothing more to try cleared cmos as well. It just keeps on beeping and beeping, all long beeps, not one long beep but vonstant long beeps.
  6. So we tried different ram and graphics and I still get memory beep and tried my ram in different pc and booted up no problem
  7. Im on my way to my friend to try a other ram kit.Also my gpu sometimes will not turn on when the pc start to boot.And i will update the BIOS and clear the CMOS later
  8. So when I want to boot, I get no output, I connected the motherboard speaker. Then I get if I have my ram in dual channel mode continous long beeps, but when I only put 1 ram stick in I get 5 short beeps which is rze error code for cpu. I checked the socket there are no bent pins or anything tried reseding ram multiple times and the cpu as well. I tried with both sticks and if I only put 1 ram stick in I get cpu error code but when I put both in its memory error code. What could it be? Should I just returny my motherboard tomorrow? Gigabyte b460m ds3h v2(h470 socket), crucial balistix 16 gb (8
  9. Honestly, same man, a 1030 is 130 or 140 usd, just is not worth it. I just spoke with an old friend of mine he said he has an old gt 730 which I can use so I just have display output for now. Better anything then nothing I guess. The the used prices are now almost as much as the new prices were like 5 months ago. Its insane. Anyways I will update you guys if I find anything for anywhere near msrp.
  10. You are awesome man. Wish there were more people like you in the world. Yeah, I know it is thats why I am hesitating so much. I wanted to first buy a rx 570 8gb and then when it normalizes buy a 3060 ti but the 570 is selling for like 360 USD now where I live the amd cards went up a lot here.
  11. Man I have been looking for 2 months. The sheer amount of calls I made goes into 3 digits. And I visited stores directly in other cities and stuff like that. And I just counted all the messages and calls i made to different stores as well as people is 154. The problem is in my country everything is privately owned so everyone is selling sh*t at a premium. The normal price for a 1660 super is like 75 usd less than it is now. And yes I have like 4 friends waiting for me to get the pc so we can play games together I never had a pc that could play anything else than csgo.
  12. Honestly the 3060 is gonna be even more expensive than this and by probably arround 100 USD it is always like that in my country. Looks like i will be stuck with onky my phone for a whole year.....fml
  13. Ohh forgot to mention that an rx580 sells for around 730 usd in my country right now.
  14. So hello there everyone. Right now I am sitting on everything new except a gpu, my question is should I buy a 1660 super for around round 430 USD new or be without a pc till this price inflation falls down again? Aprreciate the help.
  15. Yeah that is my plan but right now I dont have the money for it this is pretty much the best I can do right now when the prices return to normal I plan to sell this one and reuse whatever I can and build a better one. And I am currently sick so this will be a nice change of pace for me. Thank you again for all the help, appreciate it big time