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  2. Herman Mcpootis


    it should handle a 9700k, though you're not overclocking it anytime soon with that board. if you need the money for other things then use it for those instead.
  3. Crunchy Dragon

    Is it bad eating eggs everyday?

    -Thread locked-
  4. Saksham

    pfsense router

    in that case it just becomes a regular router then? it cant replace the modem right?
  5. Crunchy Dragon

    Certification(s) to take during the summer

    I would start off with probably CompTIA A+ just to show that you know your way around computers. Then probably Net+ and/or Sec+ along with one or two of the Cisco certs.
  6. Jurrunio

    Build Recommendations

    uhm, I'm not the one talking about the second build These two are already criticized before
  7. Shaade

    Quick multi-monitor question

    Thanks, that's helpful for the refresh rate part if I do run into problems. What about the fact that it's also a different resolution and freesync/g-sync compatible though?
  8. Baniel01


    hello all, I have already bought all of my components but one and I am going to start building my rig soon. I know I will want to be upgrading my components every couple of years (no hard set date) and I am wondering how far this motherboard will take me and if it is worth spending an extra MAX. 50$ more and get something that can support newer chips. Yes I can just spend the extra money and be done with it but I have other expenses that I really need to be considering too. What I am asking is what is the newest chip this motherboard can realistically support. I have looked at the supported chip list for this board but I'm looking for more insight on this topic. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B360-HD3-rev-10#kf Gigabyte - B360 HD3 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Thank you.
  9. James Evens

    Is it bad eating eggs everyday?

  10. Dr. Historic Low

    $1.80 or Less Steam Games For The Week of April 22nd

    For a game that's just over 16 years old, it has withstood the test of time that's for sure. Well, what games do you currently play? List as many games as possible.
  11. Drak3

    Share your location!

    Larry Butz?
  12. Jurrunio

    RAM OC to 4Ghz on i7 9700k

    Whatever vendor or model is not my focus, they are only different on the outsides anyway
  13. Princess Cadence

    RAM OC to 4Ghz on i7 9700k

    I personally like 3333/14 Can do with good 3200/14 kits and will be the sweet spot personally speaking, all in all it there's really so much you need to get your memory setting covered up, if you want 32gb of memory I strongly suggest using 2x16gb since you reduce points of failure in your system. Cheers
  14. Jurrunio

    Mobo suggestions for i9900k

    phantom 9 is the red accent version of the Taichi with extra stuff like 10gb aquantia lan. The one similar to the Extreme4 is the Phantom 6
  15. So this kind of flew under the radar but tesla has unveiled it's complete compute hardware solution today on a livestream. Quite interesting. Some specs I'm still watching it so I might add more later.
  16. NickPickerWI

    Quick multi-monitor question

    Read this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/7h9bnu/psafor_people_with_dual_monitors_with_different/
  17. floofer

    Share your location!

    Chris Liley
  18. Olivialifts

    Switching motherboards.

    How did you do the fresh install?
  19. Bearmann

    Uppgrading fom an old pc

    Oh, that had me confused. The i7 8700 is only 3649kr at Komplett and possibly cheaper elsewhere. It's just barely slower than the i7-9700K (i7-9700K with 6 cores = i7-8700K with 8 threads) and still a nice jump up from the Ryzen i7-2700X. We should really build something around this CPU if you want some savings or if you want to upgrade any of the above components. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Photoshop-CC-2018-CPU-Performance-AMD-Ryzen-2-vs-Intel-8th-Gen-1136/
  20. ZacoAttaco

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Seems like a logical move, I think people were most surprised that they didn't announce this earlier. Even if it's just to add more warning material about the 'screen protector' then it makes sense. Particularly after the Note 7 fiasco it was good for Samsung not to rush this product's release if there even any doubt as to it's functionality.
  21. Oalei

    $1.80 or Less Steam Games For The Week of April 22nd

    Oh nice I've been wanting to play that game, looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for the info, do you have any other recommendation?
  22. If such a thing (heh) exists. To borrow some words from a review of Alawar's "Distrust" "Let me preface that this game is fine, for what it actually is. The summary promises a "story rich" experience, with a setting and title that allude to the psychological horror not unlike the movie "The Thing." This is not that game. This isn't a game where you have to choose allies and there are grand, narrative branches with thematic betrayal and insanity. This is not a harrowing tale of near death where you must navigate the politics of a small, worn group of survivors to make it out alive." Something like this sounds like it would interest me, if such a game exists. Any ideas/suggestions?
  23. Welp, S9's battery is covered under warranty. The glass isnt. Kind of ow 

  24. mr moose

    Share your location!

  25. Strangely most games only run around 0.8GHz, it works harder when a game is closed honestly.
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