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  1. Laws like this exist for the sole purpose of ensuring consumers can't make mistakes. Thus from that perspective I don't like these kind of laws... consumers should be allowed to make mistakes.
  2. You can always just play a recording of a combustion engine. Also maybe now we can have a repeat of this competition but actually get teams finishing the race.
  3. Not if it's collateral or a side effect and the main effect is burning through the target.
  4. Google admits they wanted to buy GitHub but lost to Microsoft

    I wonder if the backlash would have been as large if google bought them... maybe google can buy gitlab now
  5. An idea I've had about making wearable haptics possibly work would be to somehow attach thrust to them. The super magnet idea is actually pretty neat but what if the haptic devices could say shoot air with enough pressure to give it a noticeable force?
  6. An issue with wearable haptic devices is that you can't ground them. Basically Newton's 3rd law of motion kind of cheapens the entire experience if you can't ground them to something.
  7. Intel Hires Former Larrabee Architect

    Intel making GPUs again is actually beginning to sound really cool.
  8. Good to know outcry and bad publicity still has an effect. Edit: oh nvm looks like Google got it's way
  9. Scientists make first 'on demand' entanglement link

    Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be possible
  10. Microsoft quietly announces Visual Studio 2019

    Most likely.
  11. Steam paves way for dropping Win XP and Vista for 2019

    Yet another reason to use GOG.
  12. Id software should just sue the shit out of everyone.
  13. I'm basing my opinion on this... if it's wrong then I'm gonna change my opinion but even if it's 99% as efficient as running it over a wire you're still wasting energy and on a large scale could add up to a meaningful amount.
  14. Awesome except wireless charging is really wasteful
  15. New to Hardcore programming

    Visual Studio is absolute trash if you don't have Resharper and even then it's barely usable. I suggest you get mingw+cmake+clion instead of trying to get VS to do what you want it to do. Also it'll be easier if you switch to Linux since then you'll just need CLion and things will just work. Although I should mention you'll need to somewhat figure out how cmake works which at least as far as basic stuff goes isn't too difficult.