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RTX Quadros


This is a general question for anyone who knows.

With the new Quadro lineup, Nvidia "allows" you to pre-order the cards, the issue is there is very little on their site that actually brings you somewhere useful.

While i was able to find a few (1,2websites that I could pre-order from, I still had to go through Nvidia's website, then through PNY's website to find sites that claim to sell them. Then after I have gotten to that site, there is no clear information on how to go about purchasing one.

So, my questions are, why doesn't Nvidia just sell these new Quadro cards directly from their site if they have already shown off what they can do? And why do they make the Quadro series of cards so hard for small consumers to get a hold of. Lastly, How do certain websites get specific data on unreleased GPUs when the actual Nvidia website has much fewer details. 

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