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Migrating Data Over to New SSD


Hey guys,


So, I recently built my first PC and I currently have a Crucial MX500 1TB as my boot drive. I purchased a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB because of a really great sale and I was wondering how would be the easiest way to make the Samsung my new boot drive without having to reinstall everything. I've heard of cloning but I also hear there are better, more stable, ways to do this. I don't know the first thing about this process so any help is appreciated.


Moreover, I was going to put a 1TB SSD into my PS4 as an upgrade from the 500GB HDD. Is it worth it to even migrate the data from my MX500 to my 860 EVO and put the MX500 into my PS4? Or should I just say heck it and put the Samsung into my PS4?


Thank you!

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