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  1. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to TetraSky in Crypto Miners buying up entire power plants   
    Oh cool. More fossil fuel power plants being powered back on just for the sake of mining virtual currency that people decided to attribute value to. Just what the world needed.
  2. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to RejZoR in Amazon's mmo New World is bricking 3090 gpus   
    How is this Amazon's fault, realistically? It's NVIDIA's responsibility that cards cannot make power spikes that burn out their VRM's, it's NVIDIA's responsibility that cards individual modules don't burn out when under extreme loads. It's entirely NVIDIA's responsibility and of vendors that use their GPU's.
    I always rolled my eyes when they were complaining over FurMark damaging cards. It just shouldn't matter. Design better cooling, power delivery or safety systems to prevent this and not blame users.
    These RTX 3090's dying seems more like it's connected with their garbage cooling of VRAM's that were problematic as is and tend to overheat under normal use or run at its very edge of thermal limit.
  3. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to WereCat in Amazon's mmo New World is bricking 3090 gpus   
    So Amazon made a new playable version of Furmark? 
  4. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Just that Mario in Amazon's mmo New World is bricking 3090 gpus   
    I am surprised that some game can even cause this. Aren't graphics cards supposed to have multiple failsafes for such overheating, etc? I am not sure to be impressed or worried over this issue.
  5. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to Murasaki in They just don't make 'em like they used to: ARM announces plastic-based CPU   
    I can see those in laptops, melt in seconds.
  6. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Forbidden Wafer in Right To Repair Gaining Steam   
    This reminds me of the new structural battery of Tesla. Want to replace your battery? Replace the entire freaking car, because the battery pack is part of the chassis.
  7. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to Mel0nMan in Facebook halt Quest 2 sales. Gives free silicone covers to existing customers. New revision to feature 128GB at $299.   
    "Oh there's an issue with our design? more storage will fix it"
  8. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to RejZoR in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    And why would Google/Youtube ask you to delete the account yourself when they can literally do that directly since they are the people who provide this service? You have to really be monumentally stupid to do it yourself. My first question would be WHY?! and after that "If I'm in any violation, then do it yourself lol, you are the service provider and you have the control". People really are naive.
  9. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Arika S in (PSA) A warning to YouTube creators, scammers have worked out an almost fool proof method of phishing your account   
    Holy shit, Jim Browning got hit? that must be some solid gold standard social engineering.
  10. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to RejZoR in Sabrent's new Rocket 4 Plus Destroyer PCIe card: 32TB PCIe 4.0 Nvme @ 28GB/sec   
    You don't live your life to the fullest unless you run this thing in RAID0. You don't buy a Ferrari just to then drive it carefully at 40km/h everywhere. You don't buy this Sabrent monstrosity to run it in RAID1 or RAID5. Just fact.
  11. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to Shreyas1 in British Tank Commander Leaks Classified Document so that War Thunder can Fix Their Game   
     Here's a funny one. An alleged British tank commander and war thunder player leaked classified documents (basically the user manual) on the Challenger 2 MBT so that Gaijin would fix the model on the challenger 2, specifically the gap between the main turret and hull. This is a violation of the Official Secrets Act, and can carry up to a 14 year punishment in prison if persecuted. Much of the document was heavily redacted though, it was still classified information being shared. Unfortunately, since the information is classified, Gaijin now cannot make the changes.
    Image from War Thunder Forum

    My thoughts
     The information being leaked doesn't seem to be that big of a deal in my opinion, I mean sure its classified, but I highly doubt that foreign powers are going to care about the gap between the turret and hull. For this reason I also doubt the leaker is going to get put in jail or anything. Not an expert in how these things are handled though. Still quite a funny story
  12. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to RejZoR in Sabrent's new Rocket 4 Plus Destroyer PCIe card: 32TB PCIe 4.0 Nvme @ 28GB/sec   
    It not only destroys the benchmarks, it also destroys your wallet.
    ~Sabrent probably
  13. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to Spotty in SteamPal is a fact. Valve announced their first handheld console named Steam Deck   
    Being able to use it as a desktop is interesting. Could be a good alternative for a NUC with the added benefit of also being portable.
    it is listed as weighing 669 grams in the tech specs though, quite a bit heavier than the Nintendo Switch which is only 398 grams with the joycons. I think what is going to make or break it as a games console is how comfortable it is to use for an hour or two at a time. The extra weight might be a deal breaker for some.
  14. Informative
    Beskamir reacted to Icarus_Radio in RTX 3060 now selling for below MSRP in china following expected and unsurprising crypto crash   
    This news is bullshit. I will tell you what happened in China in the last few weeks. Most scalpers uses the "XianYu" (a popular second hand market in China similar to ebay) to sell scalped GPUs, which is often a little bit more expensive than their labelled price on retailers. Baidu tieba "Graphics Card" (you can think of it as Reddit r/graphicscard) users said they had enough of these filthy scalpers, they just put up posts of graphics cards with price the same as or below MSRP on XianYu, so that regular users who wish to buy a card on it would be overwhelmed by these MSRP prices, and difficult to find the scalpers. If any user places an order, they will just tell them they do not have the card and put up another new post. Most of these posts have "dddd" in it, which is abbreviation for "you know what I mean" in Chinese.
    Graphics card's price are way from MSRP, you still have to wait for a bit more.
  15. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to RorzNZ in RTX 3060 now selling for below MSRP in china following expected and unsurprising crypto crash   
    me hoping crypo crashes so all the cringe crypto content goes away 
  16. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Garak in RTX 3060 now selling for below MSRP in china following expected and unsurprising crypto crash   
    I wouldn't be so sure. Crypto is in a bit of a crab market right now, but it won't be forever.
    This has more to do with China, than Crypto. A lot of Chinese individuals will be in the process of moving their rigs to other countries, and in time we will see BTC climb once again.
  17. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Lurick in Google Sued by 36 states over Play Store fees   
    There are numerous app stores you can load on Android devices very easily. Samsung has one, Amazon has one, etc. so there is nothing stopping people from using others anyway. Sure Play Store is the default on Android but at least they don't block you from using other app stores so not sure why they are going after Google for this and not Apple?
  18. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Jeppes in Google Sued by 36 states over Play Store fees   
    You dont have to use Play store. Large app makers could easily team up and make a co-op app store where they pay only 3% fees and sell their apps cheaper. People would migrate to that.
  19. Funny
    Beskamir reacted to Caroline in MSI reveals the Godzilla edition of RTX 3070 SUPRIM SE that will launch in Japan   
    Can't you see it's the same card with just a red backplate and cheap vinyl skin over it?
    But it's got a new skin!!! 

  20. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to kelvinhall05 in Steve Wozniak supports Right to Repair!   
    Mhm, because the full schematics and bundled software source code that came with the Apple II were totally purchased off the shelf...
    You aren't wrong in saying that stuff was made primarily of off the shelf hardware back then but immediately dismissing anything as muh corporate money making is pretty ignorant.
  21. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to emosun in Steve Wozniak supports Right to Repair!   
    course he does. the guy literally hand made computers
  22. Like
  23. Like
    Beskamir reacted to Tensimeter in New Biden executive order encourages right to repair on a US federal level   
    The White House has introduced an executive order which encourages the FTC to support right to repair, among many other pro consumer things.
    (Emphasis not mine).
    My thoughts
    This is fantastic news, hopefully the FTC indeed goes ahead with limiting manufacturer’s power. Also see the FTC’s report about right to repair from May.
  24. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to emosun in Tencent rolling out 'midnight patrol' to clamp down on kids playing games at night   
    yeah but after a week there with be 3 different work arounds for it anyway.
    You got a small team developing the tech and a billion people looking for a work around.
  25. Agree
    Beskamir reacted to Sauron in Audacity classed as spyware   
    Wow, such sensitive data... the only potentially identifying information would be the IP address and the devs have stated this is only stored for a single day and not shared with other entities.
    Also this is opt-in, meaning disabled by default, so can we please stop with the senseless outrage? Do we really need a fork just to remove opt in telemetry and then just leech off the main project for feature updates anyway?
    Or just not opt in.