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4K streaming and storage NAS, need suggestions


Hello everyone, 

I'd like to build a NAS server to stream 4k h264/265 from and to put some files on top. 

I want the server to be able to simply stream 4k over LAN but also be sorta future proof. 

What cpu/motherboard would you guys recommend for that? 

Is it possible to go with Ryzen for this case? 

Maybe the server could also serve with CPU power to render videos maybe? I suppose that would require a more decent cpu tho. 


I've read of different softwares for raids as well, is there any way to say one is better than the other? 


Also what is the advantage/disadvantage of a hardware VS software raid. 


I've never done any NAS build before so any recommendations are welcome. 

Thanks for any help in advance. 

I know that this may sound like I haven't researched anything yet but I just wanna get some suggestions going. 

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Any particular reason you want to build it rather than buy it?


Something like a Synology DS218+ or DS418 Play would probably work fine for you, as long as you keep your content in a supported format without exorbitant bitrates.


All you'd have to do this way is buy the NAS, some drives, and set it up. 

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Will you be using something like Plex to watch the videos? If so they have passmark score reccomendations for cpu's. I'll be looking to build something similar this holiday season and will probably go with either a the i3 8300 or ryzen 2200g since they're both a solid 4 core and I don't anticipate too many users. havent decided amd or intel yet.


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