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  2. Slurs Gang

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    $2k smartphone better help me get some ladies or else I will no buy. It is not like I am going to buy a $2k smartphone anyway. I can't even afford IPhone X so let alone Galaxy Fold.
  3. JoostinOnline

    Do I need 750W or 650W PSU?

    EVGA G2 550W. The one time I contacted support I thought they'd left a part out of the box (turns out I'd just misplaced it) and they said to register my power supply and they'd send me a replacement part for free. That being said, in my experience, getting good customer support is just a matter of treating the other person with respect, with the knowledge that they spend all day being yelled at by customers they didn't do anything to. Being extra nice to someone who's uses to getting yelled at means quick help. The efficiency has nothing to do with the amount of power supplied, just the amount drawn. Of course, any decent power supply should at least be bronze certified.
  4. DjQba

    Horrible Corsair Customer Support.

    Thank you Nick. I call the Support Phone number and the person sounds a bit defensive until he read what the previous one wrote and promised me he was going to take care of the issue. A few minutes later he wrote back and express that he personally called Amazon and verified the invoice. He even offers me to pay for the incoming shipping. From now on I'm going to take some friendly advice and try two times, different methods with all Companies. I guest things have change from 10 years ago. Thank you for your response. By the way I was the one who screw it up at the end. With all the rush with the prepaid shipping I forgot to include the RMA number on the outside. What are the penalties for it, I'm hoping they do not returned just because, right? Anyways thank you for your time and response.
  5. Stefan Payne

    Rate my build and recommend stuff

    ...wich is a Marketing PR Bullshit Name for SMT2... You have looked into AMD and seen that in your use case the Intel is really the best choice and not an AMD solution?? Why do you want to crowbar an Intel System shortly before something big is released?! As said by some other people, you lose money and might regret it...
  6. Gegger

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Fly Away and Unity and Monody by TheFatRat
  7. Hi, my laptop specs are - i7 3632qm, 8 gb ram, 4 gb nvidia, 256 gb ssd, win 10. I know its old. :( Vegas pro 14, 15, 16 runs a bit laggy and so does premiere pro cc. Even when I manage, I am unable to see the video playback properly despite setting to "quarter" or "half" in vegas pro. This is the ONLY main thing that is at issue here. So, I was looking at movavi video editor, magix movie edit pro, video pro x, camtasia etc. What do you suggest? My purpose is add tons of overlays, sound effects, tons of transitions, seamless transitions, cut, split, merge bla bla etc. What do you advice?
  8. Mo5

    Cheap NVME are traps!!??

    All SSDs will slow down when filled up. It's just a nature of how they work.
  9. quakeguy81

    PC Shut Down Question

    I think you answered your own question. Your PC will stop producing heat after you turn it off. The heat will dissipate normally through the heat sinks. If you are worried about it, leave your computer on after a gaming session until the temps drop.
  10. NickPickerWI

    Quick multi-monitor question

    I honestly don't think that the resolution will matter. I run three monitors at different resolutions and frequencies at work, albeit on a Quadro card. For G-Sync? Not sure.
  11. chillywaffle

    Nelma Data Corporation - Persona 100 Build Log

    @TrigrH That's pretty cool, I looked up the address on street view and it looks like it's an aquatic fitness center now. Based on that ad, it looks like I just have the standard build. One thing that is weird on this board is that there is space for 4 expansion card slots but the power and card slot sockets where not soldered in. I wonder if this unit was a further cost reduced option that was made after this ad was printed.
  12. IgorM

    PC Shut Down Question

    I don't see any problems with that
  13. floofer

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    New Techlinked: SAMSUNG did what! With a thumbnail of Riley in astonishment.
  14. RobFRaschke

    New Storage Array decision

    I did mean RAID 1, thanks. I already have StableBit DrivePool as well as an option, and the dedicated software array versions are fantastic, so I may well go that way. But the principals of two drive vs four drive distribution is still valid. I'm not investing in used drives at this point, and I can't find 8TB drives for under $180USD, which doesn't have as good of a a $/GB as the 3TB drives, which are the cheapest, followed pretty closely by 4TB drives.
  15. Arika S

    PC Shut Down Question

    Once the load is taken off the GPU it will start to cool down pretty much immediately. no harm will be done.
  16. Dr. Historic Low

    $1.80 or Less Steam Games For The Week of April 22nd

    To be honest, this week is tough for recommendations. Not many great games on sale right now, at least on Steam. Off the top of my head, the Left 4 Dead and Half Life series are must own games(based off your CSGO and Payday 2 games being played) and they regularly hit $1.00-$2.00 during most major sales. Here's some games you should definitely try to get into based off Dota 2... They're all free to play. Looks like Rise of Legions has only been out a couple of months, if you haven't heard of it yet, it should be a great start. If you're looking for something on a budget and can forgive certain details about a game, something like Oh My Gore could be of interest to you. Only $0.49 right now (75% Off). It's definitely not the greatest but it may be worth its price tag. Also just remembered a game that was recommended on LTT a few days ago that just recently went free to play that you might be interested in. It's called Albion Online. It's an MMO and should be installed and given a go asap.
  17. Taf the Ghost

    Tesla Unveils FSD Computer and more at Autonomy Day

    Tesla bought "Industry Standard GPU & CPU IP". Now that has me really curious. Other thing is that they clearly put this design in the hands of safety engineers. Dual, independent SoCs, redundant power supplies and the ability to operate with multiple camera losses.
  18. Sounds like a Jake brake at extremely high rpm mixed with some form of spark cut ignition.
  19. S w a t s o n

    Tesla Unveils FSD Computer and more at Autonomy Day

    Oh actually 2.5 has 2 of the parker SoC's but only 1 GPU, truly right in the middle of the normal nvidia offering, the second link is actually 2.0. Specs in the OP for 2.5
  20. ZacoAttaco

    Galaxy Fold Launch Event canceled

    Maybe at the moment, but once the technology progresses, I could very easily see them being common place or even tailored for power users/enterprise users. But at this point in time, particularly with the base iPad being so cheap right now there is an argument to buy those two devices.
  21. I make my own. Other times I just google
  22. bleedblue

    Linus what's going on?

  23. and you figured out your problem, something is wrong with the CPU, did you check temperatures?
  24. dgsddfgdfhgs

    Cheap NVME are traps!!??

    Last night I watch a review on budget nvme, intel 660 & adata 6000 lite, both 1 tb they tested both by adding 200gb to each from empty to full and tested its speed drop, and let it cool down for half an hour ~ 2 hours. both tested when empty were the same as manufacturer rated speed, surprisingly speed dropped dramatically on both drives! (intel even dropped significantly , down to 90MB on first 200gb write) video link(in cantonese, skip to the graphs for details): after seeing this review, I am quite freaked out on cheap nvme, what do you think?
  25. @Gegger Regale us with more of your techtard stories! Especially ones where people break stuff! :D

    1. Gegger


      I'll hopefully have some tomorrow.

      But here's just a random one: "I have a RTX 4080 Ti"

      I'll put it on the thread tomorrow.

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