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  1. My oneplus 8 pro kicked my note9 in the nuts in terms of user experience. The 9 doesn't warrant an upgrade from the 8 though.
  2. No issues with my 6900xt either, it's just a meme at this point that the echochamber kids keep repeating.
  3. Great, a company that hasn't done anything but raise prices over the last few years want to bring their featureless and restricted service to more people. March 1st I'm off to youtube music.
  4. LG phones are great, if they could just make a proper highend that doesnt hamstring an essential feature like the cpu or camera. Could do with better marketing too..
  5. Will probably run Cyberpunk better than the PS4.
  6. Idk if anyone already said it, but Nintendo has to do this. If they even let one case like this slip it can be used against them when litigating larger fish for similar issues. Being able to mod or use software in new ways isn't a right, protecting your IP is.
  7. If encryption ends the baddies will just find another way, as always.
  8. Some torrent programs will send out both your actual IP and your VPN IP, but only the VPN IP will show any traffic.
  9. I like proshop, they frequently list the wrong prices, gotten alot of cheap stuff from them over the years
  10. Or it could be because they realised AMD can compete this time and that they need something more than just higher vram. /Tinfoil
  11. Just use a decent VPN and/or browser plugins and you'll never see another ad again. Kinda funny that LTT sometimes run ads for the very thing that slows their income.
  12. Nvidia 3090 graphs could be quasi-fake to throw AMD off the scent. Unlikely but not impossible.
  13. I just use the gog launcher, so much simpler to have everything in one program. Granted you still have to install the launcher you want to install a game from. As for epic launcher I just click collect on all the free games, tried a few of them. God's Trigger, civ and hitman were the best ones. Sadly total war has been shit for years. Friend of mine quit all other games because of rocket league, personally I never found it to be fun.
  14. Every time something weird is discovered in spaace the scientists always say oh this isn't aliens, that's the least likely explanation! This time they're going all in on aliens, and not even mentioning the fact that this gas can come from factories! Obviously there's factories on Venus.
  15. From a purely consuming standpoint, Huawei have great devices and have pushed for innovation. I'll be sad to see that go. As for the political bit, no comment.