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  1. Have we watched the same LTT video? They said the 3080TI is as fast as a 3090 while gaming (8k not included). It's $300 cheaper than a 3090. In conclusion it's an OK deal for pure gaming. And they said: "if you can find it for MSRP it's a no-brainer". All of these things are logical and true but yet you complain about the price of a product nobody has to buy while nobody is even able to buy anything. If you could choose, you shouldn't choose the 3080TI as a value proposition but the 3070 or 3060. It offers little more performance for a highly inflated price like each and every high-end
  2. No, I mean in the audio settings. While there is no active playback.
  3. You have to match the sampling rate and bit depth of the input and the output device. It won't work to just set the output to 24 bit/96 kHz. Miss-matched sample rates will lead to instability and glitches. And disable exclusive control.
  4. Imagine if there would be a small device, maybe fingernail sized, you could put into your phone to store all your private data on and then remove it, before you send the phone in for repairs. It would easily ensure things like this will never happen.
  5. Not really. The forum software just introduced a small IQ test and scrambled the quotes a little bit. I have fixed it. I have no insight into the contracts between Nvidia and their board partners. But you don't have any insight either. I have two data points from the past: In October 2016 I bought a mid-tier 1070 for 429€ (MSRP 499€) and in early 2020 a mid-tier 2070S for 489€ (MSRP 519€). I'm quite confident everybody involved still got their margin on these products and they were not once-in-a-lifetime unicorn offerings. I didn't even bother to find the cheapest offer and just boug
  6. The Founders Edition is not the reference card. It might be the reference design, but for the 3000 series at least, it wasn't. The FE serves two purposes: - neutral review units without any board partner branding - entry level definition to force an equal entry price on board partner cards I have bought several Nvidia graphics cards in the past way below MSRP. So I tend to call this wild and likely untrue speculation. And I'm sorry, but you cannot complain about some arbitrary value like the MSRP. It's nothing but a suggestion about the general direction of pricing. A
  7. It mustn't have an output transformer. Electrostatic loudspeakers need a bias voltage exceeding the actual signal several times to work with only little distortion. @Brok3n But who cares? Maybe you should start with a glossary so you don't have to explain every word you are writing. The current list of things will already fill a few dozen pages with text.
  8. You are using a good setup. I'm not quite sure, why your voice doesn't sound like it supposed to, but I'm quite sure it's not the microphone. What is wrong exactly?
  9. If you want to relive the good old days, just get an Asus Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial and couple it with a Celeron G5900.
  10. Just a quick reminder: In 2016 a 6000 series Skylake build could easily idle below 10 W. Writing some stuff in Word or surfing the web was still close to this value. And I don't mean the CPU itself, I'm talking about the entire system, measured from the wall outlet. I don't know why this changed in the last few years, but we were already there. Now my computer is pulling 3.2 W while being shut down, because ASUS doesn't allow to turn off USB power in S4 for my motherboard. I not only had to disable quick start-up, USB power delivery in S5 is also enabled by default. Some useful default s
  11. You could round the edges on the fan holes with a hand router. Sharp edges in an air stream are quite bad. Round edges will lead to less noise and less dust build-up. I'm sometimes not quite sure if "dodgy" is a company policy you have to fulfil when building these things. But the reservoir looks nice, kudos that it finally works as intended.
  12. I mean yes, this sounds like a scumbag business model, but: What's the leverage so people would actually pay for it? This vest has only one trick up its sleeve and that's what you have to switch off. And maybe this is more of a scare tactic than an actual restriction of the product.
  13. No, it's not. The opposite is true. Every CPU without a mainboard is worthless on the used market. Failure rates of mainboards are way higher than failure rates of CPUs. Just upgrading the CPU while keeping the mainboard will shift the balance even more towards a unhealthy supply of CPUs on the used market. These fully functional CPUs have to be thrown away.
  14. May I remind you there is still this contradiction: theory: greedy AMD is screwing 300 series owners <--> fact: the profit margin on chipsets is close to nothing