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U.2 to PCIE x4 for expansion card

Having issues getting my Sonnet Allegro pro recognized when plugged into PCIE x4 to U.2 adapter.


I have the adapter listed below with the cable below that.  I have an asrock taichi x399 which mentions that the M.2_2 slot will be disabled if you use the U.2 connector.  I don't have anything in any of my M.2 slots- but am still not seeing the card in unraid or windows if I have it connected that way.  I do have the additional power connected to the adapter and do see things power up if I plug in a usb peripheral but the device is not recognized.  I am also not seeing any options in the bios to enable or manage the U.2 settings.  Does anyone but the LMG have some of these adapters and the allegro pro that they can test to see if it is just my issue- or if they are having issues too.  Really not wanting to do a PLX bridge just for a controller passthrough for my VMs.



Adapter: https://www.amazon.com/Mini-SFF-8643-PCI-Lanes-Adapter/dp/B01DV7LF02

Cable: https://www.microsatacables.com/mini-sas-hd-sff-8643-to-sff-8643-cable-50-cm



1x Unraid- 2 CPU cores 4HT 2Gb RAM

1x Linux game server multi-host w/steamcache- 2 cores 4HT 8-12Gb RAM

4x windows 10 gamers- 2 cores 4HT each 12Gb RAM each


The hardware:

Corsair 740 Air case

Asrock Taichi X399

Threadripper 1920X

Corsair 64Gb 8x8Gb 2933Mhz

Evga CLC 280

Evga 1Kw gold PSU

4x Evga GTX 960 SSC 4Gb (had them already- probably upgrade to 2XXX series eventually)

2x Plextor 512Gb SSD

2x WD purple 3Tb



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Anyone ever try this- U.2 to expansion card not storage?

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