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Persistent Blue Screen Issues - ntoskrnl.exe +1a9690




I am pretty new to the tech world, so bear with me if I am missing something.


A few months ago I finally dumped my Playstation and went all in on PC gaming, purchasing myself a budget tower.  I would have loved to take the time and learn the ins and outs of building my own computer, but my work/personal life has been turned up to 11 for a while now and I simply don't have time.  I have been getting blue screens on an almost daily basis since I purchased the PC, which I brought back in to the store to get looked at pretty much immediately... unimpressed with that experience.  They ran a diagnostic and couldn't identify the issue, but the guy acted confident that it was a motherboard issue for whatever reason.  I was under warranty, so I waited for them to order in the same motherboard which took a week.  When I finally get my computer back, it is essentially in the exact same condition as it was when I brought it in, blue screening the day after I got it back, and continuing to do so in seemingly random moments.  I have been in a particularly busy stretch at work over the last couple months so I have not been able to fully tackle any of this until now.


ntoskrnl.exe+1a9690 seems to be the driver causing issues but I have done all I can do with my level of knowledge on the subject.  All my drivers seem up to date and everything seems to be working fine until sudden crashes without warning.  Will happen when I'm playing Starcraft and have a podcast open on YouTube in the background (about the most taxing I ever push it), and will also happen with literally one Chrome tab open reading an article with no other applications running.  From the confused Google research I have done it seems like it is a memory issue related to my SSD, but i don't know how solid that info is.  Beyond that, I got nothing.


Anyways, long winded backstory aside, perfmon and bsod zip file are attached, with a dxdiag thrown in for fun.  If there is any other information I can get that would help don't hesitate to ask - although I might need guidance.  Thanks in advance to anyone putting any effort in to this, it is appreciated no matter the outcome.


EDIT:  Literally forgot to post specs, dxdiag now also attached.


CPU:  Ryzen 5 2600 6 Core 3.4GHz

GPU:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

HDD:  ST1000DM010-2EP102


RAM:  2x XPG ADATA 8gb (DDR4)

Motherboard:  Micro Star A320PRO-VH PLUS (MS-7B07)

Soundcard:  NVIDIA High Definition Audio

Power Supply:  Thermaltake TR2-600NL2NC





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