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I heard that I need a laptop for community college and I was looking around but I'd like a few recommendation from more knowledged folks.

I don't really know what programs I would be running since I haven't gone to college yet but I'm guessing just office programs and stuff like that.

Don't have a budget yet but I was looking at a $350 laptop and I wouldn't want it to go anymore than that.

Thank you!

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Get one when you know what your college requires.

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You should consider more than just College in your laptop purchase:


Do you game? 

Is this your only PC?

Can I upgrade my laptop without voiding the warranty?

Can I upgrade its RAM and internal HDD easily?


And lastly, the most important part:  Do you even need a laptop for what you are doing?  I have friends who do not have a laptop and do fine in community colleges.  Laptops are not necessarily a requirement, but it depends on what you do.


I am in Computer Engineering and would die without a laptop that is capable of gaming, (GTX 960M) my friend going to a community college is going into the automotive industry and still shares his desktop PC with his parents!




As far as recommendation goes, AVOID any Chromebook.  What you will be using must be able to use Microsoft Word, I've personally had instances in which Google Docs failed to catch a dumb mistake (like a sentence fragment) while Word caught that same one.  That said, its not perfect either.  (one could go for Linux, but Windows is a lot more stress free.)

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hes not going to get a laptop which can game and not be total shit for under 350


maybe get an ipad because, while its not a full-on laptop, it would be a better quality product all around than any craptop for 350

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i would recommend looking at a used lenovo thinkpad. they last for a long time, great keyboards and trackpads, good battery life and good specs for 200-350$

the T4s are a good line with lots of different specs and price points. check ebay for exact prices and specs.

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