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  1. See my edit too PowerToys is worth checking out since it's free and a bit less heavy than displayFusion
  2. Displayfusion does this. For a free tool you can try windows powertoys. There's a feature called fancyzones https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys/releases
  3. Depends how much stuff you really want to download and store, especially if it can be re-downloaded again. If you have a fast enough internet connection, instead of stocking up 4tb of stuff, maybe just get a 1-2tb SSD instead and delete things a little more often? Much better performance than RAID and, less reliability issues.
  4. As long as the software that you're trying to used will run in a virtualised environment, then yes you can do this. You just need to make sure the VM network adapter is configured to talk externally rather than internally so that you can connect to it remotely as a regular computer without having to manually proxy through the host.
  5. Yup sure, you need to tell the program what to do with multiple cores/threads. I was just talking about native language support to actually program it. Funnily enough discussing this about Node, this PR came in today for adding proper multithreading using workers : https://github.com/nodejs/node/pull/20876
  6. Cluster is pretty much just a wrapper around spawning additional workers/processes and listening to emitted events though, which is what I was talking about dev user having to do. Scaling an application across multiple processes/computers is pretty different under the hood in terms of language features to a language supporting multithreading on a single process. Re-reading the thread I do see where you're coming from though and I did misinterpret a bit. - it does mention multi-core support which yes - Node does provide APIs to help and take advantage of multi-core systems, However,
  7. Some languages don't - such as node.js. You're right that it's down to the programmer or even devops to implement it by spawning multiple processes though.
  8. I did that one a few days ago! Took me 2 hours instead of one hour so I don't think it fit's the thread category, unfortunately.
  9. At the moment you store a single value in the state (open). This is applied to both the dialog and the drawer. If you want them to be controlled independently then you will need to have two properties in the state and toggle them independently.
  10. Banned for questioning authority. (And banned again for quoting someone who wasn't the poster before you.)
  11. Have a look at benchmarks and have a guess: Look I did some work for you: https://www.techspot.com/article/1557-fortnite-benchmarks/ Screen resolution plays a huge part in what frame rate you will get - you didn't mention it. (so does most of the other components in your PC which you didn't mention)
  12. It's not guaranteed to prevent malicious software from being executed. It really depends on what type of process is running. Regular safe mode disables certain non-microsoft drivers and services but you can still launch some applications which aren't dependent on the disabled services. If you can launch these then something malicious could run too. Not saying it shouldn't be done. Just that It's not flawless.
  13. Most likely going to eventually run into issues moving that folder. Some programs don't see/like symlinks, and others don't use the (correct) environment variables. That seems unrelated to moving it. If you delete it, you're going to run into issues because some programs (including windows) stick stuff in there that they need to function.
  14. Should have starred Doflamingo as Joker