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    Technous285 got a reaction from warpz0ne in NVIDIA Thinks These Are Worthless   
    Aye, I have one of the 6GB EVGA 780 SC+ ACX 2.0 cards under an EXWB block, had it since like 2012 with my i7-3770K rig before the Z77 mobo there fragged itself and (along with external factors) forced me to build my current Monsuta build back in 2016.
    I need to figure out a build that I can toss that card in to with the block (paste change of course) along with the 3770K if I can't source another Z77 board at non-scalped prices that isn't a China Brand on AliExpress.
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    Technous285 got a reaction from JoeyDM in Over 1000 Blizzard Activision employees sign a letter condemning the reaction to the allegations of a unsafe working environment   
    League viability != Casual viability.
    Too many folks focus on "oh, can this game be a big contender in the Pro eSports scene?" without considering for a second how the game plays and is balanced for the casuals who keep the game alive as the mass of the player base while "talent" rolls in and rolls out from the small fraction of the overall player base the "pros" compose.
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    Technous285 reacted to Luscious in Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb   
    Not sure I understand your point there. I call BS on it because depending on the TYPE of game you're playing going max settings can either have a substantial effect or very little effect. For frame rate sensitive games that means no slideshow. But for games that aren't frame rate targeted it will most likely mean a boost in image quality and detail.
    I mention my setup purely because it still plays those other non-high-frame-rate focused games particularly well.and I can still enjoy a relatively high resolution 3440x1440 and even 4K60 if I enable 4-way SLI. The 980Ti was perhaps the ONLY GPU to scale linearly across 1-2-3-4 cards in more than one game tested at the time, but picking the right driver for that to work was key.
    I agree a 3090 won't help you if you are struggling with 1080P. Similarly, for a lot of people going up just one generation of GPU isn't worth it. But for some on older hardware who don't want to completely hose their setup and replace everything just that simple GPU upgrade is all it takes to keep their gaming rig online and play the games they want, especially if they don't have the money to buy a complete new PC. It's a whole other question after that if you are buying new/used, msrp/scalper or just need a particular GPU that's matched with the other hardware you're using.
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    Technous285 reacted to Luscious in Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb   
    I'm gonna have to call BS on this piece, simply because there is a massive difference between games and their settings. When I got into PC gaming it was FPS all day all the way (Far Cry, HL2, Doom 3). Today I find myself playing games that are NOT high frame rate and first-person shooters (golf sim, truck sim, cities skylines, WoW, snooker, pinball, casino, car design, etc...) The drastic difference in frame rate on these games is barely noticeable, yet cranking up the quality settings has very noticeable improvements. My monitor is a 3440x1440 panel running off a 980Ti.
    Yeah, I would love to upgrade that 980Ti to a 3080Ti... if I could even get my hands on one let alone FOUR. But while I paid $800 for my EK blocked 980Ti, that newer EK blocked 3080Ti now runs over $1400 - that's a considerable markup, and questionable given the manufacturing cost of the card. So that 6 year old GPU I have will need to keep grinding well into NEXT YEAR before I get any realistic chance to swap it out. It's definitely lived a long life.
    Quality settings impacting frame rate can be trivial. I got into GTA V fairly late and played through a major chunk of the campaign on medium settings, only to see later that I could get better image quality on higher details without affecting game play or frame rate. Did I feel cheated out of a better game experience? Perhaps, except that I can always play it again or reset my progress. I was definitely happy though playing through the remainder of the game being able to enjoy the new eye candy.
    Changing and upgrading monitors can also play into this. Just bumping up resolution can make an acceptable game play chug along and make your GPU feel inadequate. The same can happen when you push refresh rate. Then it's the chase to upgrade your GPU to go along with the monitor swap, then your CPU isn't quick enough, then the mobo needs to go... At that rate we are replacing the entire PC - do you even call it an "upgrade" at that point?
    All that said, my setup doesn't at all feel slow, despite the fact that at 6 years old now many would have thrown out the hardware I still run. Again, it just depends on the type of game that you play. Even with demanding titles like X-Plane so much can be done by tweaking the finer details and sliders to nail in that frame rate target you want without impacting image quality. At the end of the day it's always better to run a game even at lower settings than not be able to run that game at all.
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    Technous285 reacted to Chris Pratt in Gaming at Max Settings is Really Dumb   
    DigitalFoundry often tests various quality settings for performance impact and what level(s) actually noticeably improve or reduce quality for the PC games they review. That's been really helpful to me for squeezing out every last bit of performance while still being a quality snob. I like eye candy, but the 3060 Ti I got for $500 is just about as much as I'm willing to part with for the privilege.
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    Technous285 reacted to TempestCatto in Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?   
    So it's just a live Linux USB. Like I used to use on my old schools shitty macbooks. Man. I built mine for like, 10 bucks. Plus it doesn't even do anything to your computer, like deleting bloatware or something. What a sham.
    Also those "was" prices are a sham too. It's a marketing ploy to make you think you're getting a deal, when you're really not. It's been a thing since the dawn of the first retail stores.
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    Technous285 reacted to warpz0ne in NVIDIA Thinks These Are Worthless   
    I knew this day had to come eventually but even so it does bum me out a little bit. If I was still regularly gaming on PC, it would be time to start saving for an upgrade.
    It was surprising though that in the video Linus talked about VRAM limitations, yet he didn't mention the 6GB cards that exist. He said something like "the 780 Ti only ever shipped with 3GB of VRAM" and that may be true, but my EVGA GTX 780 SC (non-Ti) has 6GB of VRAM on it. Thing is, I've never had a 4K or even 1440p display to test it on which is why for a moment my ears perked up and I was really hoping he would talk about 4K performance for a card like mine.
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    Technous285 reacted to Bitter in Whats the hardest cable to remove.   
    How about crappy Molex splitters and extensions that friction fit but yet somehow also have loose wire terminals in them so the wires are at all the janky angles and won't plug in together.
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    Technous285 reacted to Caroline in Whats the hardest cable to remove.   
    Not with this bad boy concealed inside your backpack

    ethernet cable users:

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    Technous285 reacted to Nayr438 in Whats the hardest cable to remove.   
    Many old connectors had either screws or clips to keep them from coming out of the port, because the weight and thickness of the cables made them fairly easy to come unplugged.
    If we go back a little further, it was especially helpful as many devices couldn't simply be re-attached without restarting the system and potentially losing all your work.
    But I agree, anything with screws was a pain to remove.
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    Technous285 reacted to SlidewaysZ in Ryzen 5700G Already Being Marked WAY UP.   
    That's the price of an entire steam deck and I bet the performance will be similar since it has rdna2 and ddr5. 
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    Technous285 reacted to Master Disaster in Alienware no longer shipping high end gaming PCs to certain US States, citing new power consumption regulations   
    Unfortunately its low hanging fruit which makes it a perfect target for a meaningless political gesture.
    Instead of tacking things that will have a real impact (like industrial wastage for one) they'll ban gaming devices because option one is high profile, low cost and low effort where as making factories turn off lights, AC units and power down machines when not needed costs a fuck load of money, needs to be enforced by somebody and won't get the politicians name in the press.
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    Technous285 reacted to TimeTrx in Alienware no longer shipping high end gaming PCs to certain US States, citing new power consumption regulations   
    Kind of a lurker here but.....
    This feels similar to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations on vehicle emissions and pollution but instead of vehicles, they are forcing electrical standards on computers and components.
    I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand I understand what they are trying to do, less electricity = less carbon emissions in theory. On the other there is so many other things they could do to lower electrical consumption and make more of a difference.
    I also really don't understand the waiver for large companies, it should be the opposite put consumption restrictions on large and medium businesses/organizations and let consumers and small businesses have little to no restrictions, they aren't the ones using massive amounts of power.
    A few questions I thought of while writing this:
    Are manufacturers now going to try and always meet the California standards so that they don't have to sell multiple PC or component sub-models based on location now? i.e. Instead of having a California compliant computer and another one that is sold elsewhere, all computers made going forward in a few years will meet the standard? Are people outside the state going to have to pay more now for PCs to meet these standards for California? And won't this limit supply more now that California has less variety of lets say PSUes? Are they going to put an emphasis on lowering power consumption at the expense of performance, I was told when CARB introduced emissions standards on cars, the first few years after performance really suffered. Will computers follow that trend? Doesn't software also contribute heavily to power consumption? Wouldn't a better solution be getting companies to use/write more efficient software or OSes? I wonder if anyone will bench test the performance and the AC power consumption between the California compliant model and the regular model? Also could this effect voltages and current going through the system and create other issues say: increased coil whine, higher thermals because less power in given to fan motors, etc?
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    Technous285 reacted to 0591ryan in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    The point isn’t for OEMs to do repairs, I would hope they can service their product
    And yes, I don’t doubt that anything given enough experience and equipment is repairable-with that logic soldered components are “repairable” just grab a soldering iron and some flux and you’re off to the races
    displays and other parts being glued in, finding replacement parts is a chore-the problems with current laptops are legion and well traversed
    im not saying this laptop is the end all be all-personally I’d like to see them integrate coreboot and a freed EC firmware into their product, I can’t imagine why that would terribly difficult since freed EC firmware exists thanks to system76 and I would imagine coreboot support boils down to the processor choice and bios chip choice-it could be more complicated than that, not a dev myself
    A neutered Intel ME would be too much to hope for here, it can be done since Star Labs has done it-it just kills battery life to do so
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    Technous285 reacted to sterdog in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    Please, never say Elitebook. We have them for work and while they may be "repairable" HP themselves make the machines unbearable. We have them on a leasing deal with support, however all support requests have to go through the US (I'm based in Canada) because of HP policy. So, sure, we can get our laptops repaired *wait for it* in about 3-6 months. Yeah. Screw HP. They want to inspect everything under their warranty policy, which means at least two international shipping and customs clearance experiences any time something fails to work. These guys don't have to do much to be better than that. Our company is switching to Dell since supposedly their on-site support is actual on-site support, even for remote employees like myself. I guess we will find out. Hell, the Surface was better than our Elitebooks since at least Microsoft would cross ship units that our IT department could flash remotely. 
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    Technous285 reacted to 0591ryan in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    I agree with the lack of ether at but I think you miss the QOL that this implementation gives the end user
    Another forum member pointed out that making one chassis and letting users customize preferred ports is a lot easier than a few mostly similar chassis-that’s all to the good
    But the real story is in the internals-I am familiar with business grade laptops being a step above consumer trash-this goes a step beyond like the color coded screws, that’s a huge deal for me and it really helps with repairs
    Having socketed parts isn’t necessarily the most amazing thing but not imposing white lists for RAM or what have you is pretty nice, this design also makes repairing the less common components easier such as speakers and display
    I have only ever truly worked on T500/W500 laptops and that was a bitch and a half-finding parts was a nightmare, mostly the display to go to 1920x1200 and the replacement panel died quickly
    this gives me the same repair ability in a smaller form factor, lighter and I expect they will try to keep the same main board design to allow users to upgrade as time marches on
    try doing that with an elite book 
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    Technous285 reacted to BachChain in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    It's much easier to have just one chassis and let the user decide what to put in it than to make 10 mostly identical SKUs.
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    Technous285 reacted to xn--cr8h in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    I think there's a huge functional difference between this approach and a dongle. You have to constantly plug in and unplug dongles, since you can't just stick a laptop into a bag with dongles sticking out of it. The modular approach not only lets you choose exactly *where* you want your ports, but reduces wear on the internal ports since ports can often break with repeated insertions. When a port breaks, a replacement is only a couple dollars and can be done comfortably by literally anyone -- you don't have to touch a screwdriver or see a single circuit board. It's a really smart design IMO -- it just depends on the company staying in business long enough to sell replacement ports through the whole lifespan of the laptop. Even so, the fact that these module designs are open source and based around a single USB port gives me a bit more confidence.
    Maybe providing a mixture of USB ports would have  been more useful for some but it seems like these days "a mixture of USB ports" means something like two USB-C and maybe one USB-A, which doesn't really cut it for me and other people who still use a bunch of USB-A devices
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    Technous285 reacted to Final Blade in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    Yes trying to run 8k off the integrate graphics will not work well. Duh. That is something current integrated graphics cannot do. Oh a old integrated graphics cannot run what current integrated graphics still cannot do. That means it is worthless is not a discuss it shows your ignorance.

    i9 is from 2017.
    I am running amd fx-8120 released in 2011.
    I luckily got myself a graphics card at MSRP. An AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT (Midnight).

    I can play games just fine at higher resolutions and faster, and more powerful than any computers than existed at the time my motherboard was released.
    Yes my graphics card can handle pcie 4.0, and it is in a pcie 2.0 slot.
    Still works, still plays games, all is working.

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    Technous285 reacted to 7heo in A COMPLETELY Upgradeable Laptop?   
    I'm pretty sure the people in the target market don't really mind losing performance for the possibility of repairing and upgrading it. If you want such a laptop nowadays, you are stuck with very old machines, and so this would be an upgrade either way.
    For example, my most recent upgradable-ish machine is a Lenovo T440p, and that is featuring a i7-4810MQ (that I installed myself) with 16 GB of DDR3 RAM (that is the maximum this laptop supports AFAIK). I would not say no to a smaller chassis, a more recent CPU and more, faster RAM. The only downside for me is that I would rather use an AMD chip, and I'm guessing (the site being down at the moment I'm posting this) it is featuring Intel chips...
    Edit: according to cnet, it is indeed using Intel chips, with the availability of i7 machines planned for August 2021 and the one of i5 machines for September.
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    Technous285 reacted to Mel0nMan in DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11!   
    Obviously this forum is run by LGR, why would you watch any LTT on here? /sarcasm
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    Technous285 reacted to captain_to_fire in Apple allegedly plans to drop support of the iPhone 6s and SE (1st Generation) with iOS 15   
    I think it is pretty much standard for iOS devices to receive at least five to six generation updates which I think started with the iPhone 5s, not just security patches which is a lot better than any Android OEM including the Pixel phones.
    iPhone 5s: iOS 7-iOS 12
    iPhone 6: iOS 8-iOS 12
    iPhone 6s: iOS 9-iOS 14 (6 major updates)
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    Technous285 reacted to Delicieuxz in Nintendo issues CnD to tournament organizers for using "project slippi" an emulation mod allowing a 20 yr old game to be played online   
    There's more about making copies of computer programs a little later in the Canadian copyright act. It does say that people may backup their computer programs and also modify them (which bypassing DRM would be a case of) as necessary in order to use them:
    Computer Programs
    Marginal note:Permitted acts
    30.6 It is not an infringement of copyright in a computer program for a person who owns a copy of the computer program that is authorized by the owner of the copyright, or has a licence to use a copy of the computer program, to
    (a) reproduce the copy by adapting, modifying or converting it, or translating it into another computer language, if the person proves that the reproduced copy
    (i) is essential for the compatibility of the computer program with a particular computer,
    (ii) is solely for the person’s own use, and
    (iii) was destroyed immediately after the person ceased to be the owner of the copy of the computer program or to have a licence to use it; or
    (b) reproduce for backup purposes the copy or a reproduced copy referred to in paragraph (a) if the person proves that the reproduction for backup purposes was destroyed immediately after the person ceased to be the owner of the copy of the computer program or to have a licence to use it.
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    Technous285 reacted to DeScruff in Nintendo issues CnD to tournament organizers for using "project slippi" an emulation mod allowing a 20 yr old game to be played online   
    Using a personal backup is legal (In the US) as precedented by Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc.
    It is a perfect case of someone making a legal backup in a different medium (Live broadcast -> VHS) for personal use at a time of convenience for that person.

    This argument failed in A&M Records, Inc. v. Napster, Inc., and MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. because those involved distribution of those backups, which Bitter's example does not include.
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    Technous285 reacted to Master Delta Chief in Nintendo issues CnD to tournament organizers for using "project slippi" an emulation mod allowing a 20 yr old game to be played online   
    Considering the continuing discussion on this particular topic,  at the end of the day, all that matters is that this action taken by Nintendo is just pathetic and unnecessary and shows how the current IP laws needs changing so it's less of a complicated mess as it is right now and can become more consumer friendly rather than benefitting large corporates.