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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Wifi
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    Ballistix Sport LT 16GB (2 x 8GB) 3200
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    MSI RTX 2060 Ventus
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    Phateks Enthoo Evolv ITX
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    970 Evo M.2, 850 Evo SSD
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    Corsair RM 750x
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    Asus VG248
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    Enermax ETS-T50
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    Corsair K65 RapidFire
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    Logitech G502
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    HyperX Clouds
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ok, cool. More info is always good. With this, and the other comments, you will be fine. It was the M.2 bus that's rated at PCIe Gen2 x4 (which is still nice & fast for file storage). And I have that exact same PSU in my system, so that is good as well. So yes, you are good to go. For your current 2070, are you still able to return it at all? I would try to get a refund if at all possible, or possibly RMA it for a working on. Then you could either keep the new 2070 as backup or sell it to help finance the upgrade. If not, I'd be curious why it's not runni
  2. Keep the 2070 and buy a new CPU/Mobo/RAM - that's what's holding you back. I'd think you'd have to be on a very old platform to only have PCIe 2.0. Like AMD Phenom type of old. At the least with your current system, check your power supply. If it's a pre-built system, (especially if it's from a retail store & not a PC specialist shop) then they probably cut corners on the PSU. You'll find something that barely meets the power requirements, or it's sending poorly conditioned power, and that will cause interference with PC parts that need precise voltage control. I
  3. I think Linus did a video a while back, where the heat & the cycles were there worst part of modern batteries. For cycles, you want to do a single charge. Going from __% up to however much you consider full, all in one go. Example: Don't charge it from 25% to 60% and then pull it off the charger, only to put it back on later & finish up to full. That's two separate cycles of chemical charge/discharge. Charging docks in cars are the worst for this, as you're probably using the dock multiple times per trip outside the house. House to store = charging. Shopping = di
  4. I also agree with Anker. I've had two. First 10,400mAh device lasted several years of wife's bad charging habits (both phone & bank) & then the strenuous Pokemon Go craze, before succumbing to being left in a freezing car for a couple weeks straight. Second is ~ 18,000mAh (I think) & was purchased last spring. Still going strong after kids use at Scout camps throughout last year. This year has been light on it, but I'll use it from time to time instead of a wall charger just to let it cycle every couple months.
  5. Try looking at Skinomi's TechSkins. They are really good vinyl screen protectors that are designed to augment the strong, but brittle nature of glass. Gorilla glass is rugged, but can be micro-scratched over it's lifetime. Skinomi builds specifically for that use case. The vinyl is applied damp, so bubbles & debris can be squeegee'd out during application. It can even be pulled off & reapplied. I've used 4 on various Samsung & Moto devices with 100% results. They are pricey, usually $15-25 per single skin kit, but totally worth it, IMO.
  6. I'm in Montana, USA, and tried the 7-day trial for Mint this spring. It was bad. Basically, my phones (Moto G5S+ and G Power) would 'disconnect' from the network if the phone was put away. If I turned off the screen, and put it in my pocket, I wouldn't see ANY notifications until I pulled the device out & woke it back up. Then a minute later, I would get a flood of missed notifications. Since it piggy-backs T-mobile, and they are still expanding in Montana, I'd bet it's a capacity issue, with Mint being the 2nd tier priority. Also, in September, I demoed a T-mobile Te
  7. I have the G Power (North American variant). Good all-around device. I wouldn't have minded a slightly snappier chipset, or 6GB of RAM, but for the price I can't complain with it's performance. I don't game on it; just the geek in my likes bigger, better faster. Easily lasts 2-3 days of basic usage. I've gone from sunup-to-sundown watching YT videos & still had charge left over. In broad daylight outside, the screen could be a bit brighter, but it's still visible. One quirk I did notice recently: I have a glass screen protector on the front. The rare time I used the front-facing
  8. Motorola had a few too. G5s+ had it & I enjoyed the feel of that device.
  9. The control panel hasn't been included in drivers since RTX launched. Around that time, Nvidia split the drivers into retail/OEM & DCH ones for people who've built their own. The retail drivers only install on select systems. (I have 4 machines in my house & not one can install the regular drivers. 2x 970s, 1x 1050 Ti, 1x 2060. I've tried doing the registry edits to fill in the OEM information & it didn't help.) The DCH drivers need you to install the control panel from Microsoft. I'm on mobile right now, but I'll try to get a link when I'm back in PC. https
  10. My only downside to using a fan controller, is most panels I see are fixed LCD displays, that have a set layout and the fans take up a huge portion of the display. But yeah, I think that's the best I'll be able to do.
  11. I'm looking for an accessory panel to fit into a 5inch PC bay, that is only an information panel, not a fan controller. It'd be going in my Plex server, which is headless, so it'd be kinda nice to see temp info, HDD activity or anything similar to that, without having to log into the server. But every search I do for a panel or controller to go in a 3 or 5inch bay are all coming back as fan controllers and I don't need fan control. Any ideas?
  12. People who don't use cases are the people who can afford to buy a new one if it breaks. I never see an iPhone with a case on it, and most high-end Samsung devices are bare too. (I work at a retail store near the local college so I see a lot of devices)
  13. I've got a Cryorig C1 on my 2700, with a pea-sized drop of MX-4 paste. It's running stock/auto for all the clocks, so at idle it clocks down. I usually see about 35°c at idle, and around 53-55°c while gaming.
  14. My Samsung 970 will push above 80°c if it doesn't have direct airflow, so make sure you have that first. I've tried it with & without a heatsink, airflow & ambient cooling, and airflow made the biggest difference. I'm actually using a Cryorig C1 down-firing CPU cooler on a Gigabyte B450 to make sure it has air.
  15. Anyone know a launcher that can tie into gesture navigation with Android 10? Just got the Moto G Power, with February 2020 update, and Nova Launcher cannot use system-based gestures. It has gesture-based shortcuts, but I have to use the traditional 3 button navigation for the UI. Some Google searching told me Action Launcher was supposed to do this after the December update, but it does not. It functions exact same as Nova. So does anyone know if this is even possible right now, and if so which one?