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I have been an avid watcher of eSports (mostly SC2 and Brood War) for a few years now and am working on starting a high school eSports league for the high school I go to and the ones in the region. Does anyone have any idea of games we should play or any thoughts on it?

- NEM907 (aka MarsBattleKing aka Nathan Martin)

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The games depend on the players mostly, if it's for a school club. Since you want to play competitively, they must be passionate about the game, and have a certain degree of familiarity with it. If you're planning on starting a club with people who lack overall experience, you risk losing them as soon the harsh realities of competitive play kick in. Besides, you need level-headed people who will not trash hardware or other teammates over losses. (Discipline, patience and tenacity are requirements for any serious, aspiring eSports player)


So, I'd suggest to go with games that are easy to pick up, and have a regional presense. Usually, those will be CSGO, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends. The key will be doing your own research about what are the regional tournaments, competitions, and such events, but also more local hotspots for competitiv play, and maybe, just maybe building a base of contacts.


Most importantly, you will have to sell the idea to either a board, or school administration, depending on the establishment, you may or not have a hard time. You need to prepare to argue for funding, equipment, or find an angel investor to provide what hardware is needed. (Otherwise, are the players expected to bring their own device? In that case what about someone who wants to join, but is out of monies?)


Besides, you also need a trainer, a real trainer. Finding one will be tough depending on the region.

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ESports has now broken all the boundaries and gone far beyond its borders, there is even mobile eSports. I would suggest the Brawl stars League, the Championships for this game are held with a worldwide status. In addition, the tactical decisions and quick reaction of the players are also quite spectacular. For PC esports, I can also offer PUBG, games with the Royal mode are incredibly popular recently, and the game deserves attention in terms of competition.

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