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Phoenix OS VGA Output Display Cut Screen


Hmm, so i have a laptop, specifically, HP Probook 6460b, on which i have installed phoenix os (latest version) by using the phoenix os installer, One day, my laptop screen broke, but the whole system does work fine except the screen. Phoenix OS is very important to me, so i had an old Monitor, A Square Monitor you can say, 5:4 aspect ratio (1280x1024), and on the other hand my laptop is of 16:9 ratio screen (1366x768) resolution. So, what i did was connect my laptop to the monitor using a VGA cable so that i can use the monitor and external mouse pad and external keyboard with it and keep my work on phoenix os going. 

But here comes the problem, when i boot into phoenix os on my laptop, with the monitor attached through vga, i close my laptop screen down, so that the output is only through the VGA cable onto the monitor, but on the monitor, the Screen is cut, Phoenix os doesnt recognize the ratio of the monitor as 5:4 and still keeps its 16:9 aspect ratio.. and the screen appears to be cut on the monitor.. 
Basically, phoenix os just mirrors the laptop display onto the monitor, but my monitor being 5:4 ratio instead of 16:9 ratio, the display doesnt appear fully. Hence i cant see the whole screen. I tried changing resolutions but doesnt work. I think that phoenix OS isnt forcing the display onto the monitor only, but is mirroring it. I just want the display on the monitor only, and the display on the whole screen with no screen cuts, etc.. probably by forcing the display on the monitor only, but how do i do that? or is there any other solution?


Please Help. Thanks in advance.

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