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Amp/DAC for Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro




So I bought my COP back in late 2013 and have since then replaced the cables and earpieces a few times.

I have also had to acquire a few USB sound cards because my onboard sound card has been slowly dying.


Hence, I am now here to look for a good Amp / DAC (or combo), and potentially an upgrade to my COP if there's some low hanging fruits out there.


Additional info:
• I won't mind changing away from the COP if that is a more economical choice.
• I use the Antlion ModMic with the COP and run them through my cheap USB sound card to avoid electrical noise, any hints on making a better more sustainable solution are appreciated.

• I game a bunch, and listen to 70-80s rock a lot, enjoying clear and harsh drums greatly. A more modern song I enjoy.

• I have a budget of around 1000€ and live in Denmark, but I am by no means a discerning audiophile, and if I can spend less, I'll be happy :)


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