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Bezel-less phones: are they worth it to you?


Are bezel-less phones worth it to you?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. How much do you care about the shrinking bezel?

    • I don't want any bezel ever.
    • I like / don't mind bezels to help me hold the phone.
  2. 2. Will you put a case on your phone regardelss of the bezel-less-ness of it?

    • I will put a case on my phone regardless of the amount of bezel.
    • I will never put a case on my phone even if the bezel-less design makes it slippery / difficult to hold.

Personally, I don't like the current trend to get rid of bezels all together. I have a Nexus 6 with a case on it. The bezels allow me to hold the phone one handed without accidentally touching the screen.


I'm not a fan of notches, a result of the anti-bezel movement, unless they can be hidden with an OLED that is turned off at the top (something like the v40's 'second screen' function).


Furthermore, I am not a fan of losing the fingerprint functionality when trying to get rid of bezels (like in the iPhone). I know that under screen fingerprint reader technology is already out there and it's guaranteed to make it to the iPhone, but I personally don't like the idea of buying a phone that has lost features.


What do you all think? Do you mind having bezels?

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Not until they figure out how to ignore my touches from the sides of the phone. Kinda like palm rejection on notebook trackpads.


Used an s8 for a while and got reeeeally annoyed by the curved edges registering taps out of nowhere.

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I would prefer at least a bit of bezel so that I can put on my Otterbox Defender or scanner case. 

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Never have and never will buy flagships/high end phones, so for me its not a thing. but I really dont like this trend of phones being a fashion statement, but thats what sells and people like so thats what will happen. for me every phone will  have its case because I drop it at least twice a week anyway.

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I like having less bezels (even to the point of removing the front camera bc its more of a privacy concern than it is useful to me)

However will never compromise on features I consider mandatory, like the headphone jack, ample battery and fingerprint sensor. Its been proven that the jack doesn't need to be removed to make a device with large battery and almost no bezels. And fingerprint sensor can be placed on the back...


There is one quirk I have with bezel-less phones though. Its that barely anyone takes advantage of it to design a smaller overall device while keeping the same screen area as before. I'd be really happy to have a device with footprint of just a 5.5" standard ratio screen that covers the whole front. That would make a nice screen that looks big while being fully operable in one hand.


As for the phone case I just use one of those simple thin transparent (flexible tpu) ones. Its all thats needed to absorb hard impact and protect the easily dented and scratched frame/cover. Adds almost no thickness and bulk to the phone and doesn't hide the nice design. So its well protected and is a beautiful and easy to handle as before.

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No bezels is definitely the way to go, it gives you a bigger screen in a smaller footprint. I want a big screen but I don’t want to have to carry an iPad with me to get it 

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Small bezels are okay with me. 


But I don't like how we're going towards a future where there are zero bezels. 


Unless they nail palm rejection, that's going to be a usability mess 

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