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Overscan with intel hd graphics 400


I have old TV (LG 32LC2R), which doesn't have overscan adjustment option for HDMI, running with low end lenovo 100s 14ibr with celeron n3060 and no dedicated graphics, connected to it.


The problem is i can't see a big part of the picture due to overscan, and I can't adjust it with intel control panel. I tried installing manually newest intel hd graphics drivers, but still don't have that setting. I tried changing resolutions and scaling in windows 10, but the picture was awful. I also have only two resolutions avalible 1920x1080 and 1280x720, but FullHD causes flickering.


When connected TV to PC, I could easily adjust resolution via nvidia control panel, and there was plenty of resolutions in windows 10 screen settings 


I'm out of ideas. Maybe i'm missing something, or maybe there is a third party application that could solve my problem?

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