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Monitor issue white lines mimicking wallpaper


Hello guys I need your help, I have a very weird issue with my monitor that makes no sense at all.

To give you some infos : Monitor is benq XL2411, used it for about 3 years, gpu is 1080 from MSI. Attached full specs as a .txt.

The wattage of my PSU is 650W. Also I overclocked my cpu just a little bit.


Ok so here is the problem, on my monitor, even when my computer is off, and that I unplugged my DVI cable, I have a very distinct patern of white lines on the lower left of my monitor when the power is on.

Screen : https://imgur.com/a/XwuOWtt (this is the bottom left of the monitor)


The strange thing is that it's reproducing the exact same pattern of my desktop wallpaper and of the Cortana search bar, it's doing the exact same outilnes.

Screen from my camera : https://imgur.com/tX8mPb1

Screen from my camera with plain background : https://imgur.com/a/o7TMJQm

Screen from a PC screenshot : https://imgur.com/zPJByqx


And you can't see it on screenshots, only from my camera so it's hard, but basically (I did a lot of tests), the lower white line is of the exact same length of the cortana bar "Type here to search". And the curve line on top is replicating the very bright white line of my wallpaper exactly, but stops at around the middle. 


Some stuff that I did : unplugged everything for 5 minutes, plugged them back in. Very carefully clean my monitor. Changed resolutions, changed wallpapers, changed Hertz, updated monitor driver, disabled it. And I know that it still happens when everything is unplugged except the power cable, so probably not gpu/dvi related.


So I have no idea how to fix it, why it's happening, should I change my monitor etc, it seems really odd to me and it can't be a coincidence, it's following my wallapaper pattern way too closely.


Thank you.


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