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  1. ElfFriend

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    Sure, but I like software buttons, split screen apps, etc. and as far as I know iOS doesn't have those yet.
  2. ElfFriend

    Why did you buy an Android phone?

    It's far more customizable without having to jailbreak it and if I want even more customization I can always root it. Also the phones themselves tend to have more features. As this image from a few years ago so succinctly explains:
  3. ElfFriend

    Space X Starship Unveiled

    This looks like just the final stage... It's gonna be a lot bigger.
  4. ElfFriend

    Walmart patent to listen to every sound

    I think I've already decided on Shyriiwook. Only downside is it's a bit hard on the throat. Roooarrgh ur roo.
  5. ElfFriend

    Walmart patent to listen to every sound

    That's it. Time to learn a really uncommon language such as Latin, Sindarin, Quenya, Mandalorian, Sith, Huttese, Shyriiwook, etc and convince all my friends/family to do so too so it'll be harder for people to eavesdrop on our communications.
  6. If they do this, I expect a lot of people to be jumping ship to Linux. So Microsoft's probably gonna try their best to kill off Linux before they try to pull this kind of shit.
  7. I'm so glad I never got on the facebook bandwagon and didn't like it well before it was cool... (everyday I realize how much of a hipster I actually am)
  8. They're selling everyone's data and they've got access to a lot of it. For instance you know the feature that lets you show which games you're playing on mobile? Yeah that lets them see what apps your using which they can then sell to advertisers. Google's only got data from android while discord's potentially got data from both android and ios.
  9. As others have said, math and computer science related courses are recommended. Also CS is a really vast field so at some point you'll have or rather want to pick what interests you more within CS (basically networking, graphics, ai, theoretical, etc. and yes I'm aware that all of those have overlap to some extent but that's not my point).
  10. ElfFriend

    Game while daydreaming.

    This is just how memory tends to work. At the time you were focused/engaged enough to cognitively perform the task but since it wasn't interesting enough you didn't encode it beyond the 30 seconds that short term memory tends to hang around for. It's kind of related to this https://youtu.be/TcWUSuMpdso ? (Well actually it's more closely related to an example a prof used in one of my classes of how when driving around in real life people tend to zone out and not encode the memories of their driving but I can't find a source using that exact example so here's one about leaving rooms instead)
  11. Or you know they could buy all of that and still have money left over... Rich people don't think in terms of "this or that" they get both.
  12. Nah, you see that's poor people thinking. The audience this is targeted at will go to space and buy a fairly decent house for the hell of it.
  13. ElfFriend

    How to add a external Library using CMake on CLion/Linux ?

    If you're trying to include a simple header file (or set of header files) you can just use include_directories(path/to/your/header/files) If you're trying to include a cmake project you can you use something like (here I'm including glfw and setting options for how it should be compiled) option(GLFW_BUILD_DOCS OFF) option(GLFW_BUILD_EXAMPLES OFF) option(GLFW_BUILD_TESTS OFF) add_subdirectory(deps/glfw) #Then you'd want to link it with your project by doing something like target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} glfw) If you're trying to include compiled stuff things get a bit trickier but something like this worked for me (I did this over a year ago to include glew. I probably did it wrong since I didn't really know CMake or C++ but hey it worked so whatever ) set(GLEW_DIR "deps/glew") include_directories(${GLEW_DIR}/include) add_definitions(-DGLEW_STATIC) link_directories(${GLEW_DIR}/lib) Here are some of my opengl/graphics projects where I figured out how to link various libraries in different ways https://github.com/Beskamir/Intro-to-Computer-Graphics Hopefully by checking out the cmake files in that repo you can better figure out how to get your thing to work... at least that's how I find I learn best. This is probably my "best" cmake file on github https://github.com/Beskamir/Intro-to-Computer-Graphics/blob/master/Assignment3/CMakeLists.txt
  14. ElfFriend

    Why do my parents HATE video games?

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in computer science if it wasn't for playing games and more importantly trying to mod them.