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3 minutes ago, gort said:

coming from WIN 7 to WIN 10, what are the differences ? I've heard some bad things about W10 like forced autoupdates, bugged updates, non-removable apps that u don't use but have to update them, is this how it looks like ? anything else I should be aware of ?

Windows 10 is fine when you set it up properly. 

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The time Linus replied to me on one of my threads: 


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With W10, updates can be set to happen at a certain time (eg. at night), you lose out on some features like a network mapping (which I loved), but you get a much more modern looking interface than W7.

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Actually I was using win 7 for the past 5 years and I didn't had any issues using it.

I upgraded to win 10 last year and it had some advanced features like action center and so on but you will get used to it. About auto updates I didn't experienced that thing at all. Sometimes it updates while shut down or restart but not so annoying.

You will get used to it.

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1) You can stop updates (It's very easy)

2) You can remove pre-installed apps using CCleaner, Dism++ etc

3) October Update it's kinda buggy. For me April Update was perfect and i didn't have any problem

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W10 needs a bit of work to get it more akin to a proper OS.


it can also be aggrivating when you relize some options and interfaces have been moved or removed for seamingly no other reason that to hide them from users who would otherwise not know how to use the.


Thankfully 'godmode' still works, so you can just use that if you cant be asked to install programs to alter  W10, though i would still unistall the bloatware from it, some of which your gunan have ot use 3rd party programs, and/or command prompt to do so.


long story short, from my point of view, its easier to just use W7 and avoid some of the later updates that add in infogathering that came with W10 (you can find a list online of which updates ot avoid), than to deal with all the modifications you have to do to W10.



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1 hour ago, gort said:

coming from WIN 7 to WIN 10, what are the differences ?

A lot actually. I mean you have Win10 feature set, plus you have Windows 8 feature set added to it, I is really massive.

I mean here are just some that just come of the top of my head

  • New Task Manager with various improvements like easier to read and GPU usage per applications, and global usage per GPU technology (video encoding video decoding, 3D, dedicated memory consumption, shared memory consumption)
  • Clipboard history (Win+V, shows you a list of items that you copied before and ready to past one of them). Also include clipboard cloud sync, which allows your clipboard, if you want to, sync between your systems.
  • 4x4 window snap instead of just side by side
  • Much improved High-DPI aware display support
  • Account settings sync, allowing you to have settings like background, file extension show/hidden and other settings be in sync between your devices using the same account.
  • OneDrive integration
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), allowing you run Linux based OS on Windows natively.
  • Share menu, allowing you to do the similar stuff as Phone Share panels, but more interestingly, you can use it to send a file to another nearby system from a mouse click.
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Much improved multi-monitor setup
  • Dark Theme (available to all, but Microsoft still highlights that it is still in the works, and will get progressively better at every new version)
  • Timeline
  • More GPU rendered interface to reduce CPU load
  • Game Mode (MAY boost full screen game performance or help keep more stable FPS depending on the system specs (it is  more lower end systems, but hey, anything helps, helps))
  • Game Screenshot and video recording
  • Game Broadcasting built-in (supported Mixer service)
  • Connect app, allowing you to see your phone or another PC on your PC (It is a Miracast app. You need a Miracast compatible wireless card and a device that supports it to send the video feed)
  • Quiet Hours (turn off notifications based on time period, playing a game, playing a full screen video, etc. bunch of options)
  • Customization Start Menu
  • Night Light (kinda like f.lux, but built-in WIndows)
  • eBook support (through Edge)
  • PDF support (through Edge)
  • Mixed Reality VR/AR stuff
  • Dynamic lock your PC as you walk away with your phone
  • Integration with your phone (in the works). Send/Receive SMS (and view conversation history) from your PC. Access pictures from your phone, get some phone notifications on your PC (example: low battery life warning)
  • Per application audio output selection. So app A can output to sound card 1, and app B can output on sound card 2, for example.
  • Ability to throttle Windows Updates and Apps Update, so you can still use the internet as you update the OS
  • Massive improvements to accessibility, including eye control (special equipment needed), and color blindness filters
  • Much improved Windows Defender (You may know it as: Windows Security Essentials under Window 7)
  • Power User menu (do Win+X on the keyboard, or right-click on the Start button)
  • DirectX 12
  • Native USB 3.0 support
  • Storage Sense (helps freeing up space: Auto-clears old Windows backups files form upgrade (windows.old folder), old Downloads from the Download folder, move unused downloaded for offline view in OneDrive back to the cloud, and more)
  • Storage Spaces (you can see it as software RAID)
  • Much improved File History (able to go back in the time on a file, folder or drive. External drive USB or network shared drive needed)
  • BitLocker Drive encryption (full drive encryption - TPM chip needed)
  • Store app (place to get: Apps, Fonts, eBooks, rent/buy movies/tv shows, extensions for Edge web browser and Themes (backgrounds))

and lots more.





I've heard some bad things about W10 like forced autoupdates

Yes, but the reality of things is that:

  • It does not start when you play a game
  • It does not start during define Active Hours
  • You can get a Windows 7 style restart notification panel
  • You can pause update for 7 days if you need some extra time
  • When an update is released the actual deliver of the update is several weeks later. Only those who force an update check will get it, and after the actual delivery of updates, it is done in waves, where blocks are auto-set based on reports Microsoft gets from user system (crash reports of programs, BSODs, failed update, driver issue detected, companies alerting MS of an issue), and so on, limiting the impact of issues from updates
  • While not perfect by any stretch, you have the Insider program. A program which you can join and get beta versions of Windows currently in development, including security fixes and bug fixes that gets eventually transferred to the public, decreasing issues from updates.

That said, it is true that:

  • Issues does arrives, most often from versions upgrades
  • You can't pick and choose updates
  • You can't skip or refuse an update



Non-removable apps that u don't use but have to update them,

Well everyone is different. and some of these apps are integrated in other things that leads to complications if forced removed. For example, XBox app can't be removed as the Game Bar feature is depended on it, and removing the Game Bar, loses a lot of features you may be interested in. Messaging, Maps, app can't be removed because it is part of Microsoft efforts in mobile space that is coming. Get Help app can't be removed, as if you have activation issues, need system help, well you won't get it. People app can't be removed as any app that uses will break (Mail, Calendar, Messaging, Skype, and any other third party app that you may get that uses it)


But unlike iOS and Android, the update model of apps allows not have the need to update the entire app, but rather what it needs, so updated can be kilobytes, or a few megabytes.


Hope this helps in making your decision.

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