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  1. Not SEC, it's FaceBooks investors, SEC did a lazy job of enforcement and these guys want them to redo it. But the story has to get traction and be true and have a competent person who picks it up at the SEC.
  2. Summary Investors from a consortium of Facebook shareholders are suing the company over its unlawful gain in market power in a large lawsuit that was filed in Delaware. Some of the allegations are that FB had failed its 2012 consent decree, removed apps from its platform that didn't give it data, knew about the Cambridge Analytical Scandal but did nothing, paid the FTC $4.9B to protect the Zuck personally, insider trading occurred, among others. Quotes My thoughts If everything alleged to happen is true it would seem that everyone is now after Facebook and
  3. Summary Because the majority of the Apple supply chain originates from China, Apple has given into increasingly larger demands to the Chinese gov't. They include holding all the data in China, building a system to skirt American laws for data, building a datacentre in China that is managed by a third party, giving up control of the Chinese data to said third party, allowing Chinese gov't access to the data, removing the Made by Apple in California branding on the back of its phones, setting up a system to block specific apps based on Chinese gov't requests (in the 10 thousands), which inc
  4. Summary Scientists have been working with diamonds to test to see if they can be stretched and state that the heat and electrical conductivity would make them an ideal fit for Quantum QBits and or photons. Quotes My thoughts The article leaves out several important details and items. For starters you will notice that the picture shows a scale of 500nm with the strands about half that matching it to about Pentium II level transistor size, they do state in the article that it was about 100nm which would put it somewhere in the Pentium III to Pentium M size. T
  5. The pictures are from the submitted benchmark results as proof of their setup.
  6. Summary Microsoft has settled a class action lawsuit with a total payout of $517M, with $400M going to consumers. To date 100K people have filed claims. Consumers who purchased: - Microsoft OS, and - Microsoft Office suite, - Dell computer is mentioned but it is not a requirement (the way the CBC article initially mentioned it it was misleading) Between: Dec. 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010. Can make a claim. This follows from similar issues that occurred in the US with DOJ. The documentation requirements for these cla
  7. I mean I just purchased a 286, 386, 486, i960, Pentium, 5x86, K5, 6x86, and Trasmetta Crusoe.
  8. Summary User ivanqu0208 from China overclocked a Intel Celeron D 347 to 8362.21 mhz with what looks like a paper cup and ln2, and a Asus P5E64 WS Professional motherboard. While he didn't achieve the world record for that processor nor absolute highest CPU overclock, it was an impressive effort. Quotes My thoughts With the given shortages of all things gaming processors, now might be the best time to browse on eBay and find some old hardware to try to overclock. Sources Gizmodo article HWBot Techspot
  9. In a scathing report by the the Canberra-based Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) China is accused of using forced labour in factories that supply products from many different global brands. The report linked here: https://www.aspi.org.au/report/uyghurs-sale Details all of the brands that have components that have used forced labour: Tim Cook is even seen touring a factory that used forced Uighur labour for the iPhone 8 and X selfie camers on his Weibo profile attached to this post. The article details several case studies inclu
  10. This topic was from a week ago, I was having technical difficulties. But in a CBS news piece the New Mexico attorney general states: The lawsuit details how Google used free chromebooks to spy on the behaviour of children through the Google for Education program. The AG is Hector Balderas, the same one who took on Google for the COPPA controversy. The verge (I know) summarizes the information that was being collected as follows: This is another reason why properly funding schools is much better than receiving handouts from corporati
  11. UpGuard who is a Auzzie security company based in the US according to wikipedia: Has detailed a possible data set exposed by the lack of security on refined and mined data from American consumers and most households in the USA. https://www.upguard.com/breaches/tetrad-breach-120-million-households This data comes from a credit reporting agency Experian who along with rating consumers for their creditworthiness also collects data and sells it for business purposes. Before the Amazon's and Google's of the world all credit reporting agencies have been doing t
  12. The EFF has confirmed that the Ring Doorbell leaks privacy information of it's customers: Which means that a device that is supposed to keep you secure is in some ways making your life insecure as you do not have control over what happens to the data that is collected on your phone. The list of companies that it gives the data to do not have the best record for privacy: Facebook on that list alone would give me pause to them getting data. The real issue is that you can by having an app on your phone de-anonymize t
  13. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention ... the x86 patents including amd64 are expiring next year. Remember VIA? They're back. Intel's biggest threat may not be just process node: https://semiaccurate.com/2019/11/18/centaurs-new-cpu-is-the-first-x86-with-an-ai-co-processor/
  14. The issue is not just that their process nodes are delayed its that their current 'core' micro-architecture is based on completely flawed insecure components. It takes datacenter engineers years to trust, buy into, and implement a new arch. As it stands now it doesn't really matter that AMD's stuff is faster and more efficient really, it's that the cost per machine equation is no longer in Intel's favour because of all these security vulnerabilities. The mitigations are causing the economics to fail hard. There are some engineers who have had to ditch their five to eight year plans because of