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  2. I’m a console gamer if I have 45-60 FPS at 1080 I will be happy. I’m trying to back away from this but I still have pretty low standards. I don’t know how much of a tank ray tracing is, so I was just taking your word for it that it was a lot. I’ve briefly glanced at Battlefield 5’s recommended hardware and what I am suggesting is not that more advanced than it.
  3. https://www.cnet.com/products/hp-workstation-z400-xeon-w3680-3-33-ghz-monitor-none-series/ i can get this thing for around 212ish usd and still can do some bargain probably around 180-200ish usd. Is it a good deal? planning to put a U9, AMD GPU (cause its cheap anyway).
  4. KeyzHostHD

    USB, Weird Files

    You wont know it if you dont live in norway but in my local shop called elkjop: https://www.elkjop.no/ product: https://www.elkjop.no/product/data/minnekort-og-usb-minne/SANUUSB128GB/sandisk-ultra-usb-3-0-minnepinne-128-gb note: i've had it for some time now and this has never happen
  5. Gullerback

    New Build. Stuttering problems

    I had this issue with the same hardware mostly. Going to Windowed Borderless fixed it.
  6. mr moose

    I need advice for becoming a Server Manager/Admin

    My advice is go to the HR departments of companies where you want to work and tell them you are just starting to organise your education and want to know what qualifications and experience they look for in prospective employees.
  7. Hope you are not talking about 4k resolution... for 1080p / 1440p any parts listed above are much more powerful than you think.
  8. That was probably part of it yes
  9. givingtnt

    USB, Weird Files

    Where did you buy it ? What model is it ?
  10. Nohemi

    PS4 Problem

    Hi My PlayStation 4 turns on for a split second, then turns off. The power light turns on too and it beeps, but it never turns on for more than a second. The strange thing is that it beeps every time I try, but the light turns on only every other attempt. The PS4 is the first model. Help plz, I want to play Mortal Kombat. Thanks Special Guest, Manuel
  11. Our laptops have close to the same specs and part of what I care about is snappiness in short processes. The point is in my personal experiences and research newer chips will be better at least in power consumption, and for compatibility.
  12. KeyzHostHD

    Overclock Saving Issue

    there u go
  13. JZStudios

    FREE Games of the Day #1 April 24th, 2019

    Don't know if the second game is actually free. This is just a demo it seems. It's a good start for sure. The prologue just has minor issues, but otherwise the aesthetics, writing, characters, music, and story in the prologue are all pretty good. The FPS drop is frankly bizarre. The theater area with all the lights is 3D, rendered at assumingly 1080, so there's no pixelation of angles. All of the lights also throw off shadows, so I'm wondering if there's just a shitload of dynamic lights in that area that makes it freak out. Otherwise they do use a lot of other stock UE4 pp effects which I always think look a bit crap. The smoke is fine, but the weird low-res light shafts and lens flares I'm not a fan of. 20 minutes in and no crash you say? Try another 5 minutes, that's where mine happened. It hit my GPU so hard it killed my audio and I had to reset my AVR. I've never had a game crash do that before. I also got stuck not being able to progress because I think I chose the wrong line of questioning and didn't get the information I needed to proceed and the game didn't give me an option to ask about it. My PC is a FX-8350@4.2 and a GTX 960. Even still, a pixel art game with a few 3d effects should run better than that. I get better framerate in The Witcher 3. I was going to try Escape Lala and give a little mini-review, but Lonely really looks like a worse version of a Newgrounds game. Also it's made by a Chinese guy, so I'd bet on typos and mispeling.
  14. KeyzHostHD

    Overclock Saving Issue

    i pasted wrong pic
  15. quakeguy81

    Need a place to host code and content remotely.

    Have you tried Microsoft OneDrive?
  16. Jurrunio

    Overclock Saving Issue

    show me a picture of your Afterburner screen, not random USB drive please
  17. dgsddfgdfhgs

    CPU temps jump

    more volts imply more heat, looks very normal on these temps.
  18. Does the kindle have a USB port? if so can you plug a cable in to it and into your PC and then simple use the kindle as a storage device and copy out the files you need?
  19. Bearmann

    Help Me Confirming The Best Fit

    Well, you obviously know more about it than I do. Sorry I can't be of help. Perhaps someone else can. Did you check pcpartpicker and YouTube for actual builds in that case to see what other people used?
  20. captain_to_fire

    TL: NEW Intel... "Musclebooks"!?

    Looking at that thumbnail, Linus will always be a 100-pound twink in my eyes. Just saying.
  21. quakeguy81

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    This is a "post your battlestations" thread. Pics or it didn't happen.
  22. KeyzHostHD

    USB, Weird Files

    OK, So I Checked My USB Today And I Found Files That Have Never Been There, And Its 2GB Now Instead Of 128GB
  23. Herman Mcpootis

    Gaming Build - is this good??

    That guy hardly looks reputable, barely any subscribers and most of his videos are random stuff with barely any views. With a GPU that performs like a 1660ti, the older i5s generally get stuttering and performs worse until it gets overclocked, but even then doesn't lose it's stuttering problem. I can't remember the thread, but 1-2 years back there were several threads with guys complaining about their 6-7gen i5s getting worse performance than their friends who had older i7s, simply because of lack of HT.
  24. I am completely fine with a performance hit as long as I can hold 45 FPS I will be happy.
  25. Pirated photoshop the other day and It installed Brave browser - its some sketchy stuff! Would not recommend.
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