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  1. Ummm has anyone told the idiots that banned this that the internet doesn't work this way? All it takes is for someone to use a vpn or find it on a different site and tada they've completely bypassed this stupidly pointless ban... If anything they've just drawn attention to this game.... I wouldn't have heard about it if it wasn't for them trying to ban it.
  2. Thankfully there still exist game studios that aren't just trying to squeeze every penny out of their players.
  3. why does this not exist?

    Because scheduling is hard.
  4. I'm overhyped for this game... it's actually kind of worrying me since I've gotten to the point where I'll buy it regardless of reviews or what is shown. In fact I'm probably going to go into Cyberpunk 2077 blackout and avoid everything about it until it releases and I get to play it myself.
  5. Can I use C++ on things other than games?

    Ummm yea... it's only commonly used for games since it's efficient and fast but can be used for whatever you want. After all it wouldn't be Turing complete otherwise.
  6. I can't wait for one of the talks at Blackhat 2018 to be be titled something along the lines of "So, we hacked Blackhat 2018 and leaked the attendee info"
  7. RTX 2080 TI Leaked $1000!

    I want it!
  8. Alright this is getting weird... who forgot give Ajit his well deserved and earned duffel bags of cash?
  9. Hopefully business exes won't ruin this.
  10. Discord are launching their own games store

    Especially if it's just another Steam/Origin/Uplay clone with an admittedly less shitty chat system. At least GOG has the awesome feature that everything in their store is DRM free.
  11. i wanna learn how to program

    I recommend starting with learning Python or C# and focusing on the overall concepts rather than on the language. Of course you're still around recommending C to beginners and well I've began liking C++ a lot more recently (especially since I've been forced to use Python for a few weeks now) but I still wouldn't recommend C/C++ to a beginner. It'd just be overly difficult for them.
  12. Music while programming

    Anything that's somewhat quiet/calm and without perceivable/distracting words. An example would be the Stellaris OST.
  13. Amd thread ripper leak

    That's an awesome box but I wonder how much it inflates the price by...
  14. He's perceived as a mythical chip designer so regardless of whether or not it's actually true everyone wants him cause they either believe he's amazing or they want the PR that they've got him working on their stuff.
  15. After python shpuld I learn java or c++

    I'd suggest C++ or C#.... but then I've got a very strong hate toward Java