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  1. School Shooting game on steam

    Honestly, I'm surprised it took this long...
  2. UK company trademarked Bitcoin

    Ooooh this is gonna be fun. Better grab the popcorn!
  3. Worth noting that it's not just a single group that's complaining. One group is sensible and understands history the other shoves it's agenda down everyone's throat.
  4. Never had it to begin with but at least now it's really fun to have discussions about why I don't have facebook.
  5. Rather sad, homebrew on a switch made me interested in buying a switch.
  6. Sure just like this https://deepmind.com/blog/wavenet-generative-model-raw-audio/ is also fake.... /s Point is they've shown all the tech that went into that demo over the past year or two... That demo was basically just the result of them stitching it all together into a nice use case.
  7. get a better ISP. Lightspeed/comwave's pretty decent. It's what I've got since Shaw's data caps were infuriating.
  8. YES! This can't happen fast enough. In my opinion cross-platformness is basically the only benefit Java has over C# right now.
  9. Yay! no more of having to sit through 10 mins of hold music! Can't wait until it'll be AI representing a person/consumer talking to AI representing a service/company due to another AI representing the consumer thinking that the consumer needs 500kg of jelly beans ordered to their doorstep.
  10. WhatsApp to get Ads

    What is it missing? Also are those features absolutely necessary?
  11. Mastering a Language

    Anything would work but as mentioned a game (especially if done from scratch without an existing engine) can teach you the most. Perhaps the hardest part of game programming is that it has to run really well which means you have to optimize for efficiency rather than just saying "fucket, let's make this work". Some other projects could include solving things you feel like you need/want in your life or solving programming problems or finding assignments for courses you'd want to take and trying to do them (some universities have course websites that you can access without being enrolled in the course: https://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~sonny.chan/cpsc599.86/ https://pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/~sonny.chan/cpsc453/ http://graphics.stanford.edu/courses/cs348b/ to list a few)
  12. WhatsApp to get Ads

    How's signal clunky? My mom uses it... although I think I had to set it up for her.
  13. WhatsApp to get Ads

    FYI Signal is a FOSS alternative to WhatsApp without ads.
  14. How to keep your Python source code secure?

    Theoretically anything can be disassembled (which is illegal but when has illegality stopped the dedicated) so...