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  1. My guess, special deals with Google that gave id software grants for using the platform.
  2. Of course they did, but last I checked they don't compensate their contributors and given capitalism is the dominating economic system on this rock compensation is often necessary for people to contribute. It sucks I know but the vast majority of people would rather have their computer turned off than wearing out their hardware and using up their electricity if they're not being compensated for it.
  3. Ah well, I guess dark humor really is like legs, some people have it, some don't.
  4. Probably expensive fireworks but with the possibility of actually being the firework.
  5. The thing is that cryptocurrencies enable distributed scientific computation... For instance the Golem network (https://golem.network/) is essentially a distributed compute cluster that's currently only capable of Blender rendering but hopes to expand to modeling molecules. That said, proof of work cryptocurrencies are indeed incredibly wasteful and I'm looking forward to Ethereum 2.0 that'll be proof of stake instead. Although an issue with proof of stake is that everyone's further incentivized to hoard all their crypto making it even more of an "investment" and less of an actual
  6. Yea good points about trustworthiness and stealing data but I think the community could maintain that with some kind of trust score maybe?
  7. I have no idea. I'm only just looking at dapps as something other than a passing novelty. I guess if I ever tried to make a dapp dating app, I wouldn't do it with the intent of profiting off it or even maintaining/running it long term. So I'd want to open source all the code and rely on decentralized hosting/maintaining of the actual network while also focusing on text descriptions instead of pictures (popular, I know ) and full anonymity beyond maybe age and the city/town they're in. Basically I'd just make a thing that'd be open source, secure, and maintained by the people using the platfor
  8. Maybe it's time for a decentralized dating app.
  9. Exactly! If you read the paper it's literally just a raspberry pi camera with no infrared filters looking at plant leaves so when those leaves change color from substances in the soil the camera picks that up and the computer it's attached to sends off a message. It's cool that plant leaves can be used to monitor soil like that but it's no where near as hyped as the mainstream news would have you believe. Unfortunately the paper is paywalled thanks to very greedy publishers that want to profit off other people's work/research and tax payer/grants/tuition/etc funding while providing
  10. I'd expect an EMP would be highly effective.
  11. Even when we reach human eye resolution I don't think it'll be "enough" cause then we could have digital zoom or other novel uses that'd make the actual resolution a lot smaller.
  12. Yeah this is definitely hypocritical of them. There's a bunch of stuff samsung does that don't exactly encourage sustainability. Such as making their phones difficult to service without specialized tools to the point where even just swapping the battery is a rather involved process.
  13. For the most part I agree. There are some use cases and some currencies are better than others (the ones that actually function as currencies and not investments) but most of them are trash.
  14. I have a thermal take case (Thermaltake View 31 TG) and I think it looks/feels high quality? Was rather nice to build in thanks to the amount of space it has.
  15. Indeed real currencies do fluctuate, but shit like this doesn't happen unless there's something seriously wrong with it. As for other cryptocurrencies that fluctuate a lot less and can actually be used as a currency. I agree, those are actually pretty awesome! The only issue I'd have with them is the energy used to maintain their network which also varies and can sometimes be justified.