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  1. It won’t let me boot into safe mood. The spinning circle disappeared, now I just have the mouse cursor that has a spinning circle next to it from time to time.
  2. I put my PC on sleep mode and when I turned it back on the screen went black, so I restarted it and now I am stuck on a black screen with a spinning circle.
  3. I recently had a big windows update. After the reboot, windows created a new local disc (E) that keeps giving me a low disc space error because it only has 44.9 MB free of 450 MB. How do I get rid of this windows notification?
  4. Uhh mostly for like taking notes watch movies and like some light gaming (LoL) SSD preferred
  5. About to go off for college in a couple of months, and I am looking for a laptop for college. My budget would be around 700 USD. Mostly looking for portability and a nice keyboard.
  6. I need help, my PC boots into windows and I can login in, but once I'm login the PC will freeze if I try to click anything. I did notice I can boot into safe mode, but idk where to go from here.
  7. TBH I don't even play many dlc maps besides maybe naval strike, the regular maps are great anyways. What's your origin I can play with you sometimes, if youre in the NA region.
  8. Sup lays nice to see u still active on this forum lol
  9. I'm looking for people who still play BF4, I play all game modes. Add me on origin
  10. Sorry for coming out of no where, but do you guys have any anime suggestion that I should watch? I'm kinda into joker game, baccano, black lagoon, Mafia/army mature type animes
  11. I'll play same as my ltt user
  12. Make me a nice Youtube Background wallpaper, with "Realmofcool" in the middle and decorate it with techie stuff and BF4/League
  13. I would like the kova cause I have a logitech wireless mouse and the Kova has good specs for playing fps games (Like BF4)