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Best esport/competitive monitor?


Hello, I currently own a Acer GN246HL monitor but I feel like it has too much "blur" and isn't clear enough. There have been some benq 24 xl2411zI monitors on used markets but wasn't sure if that would actually be such an "upgrade" from my current monitor. Really want to upgrade to a monitor, used or new doesn't really matter. What I need help with is what monitor should I upgrade to?


It needs to be an "esport" monitor, low blur, 144hz (or higher) and 1ms delay, other than that, good panel and other stuff is just bonuses, it's all about price. Im from Sweden and could potentially buy it used, budget max to 400$ :) 

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13 minutes ago, kAEDwf said:


Any of the free-sync 144hz displays will be fine, otherwise buy a free-sync 240hz display.


Free-sync because those should be the cheapest decent ones.

I edit my posts a lot, Twitter is @LordStreetguru just don't ask PC questions there mostly...



What is your budget/country for your new PC?


what monitor resolution/refresh rate?


What games or other software do you need to run?



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