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  1. For future examples, I suggest using Ethereum since it's Turing complete meaning that it's basically a distributed super computer and that's got some inherit value. Bitcoin on the other hand is completely worthless imo.
  2. Help getting in to coding.

    lol, you do have a point about there being countless threads like this out there but that doesn't mean we should demotivate him or not provide him with guidance just cause he didn't make use of them.
  3. Help getting in to coding.

    Eh it's good enough for a beginner guide and I've got other things to do. If you wish to modify that guide feel free to do so, here's the word version of it: ResourceGuide.docx (It might be nice if we made a github page or something with all the possible information that a beginner might need, kind of like the ultimate resource guide that's here on LTT but done in a way that'd allow anyone to edit it with minimal effort) Also I'd probably want to add Rider to the list of IDEs that you can use for C#... actually a lot of the pros/cons of C# have changed drastically over the past year. As for focusing on imperative/object orientated languages, those are the easiest and most useful to learn when you're first starting off so that's why there's a bias to that. (although when I wrote that guide I didn't know haskell yet so that's also part of why I didn't mention it )
  4. Lacking places to learn from!

    This channel's pretty good for teaching various programming languages https://www.youtube.com/user/derekbanas
  5. Help getting in to coding.

    I made this for a friend about a year ago: ResourceGuide.pdf
  6. Needs proper citation formatting for it to be a dissertation On a serious note, this is awesome but the investigation probably won't "find" (aka mention) anything.
  7. brb, gonna make a version of this but for banks rather than online cryptocurrency wallets/exchanges. (jk I've got better things to do in my spare time) On a serious note though, this totally affects the average person, a bunch of people just became billionaires and demonstrated the viability of an exploit that can be used to make fake stores/banks which can be used to affect the average person.
  8. Never underestimate the power of the tech illiterates
  9. I agree, except that a price increase would also screw over regular people that aren't mining cyrptocurrencies.
  10. Yet another reason to use pfsense or dd-wrt.
  11. Please explain how you'd know a card's being used for mining as opposed to ray tracing, rendering, gameplay, scientific computation, fluid simulations, compute shaders, etc?
  12. Exactly this. The best solution right now is to just accept this is a thing and try to work with it rather than against it. At least by working with it you can somewhat control the way in which it is used.
  13. US charges two men over ATM ‘jackpotting’

    Saying "yes" to the poll as satire. Please don't arrest me...
  14. Yeah setting up homebrew on my wii when I was 14-15, was one of those projects I fondly remember. Although I was basically just using other people's stuff and following guides/tutorials, stuff like that really contributed to my interests in computer science.