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  2. WOW Thanks for the information but as i said i am not proffesionel with building so if I buy this hardware it's just a regular build like normal tutorials, I am not going to buy now i'll buy like after a month idh the money yet so i think after a month the prices might go down i'll stick to a build without a graphics card so i'll get ryzen 5 2400g because maybe in the end of the summer i'll get like 1050ti I dont play games that needs much resources I play light games
  3. valdyrgramr

    4790k reached 100 °C

    What's your budget and location/currency?
  4. Allmightyballs

    Microsoft Remote Bricked Alienware

    I didn't exactly call. I had tried downloading the Media tool & on 2 separate computers it wouldn't create a bootable USB. I asked a question using the chat box. After several attempts nothing would create the USB so the guy said do you care if I do it. After 3 full days of the same errors I said ok. He found some issue and pushed it through to a tier 2 tech which took his remote control & instead of creating a USB he immediately jumped to a custom install. I tried to type & tell him to stop & hit the RED button that disconnects them but it was to late. Then he calls my cell and attempts to walk me through what he did and has kept calling me even after knowing the issues & not fixing them. I called them today and demanded to speak to a manager. I got one, explained what happened, He saw it & agreed but instead of offering a fix or telling me what the "rogue employee" did he kept referring me to Dell to fix the issue. I have created a new USB but still get the same message now. Its apparently because dell now requires you use their tool which asks for your service tag. Upon entering the service tag using the Dell media tool I get an error messaging saying "No OS defined for this product". I contacted Dell again but they replied they cant answer that without charging me for either out of warranty service or purchasing media. The media is supposedly supposed to allow me to bypass this but when asked they said if I have the 2 disks that came with the PC, the media they send wouldn't help. Deleting the old partitions & doing a fresh install is the plan but the message stops me right before that option in the install menu. I also apparently do not have UEFI, only legacy. Its an M17X R3 which supposedly doesn't support UEFI. Current state is, the old/oem Hard drive has the Win 7 Custom install but wont boot to desktop or connect to the internet when it did. A new unused SSD with no OS but neither will get past the "insert media" message that pops up right after I click install windows.
  5. potatobuilder

    4790k reached 100 °C

    I'm currently looking at this list - gammax 400 is at Tier 6 - Better Hyper 212's so i guess Tier 5 - 140mm's & High-End 120mm's will be ok?
  6. I just switched to Manjaro and have been liking it a lot. It's super easy to use for the most part
  7. If you want to have your ram running at 3000mhz your going to have to get a z series chipset and not the lower priced b series. At that point its going to be expensive (dont know the cost of z series boards in india.) and I would just let it run at 2666mhz.
  8. Stefan Payne

    EVGA SuperNOVA G2 or Seasonic Focus plus

    Seasonic had/has Issues with VEGA, so probably not them. Any other Options?? Bitfenix Whisper M?? But the Super Flower should be OK as well.
  9. ljlangley13

    Random Chocolate Factory Golden ticket

    If you want help developing this send me a DM or just let me know here. I'd be happy to develop it for you. It would not take long at all.
  10. gotta start practice guys, team scrim time!! thank you very much for your help and if anyone else has suggestions please do post them cuz i'll be reading when i'm done and over the next couple days on this post forsure. and i'll give update on if build changes with suggestions. + how it works after building it which should be early next week!! cya guys ty for info so far! i'm happy with the build but always love to improve bebacklater
  11. handymanshandle

    Gaming screenshots

    Who remembers this from Gran Turismo 4? Also, Driver: San Francisco was a great game.
  12. DVI-I to a VGA adapter does work since DVI-I can also output analog ,but all the new cards today are digital with no analog output.
  13. Stefan Payne

    4790k reached 100 °C

    That's acutally not too bad.. Brocken 3 is the newest one. Scythe Ashura I'm not sure about. Thermalright Macho be quiet Shadow Rock Slim Some of those. Someone might disagree that's just something in the pretty good area that I can think of out of my head.
  14. Squirearl

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Blaster-Powered-Channel-Digital/dp/B07BQVWHV3/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Amp+Dac+Mixer&qid=1556167130&s=gateway&sr=8-1 It looks like this has Phantom Power to power my mic as well as an AMP/DAC for my headphones, id just like to have more channels as i want to plug quite a bit of stuff into it as i will be having a two PC setup as Stream PC/Gaming PC.
  15. handymanshandle

    Does a Digital to Analog Converter to 2304x1440 @ 80hz exist?

    That's... one hell of a resolution... and a monitor, as a matter of fact. I'd guess a good DisplayPort or DVI to VGA adapter could work?
  16. AbsoluteFool

    Offsite Unraid/Plex Backup Service

    I do fully understand this concern not only the fact that you need to trust a random person with your files. Or what files you are helping people store. While there are ways to limit the servers owner access to your specific files, controlling what files are put on your server is what i believe is the tricky part. If i was to offer someone storage i would simply give out a VM with full SSH root access, and let them change password/username setup encryption etc. This way i would atleast feel that i've given the user options to how they want to secure their data. What i believe the challenges are is this: How do you know that files stored are not ilegal. Who is responsible for dataloss. (Must of course be the server owner who have access to it,) But the difficult answer is: What happens in the event of dataloss? There are really no way to hold me for example personally responsible. So the way i see it would just have to be a risk factor in a community service. However if there was to be kind of a "management team" it could be possible to earn some sort of badges based on the service liability. Like a good/bad status for the service provider. When talking about management team, for the user who wish to store data it could also be possible for the management team to check that there are no ilegal files (With concent of course). I would never store any private or sensitive information on a community service This of course have more challenges than this. But if done atleast somewhat correctly as a community service it will be better than no offsite backup at all.
  17. You need your phone on to receive SMS via handoff.
  18. Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I've been real busy with school, but I did get another PSU. It's kind of a long story but my dad has it and won't travel home for a couple months so I'll still be without a PSU for a bit. So I was wondering, can I use a 4-pin generic PSU that I already have, by buying an adapter for it? I know it's technically possible, but I saw a thread (on a different site) where someone said it was a terrible idea. I don't plan to use this generic 600W PSU for a long time and I plan to use it without a GPU (intel graphics). Will it still be super risky? Anyway, if I do this I still need to find the best adapter for it. I saw 3 different types and I don't know which would be more appropriate. - 2-molex to 8 pin? - 1-molex to 4 pin (and use it along with the 4-pin connector that the PSU came with) - 4-pin to 8-pin, which uses the PSU's 4-pin connector and turns it into an 8 pin.
  19. OmicronEta

    looking for a new game

    If you are still into Isaac, there is a mod called AntiBirth that is really good, adds like a different route to take to fight mom. and generates very different enemies and bosses. Nuclear Throne is a very good game as well, imagine enter the gungeon with a wasteland theme. Other people on the topic seem to recommend Monolith as well. Nuclear Throne and AntiBirth I can vouch for.
  20. rice guru

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    let's see... @Derkoli might be able to help pretty sure he knows more about mixers than me.
  21. dalekphalm

    A Game of Thrones Poll

    I've heard worse theories Honestly, I'm totally okay with the fan service so far. As long as the ending is satisfying, I'll be happy. And sometimes some good old fan service is satisfying.
  22. potatobuilder

    4790k reached 100 °C

    I got it for 140€. ok I'll look it up
  23. I have a Sony GDM FW900 that supports this resolution at that refresh rate. I have even been able to run it at 85hz. The last Nvidia card I can use is a 980Ti since the rest have only digital out.
  24. Source here: https://www.techspot.com/review/1829-intel-core-i5-9400f-vs-amd-ryzen-5-2600x/
  25. handymanshandle

    This is getting ridiculous...

    buh buh muh competition!
  26. Squirearl

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    I wouldn't even mind getting a Mixer that requires a Power Plug and isn't just ran off USB. I'm just scared and don't want to buy the wrong headset or mixer you know. Its overwhelming because i know little to nothing about all this stuff.
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