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Windows overlay causes huge performance hit

So I run a Nvidia surround setup with SLI and for the last 4 months half the games I play take a 40-50% performance hit and stutter like crazy. I use spotify to listen to music while I game and normally on the desktop and while in windowed mode if you adjust the volume or play next track you get a little window on the top left of your screen showing what you are listening to. This never used to happen while in fullscreen however for some reason some games now show it in fullscreen and all those that do suffer huge performance hits and wonky frame timings sort of like a game that has a very bad sli profile. I tried reinstalling windows a few times and each time I do everything works perfectly fine spofitfy included and then after a few restarts its back to the same issue. I have tried closing apps and reinstalling drivers however im starting to think that it's some kind of windows setting that gets triggered during an update. Does anyone know how to get rid of this window while in fullscreen? Any help is appreciated thanks.


Edit: another sign of this issue is that affected games cannot tolerate changing display settings such as going from windowed to fullscreen or vice versa the app will just instantly crash with no error message. 




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